June 14th 2009

The Scions had finished the preparations for the show they were putting on to inspire faith from the people in Kiev in Brother Alexander. Aggro gets a body that Corvin could disguise himself as and Alexander makes a mark on the body with his sword. Aggro then takes everyone involved through a dress rehearsal to make sure everyone was on time and that nothing was going to go wrong.

The stage is set and Aggro is standing underground waiting for his cue. The rest of the Scions are on the surface in front of news crews from the Ukraine, Russia and CNN. Alexander goes through his speech and then Corvin on cue rises up and is shot at by a mysterious shooter which no one sees but Eric noticed that it came from the roof on the monastery building overlooking the assembled. Corvin then makes his fall and he is replaced with the corpse. Eric catches the scent of the attacker and makes a note of it for later.

The Scions then meet up after the performance and Eric goes to tell them the bad news he had but was interrupted by Corvin when he noticed that the shadows around the Scions were darker than the rest of the shadows and were clinging to them especially when Aggro took off from the ground and his shadow sent out tendrils trying to grab him. Corvin shot his shadow and saw the bolt of energy disappear into the shadow. Then Corvin took another shot at his shadow and ripped a hole in it which had crackling energy leaping across the gap.

In Yomi Hito is running through the blasted remains of tower blocks away from shadow creatures that are scuttling along after him. Hito comes to a point when the landscape turns through 90 degrees and sees a large mechanical creature pulsing with energy and sees a portal open up in front of his eyes and see Eastern European buildings on the other side, as that happens one of the Shadow creatures takes on the form of Corvin and he launches himself through the portal and fires his gun to increase his speed, the shadow creatures quickly follow after him.

Back in Kiev Corvin see a white robed figure come launching through his shadow and takes a shot at it but misses entirely. The creatures pulled themselves through and one of them pulled off its mask and total darkness shrouds the area. Aggro and Corvin quickly fly out of the shadow unable to see anything in the total darkness. Eric is unable to see anything but two of the creatures try to attack and are dispatched quickly by him reacting to the danger and he ignores the one hit that found its mark. Hito then takes out the device keeping the portal open and the darkness is quickly snapped shut and the creatures are taken with it and Eric and Hito are almost dragged into the closing portal.

The Scion then regrouped and start to talk and Eric inform them about the bad news concerning the fact that they hadn’t destroyed Eoin entirely because blood had been left on the sword and also that the sword was also called Mistletoe and that it is what is meant to kill Baldur before Ragnarok. Hito was then asked why he was back in the real world by Aggro and Hito said that he was back because he was trying to keep something that was entrusted to him safe from the shadow creatures, which he said was some form of reactor. Corvin then saw ghosts coming up the road and when talking to them he found out that the morgue had been attacked and Corvin suggested that they go the morgue because the Metropolitan’s ghost was still there. The ghosts they spotted Hito and one of them knock over the two next to him and charged at Hito but Hito dispatched the ghost easily and the Scions went to the morgue.

At the morgue the Scions noticed that the bodies had been mutilated and were lying in bits and that Kanji had been written on the walls in blood. Hito talked to the spirit of the door and got an idea of what had happened in that a hunter looking for Hito had come here and was trying to increase its strength. The Scions then decided that the next course of action would be to check on the scrap yard where they had found the bodies and the bits of Baldur.

The Scions got pizza first and then headed off to the Scrap yard and their pizza’s decayed but not as quickly as before and they got to the scrap yard and disposed of the bodies and the warehouse by setting fire to them all. Corvin noticed that Garm and the man he tried to kill where sitting in a car a short distance away and started to walk over towards the group. Garm was talking to them and asking if the Scions would return his spear that he had used on his daughter but Corvin said that they didn’t know where it was. Hito then made a comment about the dog not being able to find his own stick and Corvin also made a joke at Garm’s expense and was pounced on quickly by Garm. Garm then asked Eric if Corvin had any use and Eric said that he was helping them solve the situation in Kiev. Garm let them go and Aggro then started to talk to Garm and said that Tony was the Scion’s problem not Garm’s and Garm said he was helping by ridding the world of a child molesting freak. Aggro said they were at war and Garm then said that if they were at War then he should go to London making a threat on Aggro’s family. Garm then turned round and started to walk away and Aggro tried to hit him with his golf club and Corvin tried to shot Garm but both of them missed and Garm then turned round and said to Aggro they could set a date for later when he was stronger and ready. Aggro then got on Asbo and took off towards London thinking about what to do to try and protect his family.

The small package attached to Hito started to shift and change and the temperature spiked which only Corvin, Hito and Garm felt it and Garm picked up the pace towards his car and quickly set off away from Kiev. The Scions then made the decision to try and find what had come through looking for Hito which led them towards the river and under it. Eric texted Aggro and asked if he was coming back.

The Scions went under the river and found that a machine like creature had dug itself into the river bed and was opening up a portal. The Scions attacked the creature and through the portal Hito saw a familiar landscape and saw people dressed like servants of Ameratsu running towards the portal, 3 women and 2 men. One of the women was cut down and then Hito put up a shield to protect the rest of the servants and then go through and quickly make their way to the surface to get out the water. The Scions then finished destroying the machine and got back to the surface.

On the surface Hito talked to the servants and they informed him that they had to perform a ritual with the device he had to ensure that it couldn’t be corrupted but it couldn’t be carried out until midday for it to work properly. Hito then asked for an abandoned location in Kiev and Corvin suggested an old train yard and asked the Scions if they would help in case anything untoward happened during the ritual. The Scions then retired for the night and Eric received a text from Aggro saying that he would see them in the morning when he returned.

Aggro stopped in Germany and still angry tried to find an outlet for it. He looked at the local newspaper to try and find cases of domestic abuse against women and found a rape case and walked into the police station to see if they had a suspect and the receptionist said they did and Aggro just walked on and straight into the interrogation room and talked to the suspect and got him to confess to his crime and threatened the man once it was off the record. Aggro then left and headed back to Kiev.

The next day rolled round and the Scions had breakfast and Eric told Aggro what the plan was for the next day but was at a loss of what to say since he had not experience Aggro in a foul mood before. The Scions then went to the train yard and saw that the ritual had been set up with candles lining the tracks which were to be a path of light for them to walk along and Hito had summoned the aid of a spirit to help the servants to endure the hardship that was to follow. Just before the ritual commenced the Scions felt a strong vibration and it was keeping a steady rhythm and was coming closer towards them. Eric put up a Battle Map and saw a large enemy marker on it slowly heading towards them and Corvin made himself “invisible” to the creature.

The creature was 400 yards away and was made up of rotting bodies, shadows and a blazing fire for a heart. It stood at 50ft tall and had grabbed a railway track and straightened it out and got ready to throw it. Aggro was quicker off the mark and threw his golf club at the creature tearing a large hole in its head where its eye used to be. Eric started to close the distance to the creature as did Hito and Corvin. Aggro took aim on the creature and the creature tried to set fire to Aggro but Aggro was immune to the flames. Eric, Hito and Corvin keep on closing the distance to the creature. Aggro threw his golf club again and wounded the creature but it was quickly knitting itself back together as the corpses started to replace what had gone missing. Eric, Hito and Corvin closed the distance and Hito took aim at the creature.

Aggro took aim at the creature and the creature threw the piece of track at Aggro knocking the wind out of Aggro. Hito took two shots at the creature’s heart but the first bullet burst in side the heart but didn’t seem to affect the creature and the other impacted on solid magma. Eric and Corvin closed the distance so that they would be within striking distance of it. Aggro picked up the railway track that had been thrown at him and straightened it out mediated on the strength of the ram on top of Asbo.

Eric ran up the creature and struck it with his baton when he reached the end of his run to balance himself. Corvin and Hito took aim at the creature. The creature threw Eric back towards the ritual and Eric was able to catch himself in the air and lightly skip off one of the servants taking part in the ritual. Aggro took aim at the creature carefully positioning himself and Asbo to get the maximum force out of the throw. Corvin took two shots at the creature. Even though the creature was unable to see him his bullets were barely able to scratch the creature. Hito took a couple of shots at the creature which impacted hard on the creature making it sway slightly.

Aggro then threw the railway track shouting at the top of his lungs “Thunder! Thunder! Thunder Ram! Ho!” and launched the track at the creature and pinned it to the ground severing its leg from it. The creature then threw its leg at Aggro, and Eric jumped up to knock the leg out the way but didn’t manage to knock it completely away and it still connected with Aggro knocking him out and Asbo took him away from the fight. Corvin took aim at the creature as well as Hito. Corvin took a couple of shots at the creature but only managed to glance it. Hito took another two shots at the creature and it started to glow and the Corvin and Hito tried to run away but Corvin was caught in the blast.

The servants carrying the device had been consumed in the ritual and the last one threw the device in the air but Eric caught it before it landed on the ground. As the blast of the creature dissipated a portal opened up and everyone saw a land of blasted buildings and a group of white clad people clustered round a pagoda and Hito’s grandmother who shouted at Hito to bring the device back through and Hito took it off Eric and run through the portal.