June 7th-9th 2007

Session 2…
Leaping back up the root-lined shaft and scurrying along the dusty tunnel with Theodore slung over one shoulder and Janie over the other, Autumn made her way to the doctors with haste. Below, in the remnants of the old min, Daniel, Hito, and Lacey began a mad dash for safety as, free of the crystal, the seamed wall cracked and shattered sending tremors racing through the old mine.
Dashing back past the runecarved walls, their inscriptions rapidly eroding as the tunnels shook the three exited into the wurm cavern just as a slab of rock sheared off behind them. Dashing into the tunnel which lead back to shaft as the pit props splintered around them Daniel and Hito nimbly dodged the falling rocks and debris. Lacey was not as lucky, letting out a shrill scream as a falling boulder crushed her ankle. Luckily she was pulled to safety and carried up the shaft by Daniel [?]. After visiting Standish and watching Lacey heal her leg by blowing smoke onto it Daniel headed to the doctors while Hito made for the police station as Lacey vanished into the night.
At the doctors a surprised and scared Dr. Blanchett quickly realised that the medical equipment at his disposal was inadequate to treat Janie and suggested to Autumn and Theo that they take the girl to the police station as “Chief Harker had made some modifications recently.” Autumn, Blanchett and Theo arrived at the station to find it deserted. A still hot cup of coffee sat on the reception desk next to a computer showing an unfinished game of solitaire. As they were investigating, Daniel and Hito arrived and the group followed a terrified Dr. Blanchett down flickering strip-lit corridors until they arrived at the medical room door.
Smelling burning meat from within Daniel barrelled through the door, taking in the sight of a beat seemingly made of pure flame crouched over the charred corpse of something that might once have been a police officer. The creature turned it’s head toward Daniel and screamed “Die!” in a voice edged with embers. It didn’t get much time to make good on its promise, as Daniel struck it a mighty blow which bowled it backwards, shattering the window behind it and leaving it sprawled on the scrubby grass where it lay for a second before evaporating into thin air, leaving nothing but a burnt shadow curled into the foetal position.
With the room clear, Theo and Autumn began ransacking the room, ostensibly to find medical materials to assist Janie, but Autumn quietly pocketed a couple of bottles of ether just in case.
While Theo and Autumn went back to reception to help Janie, Hito received a call form Chief Harker informing him that Riese’s room was empty. Hito told Harker of Philip Simon’s death and Harker vowed to track down Riese, successfully doing so in a matter of seconds. Harker informed Hito Riese was headed toward the gas station and Daniel and the young FBI scion set off in pursuit followed shortly by Autumn while Theo returned to the hotel.
Arrving at the hotel Theo noticed the door of the room next to his was splintered, and entered to find the window open and a series of three bullet holes stitched several feet above the bed’s headboard. After a bit of poking around, Theo found a locked briefcase under the bed, but left it in favour of heading round the back of the motel, where he found a series of huge footprints in the scrub which led off toward the gas-station just in time to see a mushroom cloud of flame rise into the sky.
Rewing slightly, and shift focus to the gas station, where Hito and Daniel arrive to find Harker in a stand off with a huge man, almost eight foot tall, with the gas station attendant clutched ina headlock and a giant oversized baseball bat in the other.
Laughing as Harker’s bullet bounced off him, the giant dropped his club and hefted a manhole cover from the ground, arcing it through the air at the police chief’s head. Some quick thinking and sharp shooting from Hito deflected the disc’s arc slightly, and it impacted on Harker’s shoulder with a jarring crunch, popping it loose from the socket.
Riese threw back his head and let loose a great bellowing laugh. Deriding the Scions as “Foolish godchildren.” Hito attempted to negotiate with the giant, who curled his lip in scorn, declaiming, “All you have was given by another. All you will ever be is a reflection of your father’s power.” The giant’s demeanour changed when Hito offered him the heart, and he grudgingly offered to release the hostage if the Heart was brought to him, although he insisted on providing “escorts.” As he reached into his pocket for his gun, Hito shot the giant in the elbow, hoping to jerk the arm sufficiently to let the hostage escape. The bullet sunk into the fold’s of the giant’s greatcoat with no effect however, and the giant screamed, “Traitor” reaching over to snap Skip’s neck with a casual twist of one huge hand. Drawing a pistol from his pocket, Riese casually shot the petrol pump nearest to him, grinning in joy as the flames clawed at the sky. With a gesture, he shaped the fire, and three Fire Children tore themselves loose from the flames, turning to face the Scions, and screaming “Die” in now familiar tones, before loping across the forecourt. A grand battle ensued, with Autumn leaping over the heads of the Fire Children to club the giant between the legs with a purloined fire extinguisher before dropping it as she was grappled and crushed by the furious giant. Sprinting past the Fire Children, Daniel tore into the hulk’s exposed back with his swords as his phoenix erupted from his back and began harassing the enraged Children. With covering fire from Harker Hito calmly strode across the forecourt and exploded the dropped fire extinguisher with a well placed shot, sending flame-dampening foam spewing forth, almost obliterating one of the Fire Children. With Autumn frenziedly stabbing his chest on one side, and Daniel hamstringing him from the other the giant staggered, dropping the girl as he turned to club the Scion of Hermes, who sidestepped nimbly out the way. Reeling, the giant was unprepared for Autumn’s last attack as she lunged, delivering a killing blow which tore the heart form his chest, and felled the giant like a mountain collapsing.
With the chief threat down, the remaining Fire Children were disposed off, and the began to investigate the mysterious crystal in their possession, watching in consternation as the black gem-like chunks flaked off to reveal a large heart, veined with copper and gold filigree. As the Scions investigated further at the motel, Daniel recalled stories of a Viking warrior recounted in the Strykassen saga who “travelled to the great deserts of the South, and returned with tales of a great heart which beat incessantly, a pulse of fire, and ash and blood.” The warrior eventually fell into melancholy, and killed himself. The other Scions similarly came to the conclusion that the Heart was a dangerous thing, some warned by voices in their heads, some warned by the Gods themselves. Hito marked the heart with a guarding sigil, burning his hand in the process, and talking to its spirit, which screamed tales of revenge and release, before crying “That bitch is here!” and vanishing. A strange, ethereal woman appeared with hair the colour of a starling’s wing, and attempted to communicate a message before fleeing before an unseen enemy. That night, Hito suffered an odd dream, feeling a mountain’s weight pressing down on his chest, and magma flowing into his ears, his eyes, and his veins. Chains were around his wrists, and there was a terrible hole where his heart should be, but he was calm in the knowledge that soon he would be free, and his revenge would be complete.
That night, each Scion received a message telling them that they were needed in Houston to defend their father’s interests, and eventually, some with more reluctance than others, they all set off the next morning.