July 5th 2009

Corvin woke up in his room dazed and confused. He had a feeling of extreme tightness in his chest that was slowly easing and a large bite mark ringing his neck that was slowly starting to heal. He sent a text to Aggro and Eric asking where they were and got a reply from Aggro saying that they where at the riverbank and to come and meet them there. Corvin notices that the objects and items surrounding him are all covered in runes and that they are being drawn towards him. He sets off towards the riverbank.

The Scions are standing on the riverbank of the river having made the arrests of the arms dealers had been made. Wile was busy taking pictures of the arrests and writing a story about it concealing the names of those involved and the city as well leaving the names of the Scions as they were. Aggro sat on top of Asbo and drummed out the theme tunes for several police shows as the arrests were made. Eric directed the officers as they made arrests and spoke to Aggro about what Fedir had been up to and was informed of what he had been up to. Eric got a phone call form the police Commander and he informs him of the arrests that have been made and then found that he had a text message from Corvin and texted and asked him if he was seeing runes on everything and Corvin said that he was. Eric also got a text from Angela saying not to try it on a live subject as it was messy.

Corvin arrived at the riverbank and saw the runes over everything expect that they were not around Eric but could hear a faint popping sound coming from Eric. Eric saw Corvin and saw that the runes were being drawn towards Corvin. Aggro suggested that the Scions should go out and celebrate the fact that one of their plans had worked successfully.

The Scions went to the nearest pub which happened to be opening and sat and had breakfast with Aggro, Eric and Wile having chicken Kiev’s while Corvin had a bacon roll. They had a talk about the team and making Corvin a part of it. Corvin said he wanted to be part of the team. Aggro said that the first thing they needed to decide on a name to give themselves an identity that was something they stood for. Aggro suggests the name Archons of B.A.S.S. with the B.A.S.S. standing for balance, atonement, sentence and salvation as it was something the team was standing for and described each of them. Eric and Wile agreed that the name was a good one and Corvin said that they shouldn’t have a name as it would tie them to fate and what happens if fate’s interpretation of BASS was different to the Scions interpretation. Aggro and Eric said that the interpretation would be the one that put across as their actions and people would be informed of the meaning. Corvin eventually agreed to the name and the Scions discussed what the tem should be doing and what the next step was.

Corvin told the group of what he remembered seeing while he was out cold as he had a flashback when Aggro asked him what happened. Corvin told the group that he heard the creak of trees branches and the wails of children all around him. He then saw the other Scions faces extend into wolf jaws. Wile then told Corvin what he saw over him when he used Magic and that his fate strands formed a picture and Eric told him of the runes of Hunted and Prey that were placed over his body.

The Scions then spent the rest of the day partying, moving from bar to bar and eventually they moved onto a nightclub that had been suggested to them. At the nightclub the DJ recognised Aggro and got him to do a set and Eric bumped into the police commander who fed him drink and arranged a meeting for him the next day, Eric also threw shots of whiskey to Aggro as he was playing the music. The club closed for the night and the party moved out onto the street and onto the riverbank. At the riverbank Wile had a large group of people round him as he told the story that he had just written, Corvin had found himself a guitar and amp and was playing to a small crowd and Eric was just enjoying the atmosphere. Eric and Corvin saw a yacht in the river send up red and white fireworks and a group of people join the party from the yacht. The night wound down with Aggro taking 2 men and 3 women back to his hotel room, while the others retired for the night.

The next day Corvin was informed by his Ravens that a delivery had been made during the night to a yacht. A man had arrived with a large box and then walked away with a large case. Corvin told Aggro and was informed by Aggro that it could be Fedir still making deals. Corvin said he would go and investigate the ship and Aggro suggested that he wait until dark and that Aggro would go and investigate Fedir. Wile spent the next day writing a story and spoke to his peacock Haemus and told him that he was no longer working for his mother. He also got a message from Echo saying that she was following up leads with the Einherjar and that he had led to a group of slavers and organ traders, and Wile informed Eric.

Eric went to his meeting with the police commander and the men and women that had been invited to attend. Eric made his proposal to the officers about setting up international cooperation and gave the number of the SWAT officers in New Orleans. He made small talk with the officers in the office and asked about their careers. He sent a text to able Angela and asked her if she would be to find a dwarf named Snorri and also that he wanted to get rid of a bottle of Lethe’s water as well and was told that the water would be useful.

The news for the day was that the police commander was thanking the efforts of those involved in Kiev and a special thanks to the support they had from the American police force and was advocating an increase in international cooperation. The church still hadn’t decided who was going to be the new Metropolitan in the Ukraine. Platinum mines in Zimbabwe had been abandoned as the miners were hearing voices in the mines. A university professor in St Petersburg had been killed and the death was being viewed as suspicious.

Corvin managed to get on board the yacht that night and saw that the people on board were in the middle of having a party. He crept down to the cargo hold and saw that the box had been inscribed with the Veve for Kalfu. Corvin looked at it using magic and saw that the symbol was pulsing and that a faint fate strand was heading off straight up through the ship. Corvin told Aggro that he had found the box but it was warded. Aggro asked if he found anyone of notable interest on the ship and Corvin said he would have to do and check. Corvin went back through the ship and came across a Kalfu’s Veve over a door and using magic saw that it was also pulsing. Corvin then walked through the wall and saw two ghosts with machetes and a man that he recognised and did an internet search of him and found him to be Julienne Aidlee a jazz drummer from the 50s. Corvin told Aggro that he had found what appeared to be a Scion of Kalfu and would tell him all later.

Aggro went to go and find Fedir at the night club. As he tried to walk through the door he was stopped by a barrier that he was unable to see. He saw the little bags that had been wedged in the corners of the door frame and decided to go round to the back door and found that he was unable to walk through that door as well. Aggro then went back to the front door and rang the door bell and was greeted by a bouncer who told him Fedir was not here and that he had left most likely for home and Aggro remembered that he told Fedir to leave Kiev. The Scions then all retired for the night.

The next day the Scions all met up for breakfast and decided their next course of action after they had been told by Corvin about their being another Scion in Kiev. They decided that they would visit the yacht and say hello to the Scion of Kalfu, they would then travel to find the Einherjar and then they would travel to St Petersburg to investigate the death of the University Professor who was a Mask of Odin and Corvin wanted to see who was behind the deaths and the Scions decided to have a quick bit to get ready before going to the boat.

In the news that day the mines in Zimbabwe has been closed entirely as the miners had started to experience hallucinations. Another death was reported in the news that a restaurant critic in New York had been murdered in his own home. Wile got a message from Echo saying that the Slave Market had lead to a dead end and was investigating cage fights.

The Scions went and introduced themselves to Mr Aidlee and found that he was a Scion of Kalfu. They stayed on the boat for a time to enjoy the atmosphere. While they were enjoying themselves on the boat a group of 3 people walked on board and Wile couldn’t smell any trace of divinity on the three. Aggro looked for Wile and was told that the men that had just come on board didn’t smell of divinity. The Scions with telescopic hearing where able to hear the conversation taking place below deck and the 3 gun shots. Eric asked Aggro if he wanted to check on him but Aggro said no but Corvin had rushed down and tried to make himself unseen but Julienne saw him.

The Scions then left the boat and started to plan what they were going to do next and Wile got a message from Echo saying that she had found the Einherjar and that they were involved in some sort of cage match and sent Wile a picture. Wile told Eric and tried to explain the situation and showed Eric the picture and told him the place they were staying in. The Scions they planned their journey by stopping off to rescue the Einherjar first and then they would go to St Petersburg and Corvin asked why and Eric said to investigate the death of the mask and Corvin said they didn’t need to anymore because one of the masks had died in New York.

In the night before the Scions set off in the news Aggro’s brother HR was arrested in San Francisco on drug charges and was currently being held by the police for questioning.

The next day rolled round and the Scions decided to fly by Air Asbo to the place where the Einherjar were being held. On the journey there Aggro worked with the titanium that he had ordered and fashioned them into thunderstones with B.A.S.S. engraved on them. Eric phoned the San Francisco police department to get information on the arrest of HR and was told that he was being held on drug charges as well as deportation and Eric said they had at least 10 days to sort everything out. They had decided that they would travel to the place where the Einherjar were being held, then it was on to New York to investigate the death of the restaurant critic, the on to New Orleans and then finally on to San Francisco to help out HR. Aggro asked Eric if he knew someone that would be able to keep an eye on HR and Eric made a call to Theodore and he agreed to help.

Once the Scions got close to the town Asbo was placed back in his skull and they drove into the town. As they were driving Echo appeared in the back between Corvin and Eric and told them where the Einherjar were as well as how they were being contained. Corvin and Wile then asked questions from fate about the ritual and got that it was a ritual for fertility and that if it was disrupted it would serve as a dead home for a dead god and found that it was Perun who would die. The Scions also found out that others could be put in place of the Einherjar from the surrounding area but also that Perun had a contract with every living thing as that is how he ascended to Godhood. The Scions also found out that at the end of the ritual the Einherjar would be consumed and the end was in 7 days. They were also told that they were able to replace the Einherjar with others of equal undying nature. The Scions decided to go after the werewolves first and the closest one was located in the local daycare.