July 29th, 2007

Session 9 in which…

  • Autumn and Daniel followed a dead dog into Walmart.
  • A tense conversation was held with a shadowed figure.
  • Invisible creatures attacked and Daniel lost his mind, which meant Autumn almost lost her life.
  • Steel doors proved no obstacle.
  • The shadow of a wizened old woman flickered from lamp to lamp, and commented on the tang of terror in the souls of the dead before vanishing in an explosion of shattered glass.
  • Zombies stacked boxes in Walmart. Nuffink new.
  • Fire escapes were scaled and safe's broken into. Papers and cheap necklaces seemed poor reward. Files were read, and copied.
  • Three African warriors fought a fierce battle at the crossroads in Theo's mind, aided by a fourth in a bright uniform who was burnt for his troubles.
  • Cryptic emails flew into the ether.
  • Napkin notes were left in unwary back pockets.
  • Shining speeches were made.
  • New acquaintances made newer offers over margaritas. A tooth was stolen and a bracelet demanded from an ugly owner

Theodore, Daniel and Autumn met Lucien Arnborg for lunch, during which Lucien asked that the group perform a service for the Aesir. The god Baldur was to stand trial for the attack upon Odin, and the Aesir wanted an impartial jury to cast judgement on Baldur. All three were concerned about how long this would take, and when it would occur. Theodore told Lucien that he had business to take care of first, and Lucien offered to help if he could.
Theodore and his people prepared his Hounfour for a ceremony to both celebrate his return home from what seemed like months away from New Orleans, and to start the process of opening the minds of those around him to the world as he had been exposed to it. Theodore told Marcus and Noah to procure bodies for him, and his other followers sanctified the Hounfour, Seraphine’s home. The ceremony itself took all day, with each song bringing a visitation from the Loa concerned, as well as, midway through the event, the arrival of Ngala. Legba rode a unhappy body and lamented at being the child with no father, blind and alone. Ogoun screamed using Serafine’s lungs. Kalfu missed his children using foreign lips. The father rode his son., bringing forth a floating skull with candleflames for eyes, and demanding the raising of an army. Theodore again saw that Serafine was ridden by an unwelcome guest. At the culmination of the ceremony, the two bodies that had been obtained by Marcus and Noah were unwrapped in front of the assembled congregation, and Theodore placed one of he Baron’s seeds in each of their mouths. The bodies began to move, and eventually rose unsteadily to their feet, identifying themselves as Paul and Luke Sanders – killed in Mythic by Daniel Blake. The congregation were silenced by awe and fear as Theodore proclaimed that it was by the Baron’s will that he brought those from Guinee who wished to serve back to life. Theodore commanded that the congregation go forth and spread the word that war is coming, and that an army of worshippers will be needed to fight back the darkness for the sake of all mankind.

  • Daniel met a maggot-faced girl, trying to stop her memories being eaten by writing them down in a small black book.
  • An old acquaintance resurfaced at the Column's poker tournament which Daniel won, narrowly dodging his CIA fan thanks to a friendly tip off.
  • Autumn and Scarab went to the park,and saw one man and his dog in the distance.
  • Renji gave Autumn a small tabby cat, and told the story of a silver bracelet taken from a great beast that had a taste for the flesh of villagers. Autumn left the cat in her hotel room. When she returned it had multiplied in to what appeared to be an ever increasing number of cats. Autumn held Scarab back from attacking the cats, and eventually chose to leave her cat-infested room, only to be chased by them through the streets of New Orleans, their numbers growing with each step she took. Her flight finally took her to the banks of the Mississippi – which she decided was a more preferable place to be than crushed beneath a tidal wave of cats. She leapt for a tug boat that she saw, but when confronted with its captain, Aaron Steinborgen, managed to portray herself as a deranged asylum escapee. A tactic that Daniel picked up on and carried off when she gave the captain his number and asked him to called Daniel. Together they fled across the Mississippi bridge, although the sheer number of cats now chasing them meant that they could only run for so long. Chaotically rampaging felines started to run through their legs as they were cornered in an alley, and whilst Daniel was able to maintain his footing, Autumn eventually tripped over the mass of cats and fell. The god Bast had caught her mark. Apparently Set owed Bast a favour, and Autumn was the one to pay it off.
  • Which led Bar-B-Q Paaartahy on East 29th.
  • And Autumn's success in persuading Renji to give her the bracelet, a small soapstone box and just maybe a little piece of his heart.
  • Autumn defended her father and contradicted a God. The scratches were deep. But the paint was pretty.
  • Bast told Autumn her father is trapped under the wall which had fallen when he had.
  • Annie apologised for her mother before the drugs sang strange prophetic songs on her paint smeared lips.

Theodore contacted Lucien and together they travelled to the crash site of American Airlines flight 227 outside Houston. The site was closed for the investigation, although Lucien was able to pull some strings to get himself and Theodore through the cordon. Theodore saw before him the ghosts of the those who had died in the flight – trapped, wandering aimlessly amidst the wreckage. Slowly Theodore started his work of sending them on their way to the afterlife. But there were clearly other forces at work. Theodore noticed claws appearing from nowhere, ripping the ghosts backwards and out of the reach of his help. He sped up, and also saw an old woman watching from the shadows on the edge of one of the fields. Lucien took up the fight against her, as Theodore saw flashing light emanating from him in his pursuit of the old woman. As Theodore neared the end of his work, the sky above him ripped open and Aurelius descended, and masked child in his arms. Where Aurelius stood, the ground was consumed in fire. The Baron’s rum held back the fire, as Aurelius mocked Theodore’s efforts. Finally, Aurelius killed the child – the last lost child sealing the Loa’s gate against the Titan. The ground shook as Aurelius proclaimed his triumph.