July 26th 2009

The Scions are going through the aftermath of the fire. Aggro ensures that the place isn’t going to fall down on their heads, while Eric tends to the wounded fire fighter before he is tended to by the paramedics. Eric and Corvin go through the glass doors with Eric stopping to give the paramedics the fire fighter’s hand. The two of them rush up the stairs to find Aggro standing in the middle of the living room waiting for them. Eric checks the scene and finds out that the person that committed arson was not the one who murdered the food critic. The arsonist had replaced the mirror on the cabinet in the bathroom as well as placing the decayed thunderstone down the back of the couch.

The Scions rummaged through the cabinet and found that it contained various medicines for someone who would be suffering from schizophrenia and that the medicines only dated back three months ago and have gotten progressively stronger as time has gone on. They found nothing else in the cabinet so Aggro decided to take it off the wall. Underneath there was a veve dedicated to a servant of Kalfu or Legba but the Scions were unable to determine which.

Not long after the Scions could hear the sounds of the fire fighters making their way towards the penthouse room. Before the fire fighters enter two police officers came in first. Eric quickly flashed his badge and said that he was a New York police officer but Corvin and Aggro noticed that the officer he was talking to seemed very tense when talking to the three of them. He left and the Scions watched as the fire fighters went about their work and Aggro replaced the cabinet on the wall and they left the scene.

The three had a talk about the police officer and thought that he might be a scion and that they should go and talk to him. The three of them saw him sitting in his car outside and convinced him to listen to them. He said there had been a string of strange crimes that started three months ago after he got a phone call from a crack whore called Alice. He said that Eric and Corvin smelled the same and that Aggro smelled the same as the smell he found at the crime scenes, which was rum and tobacco. The unknown Scion took a business card off Eric and said that he would call him later on. The unknown Scion was guessed to be Greek.

The Scions decided to try and summon the servant using the symbol they had found under the direction of Corvin. Eric phoned Theodore as to what they would have to do and he gave them directions that Corvin didn’t know. They summoned the servant of Kalfu using a homeless man as a horse while he was full of rum and smoking cigars. The spirit eventually made its presence known as it tried to inch itself off the bed but was surrounded by a ring of salt. Corvin eventually figured out that the Loa was called Bolahale also known as White Teeth Suffering Man. Corvin tried to ask the Loa some questions but it wouldn’t give anything away until it was allowed to shot someone. The Scions agreed that someone should be gotten and it was agreed that a murderer should be brought in. Eric went off and grabbed a street gang member that had committed murder and brought him back to the penthouse.

In the room the man started pleading for his life. Eric handed over his gun to Bolahale. Bolahale then shot the murderer in the head killing him. The Scions then questioned the Loa and found out that it was being used in by the physiatrist Harold Levy to help treat some of his patients. Bolahale said that the doctor was using something with significance power to control him and that he lied when giving the information to the doc especially concerning the food critic. Bolahale said he would take them to the Doc so he they could find the item that was giving him power to control Bolahale. Aggro said he would clean up the body while the other two went to the doctor’s office.

At the office Corvin saw something leave the building that had a large legendary nature. Bolahale said that he would wait outside and Eric and Corvin were joined by Aggro. They went into the building and completely bypassed the receptionist. They went up to the office and could hear that he was in a session. Eric knocked on the door and didn’t get a response. Eric opened the door and the Scions saw that the doctor was slumped in his chair and had a bullet through the head. Corvin saw that the ghost of the doctor was trying to get into the drinks cabinet. Corvin talked to the ghost and found that it was trying to get the item which gave it power which was stored in there. Corvin inspected the drinks cabinet and found that a decanter was missing. The ghost was experimenting with its new position and was poking its head through the doors. Corvin said that he was going to hand the doctor over to Bolahale and the ghost decided to leave. Corvin followed and didn’t answer Aggro’s or Eric’s questions and went down the stairs to find Bolahale and saw that the receptionist and the hobo were both dead and could hear police sirens. Corvin quickly ran back up the stairs and told the others. Eric said he would dispose of the doctor’s body and Aggro said he was going to band practice. Corvin was going to stay behind and impersonate the doctor. The police came and questioned him and he left for the doctor’s house.

Aggro went and had practice with his band to improve on their coordination before their gig the next night. Eric went and disposed of the body by walking into the sea and making sure the body was never going to rise to the surface. Corvin went to the doctor’s home and on his way back phoned the doctor’s last appointment for the day and rearranged the meeting place to the home. When he arrived at the doctor’s home he found the doctor’s wife there and he told her of the rearrangement and was told that he couldn’t do that because of the baby shower that was going to take place so he decided to rearrange the appointment again to a coffee house nearby. In the house Corvin heard the sounds of snakes coming from the basement as well as chanting. He evacuated the house and tried to get in contact with Eric and Aggro but was unable to get them so he phoned in the police. The police arrived and went into the basement and didn’t come out as well as the animal control unit.

Eric came out of the sea and got the text and ran through the streets of New York at full speed. He arrived at the house being chased by the police who wanted him to surrender but Corvin managed to convince them to go home. The two Norse Scions entered the house and went down towards the root cellar. The trap door opened up and the two were attacked by zombies which they dispatched of easily.

Eric ran down into the root cellar when he heard a gleeful cry of success. He saw at the end of the cellar where a wall should be was an opening into what he recognised as Guinee. A fight ensued between Eric and the woman until Eric was knocked out eventually after the woman had sustained heavy injuries. Corvin cracked open the oil fired boiler and funnelled the oil down into the basement and set it alight. When he saw Eric had fallen down he got his wolf to grab Eric and they tried to make their escape.

Corvin ran out the house holding Eric and took to the air but were quickly followed by the woman who had grown bat wings and was giving chase. Corvin thought he had managed to lose the woman and tried to hide but she was able to spot him. She said to Corvin that the “Gates were closed to him” and he felt something shut around him and was unable to move from the confines of the alley.

Aggro finished practising with his band and got the texts and missed phone calls from Eric and Corvin. He phoned Corvin back and found the situations they were in. He arrived at the alley and asked Corvin how far he could go and saw for himself that Corvin was indeed trapped. Aggro then went to the house and saw that the woman was riding on top of a giant snake further into Guinee. They had a chat where she told Aggro that she was trying to help her father and that two years had been wasted because of the Norse Scions. She freed Corvin as Aggro asked and he returned to the alley to find that Corvin was able to move outside of its confines. He had a brief chat with Eric and Corvin about who they had to do something for the police of the city and he was going to see to all the patients of the doctor that had been subjected to the Bolahale treatment.