July 22nd, 2007

(I feel like I'm missing some major event here. Ideas?)

Session 8 in which….

With a little bit of help from Daniel and Autumn, the smothering form of Renji was lifted from Theodore, and the child of the Baron was able to regain a small amount of his dignity and stand up. Theodore explained to the assembled that he had been confronted by the child of Ogoun, Ngala Diabité, who had challenged him to prove his worth. Daniel, full of zeal as ever, decided to speak with Ngala to try to understand what was going on between him and Theodore. Daniel headed off to the line that Ngala had drawn in the street, whilst Theodore contacted his people to let them know what had happened – why he hadn’t turned up to his meeting. He told Marcus that he needed bodies – recently deceased – and not killed for the purpose of giving them to Theodore. He told Serafine to start preparation for a full ceremony. That accomplished, he headed to where he expected Ngala to be waiting. Theodore, knowing the streets of New Orleans better than Daniel arrived ahead of him, although Daniel appeared shortly later. Ngala again challenged Theodore, although Theodore simply stood impassively on his side of the line. Daniel had a brief conversation with Ngala, although to no real success. He tried to impress upon Ngala that he did not want this apparent conflict between them interfering with his purpose. Ngala told Daniel that he had no conflict with him – only with Theodore – “the mouse”. Daniel left Theodore and Ngala in their stand-off.

Time passed, with neither moving, when Theodore saw several gaunt female figures with long, lank, black hair fallen across their faces advance on Ngala. Theodore remained still and silent. The spectres attacked the oblivious Ngala, who presumed the attack had come from Theodore. Theodore allowed the attack to continue until it became clear that Ngala had no hope of retaliating against attackers that he could not see. Theodore stepped over the line, and stood over Ngala’s fallen body, trying to guard the child of Ogoun from further attack. The spectres departed – although unlikely due to any threat from Theodore – who briefly caught sight of a huddled figure in the shadows of an alley. Unwilling to leave Ngala, Theodore waited until he staggered to his feet. Ngala then admitted that Theodore had beaten him – although Theodore remained silent, unwilling to claim a victory that he had had no part in – and told Theodore that he was free to walk the streets again. Ngala departed and Theodore stood still – waiting.

More time passed, and Theodore caught sight of another spectre flitting between the buildings. There was a scream from the direction that spectre had gone – then the spectre reappeared – again briefly – apparently departing the scene. Theodore reluctantly left his post, and walked to where he had heard the scream, a woman’s body lay dead in the alley – her soul watching over it in fear. As Theodore moved to calm her and prepare for her journey to the guinea she was ripped violently back by wicked claws – her soul claimed by another. Theodore briefly fought conflicting thoughts on what do about the woman’s body before calling 911 and telling them that he had seen a murder. He then left the area and returned to his post to wait for Ngala to return.

  • Daniel engaged in some tomb tourism.
  • Finding on his left, two stone crypts checked by a man with a torch. Decorated with fetishes and photos in walls
  • And on his right a closed coffin, and a splintered coffin, with exposed bones, splintered from outside. The Scion found a small bag containing seashells, a locket and a aged photo of a girl.

Autumn and Daniel both received calls from the police – calls that they thought were to do with what they had witnessed during the terrorist attack on American Airlines flight 227 – requesting that they attend the NOPD precinct. Daniel’s appointment was before Autumn’s, although when he headed in, it became clear that this was no ordinary interview. He was presented with video footage of himself and Autumn both during and after the attack on the plane – footage showing him flying in the talons of a burning bird, rescuing falling passengers – and footage of both him and Autumn on the ground, both displaying supernatural speed, as well as Autumn’s leap-frogging between sections of the crashed plane. Uncertain exactly how to proceed, Daniel tried to take the line that this must be doctored footage – because obviously everything seen on the footage was impossible. Agent Strykes, claiming to be CIA, did not believe Daniel, and insisted on blood samples and skin samples from Daniel’s tattoo. Finally, once he had complied with all their wishes, Daniel was allowed to leave – thinking twice about putting in a complaint – and warning Autumn not to attend her meeting with the police.

Theodore, Daniel and Autumn all managed to get tickets for Sanité Dede’s performance at the Maple Inn. Theodore set himself up at the bar to listen to the performance, lighting his father’s cigarette, and finding the smoke circling over the heads of six individuals. Daniel kept his guard up against the apparently emotion-influencing effects of Sanité’s voice by occasionally stabbing himself in the hand. Theodore relied on his own rigid self-control. The music was sad, yet beautiful, and when it was finished, most of the audience were moved by it – except perhaps Ngala, who stood, angry, by the door to the club. Her songs over Sanité moved through the appreciating crowd – eventually making her way towards Theodore. They agreed to talk behind the stage, bringing Autumn, Daniel and Ngala with them. Sanité talked of a dream that she had had, where she saw the devil walking through time. Theodore consulted with the captain who suggested he ask what she is guarding – and to see it. Sanité seemed surprised that the scions had not been told by their fathers what was in New Orleans, but she agreed to show them, and bade them follow her through a mirror into guinea. All followed save Ngala. The scions found themselves on a road that Theodore recognised well – at the end of the road, a crossroads, with Khalfu and Legba. The scions, all sure-footed on the uneven road save for Daniel and Autumn, passed the white and Black guardians of the crossroads and carried on towards a deep pit. The pit contained that which Sanité guarded – a seal holding back one of the great Titans. Those holding the seal closed were masked children, cowering in pain around and ocean-lake-sky of shimmering dark night. As the scions took in the terrible scene, there was a rip in the fabric of reality, and a man, Johnny Turossa, known to Daniel and Autumn, but not to the others, was vomited forth. He levelled a shotgun and Sanité and pulled the trigger without any utterance. Theodore was just quick enough to jump in the way of the blast – for once managing to resist being blasted into unconsciousness. Autumn and Daniel leapt to action, trying to knock the shotgun from Johnny’s hands, whilst demanding that he explain himself. All he would say was that Sanité needed to die. As they fought, corpses rose from the ground to claw at the feet and ankles of the scions. Johnny was forced back through the rip in the dark air, and the scions fled the scene. Returning to the crossroads, they found that neither Khalfu, nor Legba were present – there was no one to defend the crossroads. Sanité and Theodore headed up the road to leave this dark place. Daniel waited whilst Autumn talked to the ravens that sat on branches by the crossroads. Whatever they said to Autumn, Daniel could not hear – but it clearly alarmed her. Sanité and Theodore stood waiting for Autumn and Daniel, when they saw an army of spectres descending upon them – advancing ion the direction of the crossroads. They urgently returned to the crossroads and Sanité opened a door in the mud for them to return to the real world. Daniel wanted to stay and fight with Sanité, although she convinced him that there was little that he could do to help. She cast blood on the ground to protect the crossroads, and as the scions returned to New Orleans, they saw the first wave of spectres attack the newly formed barrier.

At the club, Theodore rushed to his hounfour at the house of Serafine, where he dismissed those preparing for the ceremony and talked to the Baron about what he had witnessed in guinea. The Baron looked as if he was weighted down by many thoughts, and told his son that he would be going to fight. And that he may not be coming back. They hugged and the Baron walked away into the night.