July 19th 2009

The Scions are standing in the cornfield outside of Chermoz, waiting on what there next course of action would be. Suddenly the air pressure started to build up dramatically and Aggro and Corvin could sense that it was coming from Echo. Echo told Wile that they had to leave now as they were killing her sisters and the two of them disappeared in an implosion.

The Scions decided that they course of action they were to take would be to go day-care centre in the town to find the werewolf that they knew to be there. They headed over and to the town hall and saw that it had a symbol of Perun over the doorway. They met a woman who was the carer and she introduced them to the mayor who gave them a brief history of the town and gave the Scions leave to talk to the children.

The Scions talked to the children and Corvin noticed that one of them was legendary in nature and that it was a small blonde girl with blue eyes. Corvin was told tales by the children about what they knew of the history of the place and they also told stories about an Alien called Zog. Corvin then went round the town hall looking to see if they were anybody else about that was legendary in nature. Eric then followed the scent of the girl to a hardware store and found that it was clinging to a woman who had a legendary nature that was stronger than the girl. The scent also led off into the diner and was mixed with a smell of leather and strong glue and they went into the dinner.

In the diner the scent went to an old man at the end of the bar who had a very powerful legendary nature and Corvin saw that the man was made up of electrical wire and a large copper beard and came to the conclusion that it was Perun. The man advanced towards the Scions and offered them coffee and they accepted. They sat and talked and Perun told them that a mousey haired woman had offered the Einherjar to him and he accepted and that he knew that if he had been deceived he would have killed the woman. He said that he was dying when he had been made the offer and that if he didn’t have it, he would have been dead already. Corvin said that they should find a way to keep Perun alive and that it could be done by using titan spawn in place of the Einherjar and that there was a few in the town that they could use. Perun said that they were under his protection and that ultimately the decision was left with Eric as he was their Lord. Aggro didn’t voice his opinion about what should be done while Corvin was adamant that something should be done and asked Eric if he could have 48 hours to figure out another solution. Eric turned to Perun and said that they would take 48 hours to decide and if they couldn’t they would take the Einherjar away. Perun said he would call a meeting in the town hall for a reciting of the names and that any that were not on the list could be used in the place of the Einherjar.

While the Scions were waiting for the meeting to be called Corvin decided to consult the fates about who would be suitable to be used in the ritual. He was told that there were 4 dragons at the bottom of the reservoir that could be used. Aggro said that there would be no point as it wasn’t something that they could do and they would most likely die in the process. Eric asked that if going to get these dragons was going to cause them to enter another world that obeyed its own rules of time and Corvin said he didn’t know. Eric said that they would wait until they been to the town hall to make his decision. Aggro and Corvin had a disagreement about what they were fighting for. The Scions went to the town hall to hear the reading of names.

In the town hall the names were read and 97 were read but there were 103 and three people. Out of the 6 that were left there was only one which had a legendary nature. Perun came and talked to them and said that was 1 and that they only had to find another 3. Eric said that it wasn’t worth the time and there would be no point jumping into reservoir to try and take on 4 dragons. Corvin said they had nothing to lose by at least trying and that they should do something and Eric said that Corvin had nothing to lose while Eric had his men to lose and he wasn’t going to have sacrificed his hand to save them just to sacrifice them in the ritual. Eric took Perun aside as Corvin and Aggro had another disagreement. Eric said to Perun that he would give him time to arrange the travel for those that would be badly affected by his death to give them time to escape and then they would rescue the Einherjar. The Scions then went off to make whatever arrangements then would have to make before they went to the grain silo to disrupt the ritual.

The Scions went to the grain silo with Perun as well and before then went in Perun told them that it was a place of Fate and that it could bring anyone to them who was heavily connected by fate. Eric asked if it was able to bring people back from the dead and Perun said that was the point of the ritual. Eric went through all those that he could be possibly connected to and came up with a very long list of enemies as well as friends and Corvin said they needed to have a talk at some point when Eric mentioned the Norns. Eric suggested it would be best if he stayed outside while the others freed the Einherjar. Perun suggested to Aggro and Corvin that they should go in from the top to acclimatize themselves.

The 3 of them went in the silo and slowly descended to the bottom while Eric waited outside in the field of golden corn. The 3 of them saw the ritual set up with the wires connected the cages were made of metal and sinew. Perun and Aggro ripped open the cages and freed the Einherjar. Aggro threw the one he had rescued high into the air and went onto help Corvin. Corvin tried to wrench the door off the cage like the others but failed to do so and picked the lock. Perun went to free another Einherjar while Corvin shot the knees out of the zombie fighting the Einherjar and then rushed into rescue him. A zombie took a couple of swings at Aggro but did very little damage to the hulking man. Perun then started ascending and so did Aggro and Corvin.

Eric stood outside on guard and could see the corn being moved aside as something started to make a beeline for the silo. As it got closer Eric lost track of it and shortly after he saw Perun flying out of the silo with a tremendous amount of force. Eric stood under Perun as he drop the Einherjar down to him. Something tried to attack Eric that he was unable to see and he fired a shot off and a spear passed through him leaving a trail of blood.

Aggro and Corvin came out of the silo and were unable to see what was attacking Perun. One of Perun’s crutches changed to a hammer and he struck at what was attacking him. Eric was able to see what was attacking Perun and saw that it was a mousey haired woman and he leapt at the woman trying to grab her but missed. Aggro using his mathematical ability worked out the vectors of the trajectory of Eric and using his ability over the wind steered Eric back on course towards the woman. Corvin was still not able to see a target. The woman threw a spear and it burst into an arc of them scoring a hit on Eric and Aggro causing nothing more than a scratch while one buried itself in Perun’s gut. Perun threw the spear back and caught a glancing hit on the woman which took away half of the woman’s face revealing the bone beneath.

Eric managed to grab hold of the woman and was suspended in mid air. Aggro tossed the golf club and scored a rather heavy hit sending the pairing of the woman and Eric flying quickly towards the ground. Ravencroft managed to snap off a quick shot scoring a hit and had to fly to keep up with the accelerating body of Eric and the woman. Aggro threw his golf club again with much more force towards the ground which was coming up to meet them. The woman managed to break free of Eric’s grasp and disappeared into the Earth and Eric hit the ground creating a large furrow in the cornfield. Perun descended to the ground and fell to his knees. Aggro and caught the Einherjar that he had thrown in the air and put him down on the ground with the others. Perun said that it had been good to fight with the Scions and that this was a good place to die.

The Scions headed back to the truck they had acquired in Kiev and Eric asked a favour of the group to go via several places in Europe so the Einherjar could be taken to memorials of the places where they had died before then continued on to New York. Aggro agreed to use Asbo as a means of transport and Eric asked if there was anything he could do to repay him and Aggro asked if he would be able to get a demolition site cleared for 24 hours so Asbo could let off some steam.

The group travelled first to Sweden where Alfarin had died and Corvin left them there and headed back to America without telling the others. They then travelled to Norway, Denmark and then Scotland. Aggro went to an area of the Turnbull clan to get in touch with his roots. The two of them then headed back to New York to meet up with Corvin.

In New York Corvin went to the crime scene and found that the medicine cabinet had been raided and that there was a raven feather jammed into the filter of the TV but there was no other evidence to be found at the crime scene. He then went and looked at the body with the coroner and found that the man’s heart had been removed as well the stomach. He also saw that the one of his fingers was heavily bruised and that there looked liked a ear lode from a right ear which Corvin made a connection to Garm.

Aggro and Eric arrived in New York and was told by Corvin and Eric said that he would investigate the crime scene. When Eric went to investigate the crime scene he found it was on fire. He phoned Aggro and Corvin and told them that it was on fire. Aggro arrived at the scene and went inside after he had removed all his clothes. After seeing the state of the fire he went and got a water tower and broke it over the fire. Aggro went in afterwards to inspect the damage and saw on the back of the couch red and white strips painted onto it. A little digging revealed a repulsive smelling thunderstone shoved down the back of the couch. Meanwhile outside Eric saw that the one of the fire fighters was asking more slack on the fire hose and the electric glass door suddenly closed on his right hand severing the hand and Eric rushed over to give medical attention.