July 15th 2007

Session 7 in which -

  • Promises were made to protect precious things.
  • Booze was spilt on teeth, and old acquaintances reunited.

Re-birthed unceremoniously back into the dark cavern that represented César’s temple to Huitzilopochtli, the Scions found themselves alone again, with César nowhere to be seen. They were quickly brought to their senses again as the sounds of scales dragging across cold stone pre-empted the emergence of a writhing horde of snakes from the walls of the cavern. Outstaying their welcome no longer being an option, the Scions headed quickly out of the cavern and met up with Phil, Marcus and Noah, waiting anxiously at the well-entrance to the cave system. Few words were exchanged as Noah drove the Scions back to Tijuana.

Dropping Daniel and Autumn in Tijuana, and leaving Phil, Marcus and Noah at their motel, Theodore headed to the hospital where Gloria Reyes had been taken the previous night. He was slightly surprised to hear that she had discharged herself – her life-threatening wounds from the previous night’s conflict with César apparently have been far less serious than first thought by the hospital’s medical staff. Theodore then headed to Gloria’s house, observing a large gathering of people heading into her garden. Daniel and Autumn had the same idea as Theodore, although their curiosity lead them to follow the crowd into the garden, whilst Theodore waited outside. Inside, a ceremony was conducted in front of the amassed crowd, and Gloria Reyes was crowned the Queen of Tijuana. Daniel and Autumn were not the only guests of note however, as it soon became clear that Gloria’s father, lame old man in a badly fitting suit, was also present. Daniel and Autumn exchanged only a few words with Xipe-Totec, but it was enough to cause them yet more concern. The old man told them to be cautious of how they travelled, although as with all the prophecies of the gods, there was little to explain the meaning of her words. Autumn was further confused when she was told that she was to respect both her fathers – bringing speculation that she was adopted daughter of Set.

As Autumn and Daniel prepared to leave Tijuana for the United States, and ultimately New Orleans, Theodore returned to the cemetery to question the dead. Uncertain as he was whether their presence so close to the living was something he needed to act upon, he avoided the tomb of Juan Soldado, surrounded as it was by those who came to pray to him, instead heading to the other side of the cemetery to speak to other ghosts. His discussion with the dead convinced him that their presence was necessary, and that they were not so much as trapped, but part of the much needed army against those who would seek to destroy Tijuana. Theodore offered what advice he could, telling the dead that their strength would come from the emotions of those still alive – and that they should seek their families love and respect to bolster them against the coming dark.

A brief conversation between Daniel and Theodore allowed arrangements to be made to meet on the US side of the border the following day in San Diego. Daniel and Autumn hired a Winnebago to travel across the border, but Theodore needed more discreet transport and made the necessary arrangements through the Tijuana underworld.

For reasons unknown to him, Daniel found himself in an awkward situation that would come back to haunt him later. Having visited a liquor store with Autumn, as he tried to pay for his purchases, Autumn’s penchant for not paying for things became all too apparent as she dropped from her coat a bottle of Jack that she had been attempting to steal. The store owner pulled a gun as Daniel tried to offer to pay for Autumn’s stolen whiskey. Autumn, realising the game was up, did the only thing that a child of Set could do in the situation – she squealed “I’m an alien” and fled from the store. The owner shot at her, but missed as she escaped. Still trying to calm the situation, Daniel was left in the store as the police turned up. As matters worsened, Daniel , like Autumn before him, made a break for it, leaping over the heads of the cops and running out of the store.

Despite her best efforts to get arrested, Daniel and Autumn did manage to get out of Tijuana. As Theodore and his retinue were smuggled across the border into the US, Daniel and Autumn drove north towards the border. In a surprising display of competence, the border control police stopped the Winnebago and arrested Autumn for her actions in Tijuana. Daniel, thankful that Autumn hadn’t created a scene this time, continued on into the US, hoping that Autumn would be able to get out of police custody and join him later. Autumn, meanwhile, languished in a cell, until Gloria and César pulls some strings that got her released.

Theodore, Daniel and Autumn reunited in San Diego and then started the long journey to Houston, from where Theodore and his retinue planned to make their own way to New Orleans. As long journey continued, and Theodore and his men settled down to some drinking and gambling, Theodore was quickly brought to his senses as he heard the sound of engines in the distance. Looking out the back of the Winnebago, he witnessed the bizarre spectacle of the horsemen – men and women fused to motorbikes in a freakish parody of the probably not legendary centaurs. Clearly not friendly, Theodore and those that could, opened fire on the horsemen, although to little effect – their bullets either missing completely or bouncing off the chrome engines of the horsemen’s lower bodies. The fifteen or so horsemen began to catch up the Winnebago, and eventually succeeded in pulling up along side, ramming the vehicle and forcing it to slow. Daniel and Autumn leapt out of the Winnebago and attacked the horsemen – Autumn freeing a girl (Rachel Horsham) tied to the back of one of the horsemen – and Daniel leaping and pirouetting around a circle of the creatures, cutting and slashing with his sword. Theodore did what he could, but eventually resorted to giving emergency medical treatment to the girl whilst Daniel and Autumn did their best to kill and beat the crap out of their enemies. As the battle continued, Phil joined in and did his best to deal with one of the horsemen, before three figures (The Trio) descended from the sky. Initially uncertain as to who’s side they were going to join the battle on, Autumn watched as the three harpies opened up with fully automatic weaponry on the remaining horsemen. Those that could fled, the remaining were cut down by Daniel, Autumn and the harpies.

Peace briefly restored, Theodore, Daniel and Autumn watched as the harpies constructed some kind of pyramid from glowing green and metal rods. A green glowing holographic face appeared at the apex of the pyramid – Athena had sent her agents to aid the Scions, and now she was prepared to answer their questions. Each of Daniel, Autumn and Theodore were offered three questions. Daniel and Autumn sought Athena’s knowledge, even if Autumn’s question brought looks of confusion to both Daniel and Theodore. Theodore resisted asking Athena any questions, as he did not seek the wisdom of any god other than his own. Finally he relented, causing offence to Daniel and Athena in the process. His inquiry about the traitor in New Orleans brought an answer – although as expected, not in a form that was immediately obvious. Athena presented Theodore with the full text of the script that had been briefly seen on the desecrated tomb of Mikael Arnborg. Theodore translated the script from the alphabet of daggers into English – leading him to believe that an agent of Erzulie, or indeed Erzulie herself, may be involved in the New Orleans treachery. Daniel remained offended for the rest of the journey to Houston, which remained under martial law. Theodore and his retinue disembarked the Winnebago after Theodore managed to get them all through the security checkpoint on the way into the city. Daniel and Autumn continued on whilst Theodore got treatment for Marcus who had been shot in the fight with the horsemen. Theodore also took Rachel to hospital and added to Daniel’s efforts to persuade her that she had been drugged with hallucinogens and half of what she had seen had not occurred. Theodore spent the night in Houston, waiting for Marcus to be well enough to travel again, and for Noah to get his and Marcus’ belongings together.

As Daniel and Autumn drove out of Houston they saw in the sky a passenger jet flying high overhead explode in mid-air. Reacting quickly, and barely thinking of the consequences, Daniel ripped his shirt off and took to the air, borne to the falling ball of fire by his phoenix. Rapidly ascending, Daniel and the Phoenix were able to catch four falling children and bring them safely to the ground. As the plane plummeted to the ground, Autumn and Daniel sped across fields to get to the wreckage in the hope of finding some survivors. Ignoring the possibility to themselves getting caught in an explosion, the two of them worked tirelessly to pull those still alive from the various parts of the wrecked plane strewn across the ground. As the emergency services arrived in the scene, having done all they could, Daniel and Autumn returned to the Winnebago in shock and continued their drive to New Orleans. They knew in their heart of hearts that it must have been a bomb on the plane – and remembering the words of Xipe-Totec, that it had probably been intended for them.

Arriving in New Orleans, Autumn and Daniel found accommodation and began to investigate the city. Both of them headed off to research the history of the city, and the involvement of Vodou/Voodoo in the city’s past – and that of Sanité Dede, the recently returned mother of New Orleans Voodoo. Whilst in a library, Autumn encountered a small ugly man with a seriously fat ass – Renji – or was that Reggie – she wasn’t certain at the time. Always willing to accept someone new, Autumn did her best to chat to Renji, after a brief rooftop chase, who, it turned out, was looking for someone he referred to as “the Bitch”. Autumn hoped that he was referring to Sanité Dede, but it turned out that the two were different. Still, Autumn got no closer to finding out exactly who “the Bitch” was.

Theodore’s later arrival in New Orleans was a welcome return to his home. He met with one of his community – Serafine Mallorquin – and conducted a short ceremony of thanks with her, and several others present, to the Baron. He then headed to meet with members of the OGHP to discuss what had been happening in New Orleans, and to appraise them of some of the changes that he knew about. As he travelled through the French Quarter of the city, he noticed, first the side, then later in front of him, a large black man, his face painted white, wearing a red blazer. Theodore stopped his car and got out to meet Ngala Diabité for the first time. The meeting did not go well, as the child of Ogun challenged Theodore to prove that he was worthy to walk the streets of the French Quarter. Theodore, initially uncertain as to the full nature of the man before him, refused to meet the challenge, stating that he answered to no man on his own territory. Ngala would not back down, and neither would Theodore. Theodore called two of the OGHP to deal with the man, but as they failed to wound him with their guns, Theodore began to suspect the divine heritage of the man standing in front of him. His suspicions were confirmed when Ngala summoned animate figures from a white chalky powder that he spread on the ground. The figures incapacitated Theodore’s men, and so Theodore called Phil Simons. When Phil arrived, he dispatched the white figures and took Theodore’s men away. Theodore then attempted to pass Ngala, who grabbed him and held him still. Realising his failing position, but refusing to compromise, Theodore tried to stab Ngala in leg –although with no more success than his men had had with their guns. The struggle between the two lasted slightly longer than Ngala had expected, but eventually Theodore fell unconscious and Ngala crushed the breath out of him.

Daniel and Autumn had, meanwhile, met in Autumn’s hotel room, where Autumn introduced Daniel to Renji. Daniel received a call from Theodore’s phone, only to find himself talking to Ngala, who told him that Theodore was unconscious, and that Daniel could collect his body if he wanted. Daniel, uncertain as to what was going on, collected Theodore and brought him back to the hotel, where Renji set about doing his mojo to wake Theodore up. To everyone’s surprise, this involved prostrating himself on Theodore’s inert form and then falling asleep. Theodore woke to find the breath being crushed from him for the second time that day.