January 27th 2008

Theodore continued his journey with Agent Strykes to the centre of London, deciding that it was more important to get to the British Museum to catch Violette there than to get Agent Strykes to the Aesir at Bronwyn’s offices. Agent Hito met with the military on the outskirts of London, got an ambulance and started heading to a hospital to treat his wounds. The journey did not last long though as the ambulance driver stopped to avoid knocking down a small boy standing in the middle of the road. The boy approached the ambulance and climbed in, through to the back to speak to Agent Hito. There he told Hito that he had a message from his father, and proceeded to read a note telling Hito to go to the British Museum and find the “safe place”. Hito briefly considered this, before divine need forced him to ask the ambulance driver to take him back to London. Like Hito, the ambulance driver also only briefly considered this before further divine need compelled him to act on Hito’s, and that of Hachiman’s, will, turning the ambulance around and returning to London. Ravencroft and Chambers received similar requests from a similar small boy, and were similarly compelled to attend. Theodore was already on his way without the need for divine interference. On arriving at the museum, Agent Strykes again questioned Theodore on what he wanted to show him. Theodore endeavoured to be mysterious, suggesting that it might be in the museum, if Agent Strykes would care to join him. They headed round the back of the museum to a larger, less snow covered, entrance, where they saw several of the ice beasties that Ravencroft, Chambers and Hito had been dealing with earlier. They didn’t appear inclined to attack, although Theodore warned Agent Strykes that he may need to defend them, further adding that he couldn’t shoot for shit. This did not appear to comfort Agent Strykes – who was still under the impression that he was called Agent Cross – and that he didn’t know Theodore. The two of them entered the museum, Theodore looking for a museum plan – which he found – to locate a section of the museum that might contain maps – the place where he was hoping to find Violette. The two of them headed down to the map display, only to find that many of the displays were smashed, and their contents taken. Theodore memorised a map of Atlantis just in case it came in useful one day, and tried to follow what appeared to be Violette’s footprints in the frost on the ground. They lead to an iced up lift. Given that there was no power, Theodore decided to take the stairs – fearing that Violette had already left the museum via extraordinary means, but hoping that she might be downstairs. As the two of them walked down the stairs, Theodore heard a familiar voice – that of Autumn – calling out to whoever was coming down the stairs. Deciding to surprise her, Theodore continued without answering, although Agent Strykes had other ideas and called back. As they rounded the corner at the bottom of the stairs, Autumn and Theodore met – exchanged basic greetings – and then Theodore asked what she was doing there. It transpired that she was there to meet her father. Agent Strykes became ever more disconcerted, and tried to leave. Theodore was having none of it though and told him to stay put – which, rather surprisingly worked. Also present were the guard, Alan, who unbeknownst to Theodore was more than an ordinary guard, and a small boy painting occult symbols on the wall. Theodore then had a bizarre revelation, and taking Autumn aside, requested quietly that she render Agent Strykes unconscious. This she did by cracking his head against a wall. Theodore somewhat futilely protested that she didn’t need to be so violent – but gave up as Ravencroft and Chambers arrived. It looked like a gathering of the pantheons was about to kick off, but Theodore headed out to look for Violette some more. On the way, he bumped into Agent Hito, who told him what he already suspected, and then agreed to help him look for Violette rather than go and wait near Ravencroft. Hito was able to trace Violette to the same lift door that Theodore had managed, waking the spirit of the door and asking it what had happened to Violette. The lift door was able to tell him, in a round-about manner, that Violette had left via the lift, but not via the lift – Theodore establishing that she had found a route to her father – or at least his realm – through the lift. The two of them then headed down the stairs to the meeting.

Some more stuff happened, things got tense between Hito and Ravencroft, then a portal opened showing a tunnel leading off into the distance, lined by robed men in ivory masks. Autumn headed into the tunnel, followed by Hito, Chambers, Ravencroft and finally Theodore, dragging the unconscious, gagged and blindfolded Agent Strykes. As each scion entered the tunnel they heard ethereal singing, and the masks on the robed figures changed to represent each godchild walking through. Before Theodore got to the masked figures however, he noticed smoke pouring off Strykes – then skin sloughing off. He stopped, considering whether to turn around – not really wanting to kill Strykes, but neither wanting to leave him behind. Hito stopped, and suggested that perhaps whatever corruption had infested Strykes was being cleansed from him. This seemed enough to keep Theodore happy and he continued to walk down the tunnel, dragging the now screaming and struggling Strykes with him, and finally noticing the ivory masks changing to skulls, charred from the bottom up.

Autumn, the first to leave the tunnel, was met by an east asian man who greeted her and asked her name. She replied, and he directed her to a chair on one side of a table in a dark, high ceilinged room. Next Hito was greeted and questioned, and directed to another chair. Each of the scions was asked their name and directed to a seat, Theodore arriving last and asked if he wished to sit on the side of the table occupied by Hito and Ravencroft, or by Autumn and Chambers. He chose Hito and Ravencroft and joined them, sitting in an old rocking chair made of bone, noticing in the dark a high balcony surrounding the room, filled with shadowy figures. Theodore sat down, pulled out the rum and lit a cigarette. The group waited.

One by one the Gods arrived. Tyr – the soldier, cradling an AK-47; Odin – flanked by two wolves and two ravens; the Baron Samedi – a walking charred skeleton; and Hachiman. The four of them sat, waiting, before the Baron looked to Autumn and told her that it was unlikely that he father would turn up. Never one to show unnecessary respect to other gods, Autumn remained assured that Set would indeed show up – which he duly did, appearing sat, lounging, in his chair.

The stage was set.

The Gods had a brief discussion about what course of action should be taken with regards to their children being informed about what was to come next. The Gods chose the option of speaking to the “soldiers” one on one first, as Tyr had put it. Odin dragged Michael away first, to a room behind jade doors, where they remained for some time. Half an hour later, the doors reopened - Odin came through first, followed by a blonde women then followed by a rather pale looking Michael who slumped down in his chair. The next taken away was Hito by his father Hachiman behind a different set of jade doors. Hachiman then reappeared followed by a rather wet looking Hito who was followed by 3 tengu who started to trip each other up and play jokes on one another. The next taken away was Eric by Tyr behind a third set of jade doors. Tyr then reappeared after some time followed by Eric who was covered in blood and bits of brain matter but was unharmed himself. Set then looked at the Baron and said "You just want the grand exit don’t you" which the Baron only grinned at. Set then took his daughter Autumn behind a fourth set of jade doors. After a while a cloud of locusts broke through the doors and reformed into Set when in his seat, and Autumn followed. The last taken away was Theodore by the Baron behind a fifth set of doors. When they reappeared the Baron led as Theodore followed, looking of darker in skin colour, his features more drawn, and his dreadlocked hair replaced by what appeared to be linked bone. A brown-necked raven perched on one shoulder.

The Gods finished with their one on one with their children, and started to talk about the problems of the underworld burning and that the Scions had two options to take, they could take the slightly longer route through Guinee and then onto the Greek underworld to take out the source of the problem being the Heart of Surt. Theodore then decided to speak about the problem of the presidential elections with one of the scientists from the marine expedition that had recently returned being connected with Atlantis. The Gods said they were unable to talk about it unless all 6 pantheons were present which Tyr corrected by saying 7. Theodore commented that this was a rather stupid restriction and asked if there was anything that could be done for Strykes – to be informed that the corruption that had affected him had been removed. Servants appeared and took Strykes away.

Just after this the singing started up again and the elderly man went to the exit and greeted two individuals who introduced themselves as Amy Chen and Daniel Blake who took up seats at the table. Not long after another man introduced himself as César and was directed to sit at the table. 2 more jade chairs were place at the table and not long after a small girl – Hermes, in the form of Janie Horowitz – appeared and sat in one of the chairs, followed by a jaguar, a heart in its mouth, which formed itself into a man as it sat down – the Aztec God, Huitzilopochtli.

The Gods then started to talk about the problems facing them and that their children would have to tackle the matter of dealing with the burning underworld before dealing with the problem of Atlantis that had been brought to their attention. Tyr then said that the soldiers should decide what course of action they should take to save the underworlds. Michael said that they should go for the source as treating the symptoms would not cure the disease – and that they should set off straight away. Blake made to stand up. The Gods suggested that they should set their affairs in order before venturing off as they may be away for a prolonged period of time. Theodore enquired about Strykes’ well-being, and the unconscious FBI agent was brought back and put at his feet.

The Scions they agreed to this and the gods decided to set them back where they needed to be before setting off to travel to the underworld. Hito and Michael then decided that they would have to try and resolve their problems, with an argument breaking out between the two of them. Hito maintained that we could not and would not work with a man who might, at any time, try to stab in the back – whether metaphorically or literally. Ravencroft didn’t seem to understand Hito’s objections, standing by his defence that if he had meant to kill Hito, Hito would be dead. The Baron decided to intervene between the two of them to try and bring it to a peaceful conclusion, reminding them that they were under no obligation to like each other, and that outside of the titanomachy, many of the Gods sat with them at the table would be actively competing, or outright fighting, with each other. Theodore thanked his father for the speech, but never one to be awed by the presence of the Gods, proceeded to suggest to the Baron that the Gods’ children were still too attached to their earthly emotions, and the physical aspects of their reality to be able to take on board the significance of the titanomachy in their decisions about who to work with. Theodore then addressed the two his own way, although to little more success than had his father. Ravencroft maintained that if he had attempted to kill Hito, then he would be dead. No one seemed to be able to get him to acknowledge that this protestation did nothing to further the case for Hito being willing to work with him. Theodore grew exasperated – which doesn’t happen often – as he failed to resolve the situation and Ravencroft appeared to ignore everything that he said. Even refusing to apologise to Hito for shooting him, citing the unlikelihood that Hito would apologise to him for “betraying” the Aesir. Hito then took up the argument again with Ravnecroft, although addressed Odin and offered his apology to him – requesting he be forgiven if his actions had been a betrayal of the Aesir. Odin indicated that the deal to send the Jotun to the memory of ancient Egypt had been something that they had considered might happen. Ravencroft remained stubborn in the face of Hito’s apology, then Hito had an idea. Perhaps somewhat tragically for the fate of the attending Scion’s willingness to work together in the future, before Hito could voice his idea, Autumn and Eric punched and kicked their respective parents and alerted them to danger from below them. Shadowy fire erupted from beneath the seats of the assembled Gods. Set and Tyr, alerted by their children, jumped out of their seats and took defensive stances. The other Gods were not so lucky and disappeared in a flash of fire. Tyr then blew a section of wall out and said that the Scions should flee as Set pulled shadow round them as they disappeared. Theodore darted to the end of the table where he had been sat before the argument had started between Hito and Ravencroft (and he had felt compelled to wiggle his fingers through the bullet holes in Hito’s clothes over his chest as an illustration of Ravencroft’s attempts to kill Hito) ordered his raven onto his shoulder, grabbed Strykes and made for the exit. Seeing Theodore struggling with Strykes, Hito offered to carry the unconscious man. As the Scions Started to depart a large cat creature jumped down and tried to attack them and missed. Eric, Michael and Hito took up rear guard positions with Eric actively taking down the creatures. Autumn was the second to exit followed by Hito. Eric shouted at Michael to make his way through and that he would follow, after Michael had left Eric followed.

When the Scions exited through the escape then ended up in the place they were thinking about. Theodore ended up in New Orleans, Autumn ended up in Kincaid Towers as she had been charged to take the recovered baby from the Memory of Egypt to Duat, Hito ended up in Langley Airbase with the unconscious Agent Strykes, Michael ended up in Washington as he was thinking of the upcoming elections and Eric ended up in Kincaid Towers as he was thinking about Bronwyn.