January 20th 2008

The start of the session found Hito, Michael, Eric, Theodore and Artemidorus standing amidst the scattered bodies of the villagers that Eric and his men had seen fit to kill. As they surveyed the devastation that surrounded them, Hito suggested that they head back to the temple at which they had arrived in order to see if they could learn anything more about the origins of the child and what might best be done with it.

The rest of the group agreed and they all started to make their way through the jungle back towards the first temple. The journey was slow and the strange effects that had originally slowed their passage to the dark tower persisted, disorientating the group and forcing them to rely once more on Theodore's uncanny sense of direction.

As they went they noticed a strange effect begin to stretch out behind them, colours seemed to leech away, outlining the leaves and trees in stark monochrome. Deciding that this was probably not a good thing the group picked up their pace, moving through the jungle as fast as they could, the strange monochromatic effect seeming to follow at their heels. After a while they arrived at the tree at which waited the ghost of the hanged Norseman with whom Michael and Theodore had spoken earlier. Seeing Theodore approach the ghost, Michael started forward, concerned that Theodore was about to go at it with the rum again. Stopping Theodore, Michael asked him what he intended. Theodore said that it was clear that the man was not going to find his way to the underworld on his own, and that he felt compelled to offer his aid. Theodore asked Michael to talk to the ghost and ask if it would prefer oblivion or Guinee. Michael tried to explain the situation to the ghost, before Theodore asked if he could send the ghost on its way himself. Michael used a complex combination of symbols and chants, and somewhat to the surprise of both of them, Michael's attempts seemed to work, and the ghost slipped out of existence, leaving behind a spider web of frost and an almost palpable chill.

The rest of the journey was fairly uneventful and they arrived back at the first temple without incident. Hito and Michael and Theodore investigated the temple as Eric and Artimidorus stood outside. It appeared to contain multiple layers on non-connecting tunnels. After a few moments Hito emerged from the temple, having been unable to find anything of relevance and began to discuss what should be done with the child with Theodore. Theodore commented that he was not yet sure that the child should not be killed. Hito, still holding the baby I his arms, argued that the child had been part of a ritual to convert blood into divine ichor – and that as it was no longer part of the ritual, it was no longer a threat for it to remain alive. As the two of them spoke, Eric began to notice that the statuette of Geb he had been given was starting to feel cold to the touch and that its temperature seemed to be dropping steadily as the strange monochromatic effect crept towards the temple. Meanwhile Michael, having investigated the temple a little more thoroughly, established that the corridors within it seemed to be aligned in such a way as to represent the North, South, East and West winds - directions that might have connotations related to the different parts of the body. He also got the strange sense that there was something missing from the temple, although he was unable to pinpoint exactly what that might be.

He was going to investigate further when he received a call from Eric, telling him that the monochromatic effect had reached the temple and seemed to be creeping up the side of it. Furthermore, he was told that contact with the effect was - unpleasant - to say the least and that it should be avoided if at all possible. Heeding this warning Michael led his men out of the other side of the temple, rejoining the main group. Theodore, who during his conversation with Hito had investigated the monochromatic distortion of reality by putting his hand into it, indicated the distortion was seeking to consume the divine essence of the scions. Advocating that further contact with it should be avoided, although not having suffered the near indignity of having the skin of his back ripped off like Eric, Theodore and the rest of the group moved away from the zigurrat. Fortunately, once the monochromatic effect had enveloped the temple it stopped, leaving some amongst the group to sigh nervously in relief.

Once it had been established that the effect was no longer growing in size, Theodore made a closer examination of it. With his superior ability to sense the way in which it was spreading across the land he was able to determine that it formed a bowed triangle stretching off to both sides of the temple, with the shattered remains of the dark tower where he approximated its centre might be found. The same bowed triangle that had been on the entrance to the tower where the child had been found – and the same that had been seen by various of the scions over the past few weeks. Theodore was considering suggesting that the group walk to find the other two points of the triangle, but they all seemed more intent on leaving, and unwilling to be left in the jungle on his own, Theodore thought better of suggesting it.

The group decided to use the statuette that Geb had given Eric to escape wherever it was that they were. Still very cold, they all touched it, willing it to send them home, with the various hangers-on (Michael and Eric’s Einherjar) keeping contact with their respective scion leaders. Shoots grew from the statuette, continuing to reach up until they had formed the shape of a door. The door opened to show a scene straight from a disaster movie – the city of London gripped by an apparent ice age. Despite the fact that the door appeared to be high up in the air, the assembled got a good view of the top few floors of London’s tallest skyscrapers, deep, deep snow covering everything as far as they could see. Hito tied a rope to a branch and used it to abseil through the door, with most of the others following. Theodore, figuring that he would fall anyway, just stepped through the door, hoping to land on soft snow. His view shifted, as the exit of the door was perpendicular to the entrance. Theodore fell some 40 feet, crunching through several more feet of thick snow. Picking himself up, and dusting the snow off, he looked around. The Norse scions saw Bronwyn Kincaid, and then Frost Giants off in the distance. Deep concern struck them as they feared that this was Fimbulwinter – the time before Ragnarok – the fated end of their pantheon. Determined to go out with a bang, they ran off to attack the giants. Hito, equally concerned, but not sure about what the hell was going on, went to look for a spirit to ask what had happened. Theodore, ever the optimist, presumed that they had arrived far in the future at the end of the world and so went to look for a way into one of the visible skyscrapers to see if he could find any advanced technology to take back with him – assuming that a) they would get back to roughly the tmie that they had left, a b) he wouldn’t be any use in a fight involving Frost Giants. Never having been quick at getting anywhere, before he got into the skyscraper that he was heading for, Hito approached him and told him that they were two months in the future from when they had left, and then rushed off to help the Norse. Theodore gave up on his advanced tech ideas and began to head in the general direction of the fight. Meanwhile, the Norse had engaged a Frost Giant, which had been busily staving dwarf skulls in by repeatedly sticking the aforementioned dwarves through the windscreen of a handy car. Not really sure how to take on a Frost Giant, Eric and Michael tried various approaches – the Einherjar tred to shoot it, although to little effect. Michael tried to slide through its legs to cut away at frozen tendons – and Eric jumped on its back and tried to club it – before getting crushed somewhat beneath one of its huge hands as it tried to remove the annoyance from its back. Hito arrived and broke out his box of desolation – which contained several bullets that reconfigured themselves to his weapon as he loaded them. When he succeeded in hitting, the bullets cut deep into the Frost Giant. Despite small successes, it wasn’t looking too good for the group until a strange cat-like creature, seemingly made from fire and shadow, leapt from cover and bit a huge chunk out of the Frost Giant’s head. The giant directed its attention to the cat creature, killing it, but giving the Norse and Hito the chance to finally despatch it. And then Theodore arrived at the scene. Bronwyn suggested that they come to her offices, which still had a few floors above the snow. They arrived at Bronwyn’s office to find a fence built around the building, and armed guards at the entrance. Bronwyn explained that the snow had started about three weeks previously and juts not stopped. Apparently only London was affected, and the global media were reporting only the barest details. About two thirds of the population had fled, the rest were presumed dead – and the military had effectively blockaded London. As she explained this, a report came from outside that someone wanted to speak to Theodore. Before Theodore could respond, Bronwyn ordered her men to kill whoever was outside. Theodore was intrigued and headed outside, followed by Hito. A bleached blond man in a pristine white suit, flanked by two equally white wolves, stood outside surrounded by the armed guards. Theodore watched as Hito tried to talk to the man – who proceeded to cast aspersions on Hito’s ethnic origin – indicating that he was there to talk to Theodore. Theodore agreed to talk, but the man decided to kill the armed guards first. Hito tried to intervene, killing the wolves, but was unable to save the guards. The man disappeared, and Hito tried to talk to the spirit of the wind, but instead creates a giant face in the storm which seemed, somewhat simply, to hurt him – a lot. Eventually, Hito retreated and the storm creature subsided. Theodore took the opportunity to talk to the ghosts of the dead guards, but they indicated that they were already assigned to go to the Norse underworld. Not that Theodore would have been so crass to try to claim Norse souls for the Baron whilst stood in front of one of the Norse’s most powerful agents’ London offices. Theodore then decided that he needed to leave London (having heard in the Valkyries building that one of the scientists from the Cetea mission was running for democratic president candidate and seemed to be doing quite well thus far. Theodore was intercepted by on his walk west by an attack by one of the cat-flame-shadow-creatures. It soon became clear that he couldn’t hurt it and it couldn’t hurt him. Somewhat bizarrely, as far as Theodore was concerned, Violette Baptiste, the daughter of Agwe appeared, and helped Theodore fight the cat. Casual witty banter flew between the two Loa scions as they tried, somewhat ineffectively, to kill the cat-creature. Violette explained that she was heading to the British Museum to look for maps to terrae incognitae that might contain water, with which she hoped her father would be able to put out raging fires burning in Guinee. Once they had actually succeeded in putting down the pesky cat, Theodore pointed her in the direction of the museum and continued on his way, now feeling the urge to get in touch not just with his people in the US, but also his father. Further on his way, Theodore was intercepted again, although this time by the man in white – who identified himself as “Jack” – or Jack Frost as Theodore, perhaps accurately, decided he must be. Frost had little to say that Theodore wanted to here – which was getting more and more common come to think of it – save that the military on the outskirts of London were “influenced” and that the fires in Guinee were apparently caused by the Greeks – as their underworld was burning as well. It seems that dropping the heart of Surt into the well that lead to the river Styx had not been the Greek Pantheon’s best plan to deal with the titan’s heart – as now the heart of Surt had somehow become united with the blood of the Greek titan Erebus. Jack tried to offer aid, but Theodore wasn’t having any of it. Jack mockingly questioned what the child of a god of death might be able to do to put out a fire. Theodore calmly suggested that earth would do the job as well as any amount of water and continued on his way.

Meanwhile, the Norse had headed to the British Museum to look for anything that might be useful, specifically a book – that detailed the history of Odin – that Michael had noticed in his previous visit. Once there, Eric and Michael were attacked by ice beasties – four-limbed arthropods made of ice. Having given up on Theodore, Hito had followed the Norse scions to the museum, and together the three of them managed to kill most of the ice beasties. Whilst at the museum, Hito talked to the spirit of a window, in the hope that it might have seen something useful. According to the window spirit, the museum had been looted by agents of the Frost Giants. The three then return to the Bronwyn’s offices, where Jack Frost appeared again and tried to deal with them, offering the book on Odin – which apparently detailed Odin’s rise to power in the Norse patheon – for something of value – the Frost Giants did not want to be in London. Hito offered to show them where the door to Egypt’s past was, but Michael objected, viewing Hito as betraying the Norse pantheon. Michael told Hito to stop talking to Jack, but Hito ignored him. Seemingly out of the blue, Michael lunged at Hito, who nimbly got out of the way. Michael, unable to get a grip of Hito, called on his divine power and ordered him to stand still. Michael then grabbed Hito and hurled him away. Hito, taking exception to this treatment, headed off, with Michael in pursuit, fearful that Hito would try to deal with Jack again. Hito tried to lose Michael, although to little success – ending up perched on top of one of the towers of London’s Tower bridge. Jack Frost again appeared to offer to deal with Hito, only this time, Michael’s Einherjar shot at Hito, hitting him and nearly killing him. Only Hito’s divine essence saved him as he fell to the snow. As Michael ran towards Hito’s fallen body, Jack and Hito vanished in a flurry of snow and wind. Michael headed back to Bronwyn’s offices, angry at himself that he had allowed things to get out of control. Frost and Hito materialised some distance away, and Frost healed some of Hito’s injuries (then buggered off?). Hito decided to head out of London.

As Theodore descended the snow to the west of London, he eventually hit solid ground and began looking for a graveyard. Finding a small number of ghosts, and thinking he might need some help once in Guinee, Theodore turned on the charm and convinced the ghosts that something better awaited them if they would only follow him – even if they needed to walk through fire – which the ghosts somewhat foolishly took metaphorically. Theodore then broke into the tool shed on the edge of the graveyard and began to dig himself a grave. Distributing his rum amongst the willing ghosts, Theodore promised to meet them on the road shortly. When he arrived on the road, it became clear that he had underestimated the problem. To either side of the road, fire raged infernally hot – the confused and scared ghosts huddled together in the centre of the road. Theodore told them to follow him and started the walk towards Guinee. The road was hot and after some time they cam across something that appeared to be a dark river running across the road. Unwilling to take the ghosts somewhere that he was not prepared to go himself, Theodore told them the wait for him as he would cross the river. When asked what to do shod they be attacked, he directed them to the charred bones that lined the edges of the road, and headed into the river. No water awaited him though, as he found himself in a thick oily, barely liquid, substance – the river Styx. Out of the murk Theodore heard a voice, and then saw a figure – the god, Agwe. Agwe told Theodore that there was no way in Guinee, and that he should return to the material world and look for Violette – use the maps that she had to find terrae incognitae that might contain earth to put out the fires in Guinee. Theodore explained that he did not know how to get back on his own, and Agwe gave him a tooth to use (obviously). Theodore then headed out of the Styx and lead the ghosts back down the road. He tried placing the tooth in his mouth, but to no effect. A few grumbled coughs from Debas in his pocket, and Theodore took the cat skull out of its bag. Debas explained that the tooth needed to go somewhere where there was space for it. The permanently grinning cat skull had some slots, so Theodore popped the tooth in and hoped for the best. The world faded to black and Theodore and the ghosts were back in the graveyard. Theodore apologised to the ghosts telling them that their salvation would have to wait. For their part, they were glad to see the back of him. Theodore then continued on his way to the military blockade – determined to get some clean clothes – covered as he still was from head to toe in the remnants of the Styx. As Theodore closed in on the military, they called out to him to stand still on a loudhailer. He did as he was told and they sent a truck out to pick him up. Theodore was quite surprised to see FBI Agent Strykes in the truck – although not as surprised as he was when Strykes failed to recognise him and gave a different name. It appeared that Strykes memory had been screwed with – but considering the possibility that Strykes was being deliberately vague, or that the other soldiers were also under some malign influence, Theodore shut his mouth and got in the truck, claiming that he needed a hot shower and some new clothes.

Once he was clean, Theodore again tried to talk to Strykes in private. Getting nowhere quickly with him, Theodore persuaded the FBI agent that he needed to show him something in London. They took a snow sled and headed into the city, stopping twice on the way – once for Theodore to break into a shop and steal some more appropriate clothes – and once to talk to Hito, whom they met as he left. Theodore explained his concerns about the US presidential election, and that apparently Strykes had met the former Cetea scientist only a few weeks ago at a press conference, Hito explained his concerns about the treacherous Norse…

They agreed to meet in the US once Hito had recovered, and Theodore had done what he needed in central London.

Eric got word from Micheal about what Hito had done and informed Bronwyn about the situation in front of Alan, the guard from the British Museum. Alan took the news badly and left saying that he was unable to work with Bronwyn. Bronwyn took Eric to the door that was the exit from the Memory of Egypt to find Jack standing in front of the door looking smug and left them standing on the roof as Jack left through the door and it closed.