Janie Horowitz

Janie Horowitz used to be a small mousy brunette girl who when she wasn't helping her parents Mike Horowitz and Tina at the grocery store liked to visit the horses at the Standish Ranch on the east edge of Mythic.
Janie spent time recovering in the care of Dr. Blanchett and Amy after having wurm parasites forcibly removed from her upper arm and ribcage by Theodore in a spot of impromptu police reception surgery. The operation, with the assistance of the doctor, was a success, although a small piece of rib bone was lost during the procedure.
Shortly after her recovery, Jamie was again kidnapped, this time by Amy at the behest of her father. Her body now serves as the shell for the reincarnate Hermes, her own consciousness presumed lost, destroyed in order to provide the final part of Hermes' scheme against the titanspawn Aurelius.