Haskuldr's Return

What can I say about today, it has been an interesting day. I was at Aggro’s gig having the time of my life as I always do at these events. Aggro’s music isn’t what I would normally listen to but he not only plays the drum he makes them come alive and the crowd loves him for it. It was during his first gig in New York that I was interrupted during my good time by a man who was over 7 foot tall. He looked quite old abut he was moving as if he was only in his 20’s. His hair was dark and had begun to turn white in places. His beard was full faced and was salt and pepper. His eyes betrayed his actual age they were eyes that had seen more than his years. His left hand was covered with silver rings and he spoke to me about the return of stolen property. He introduced himself as Sigmund and my heart jumped at the name.

We met later on that evening but I have already written that down it was when we got back to my hotel room that everything was made clear. He asked me to leave the room but I wasn’t going to leave someone I didn’t know with Haskuldr. He then started to chant in Norse, a spell to remove a curse. This went on until 5 in the morning. At the culmination of the ritual he said “That the Blood Debt had been repaid.” It was then that I saw a red mist rising up from Haskuldr’s body into Sigmund’s hand and filled up into the rings. He then came out of his trance and said it was done and Haskuldr sat up and spoke for the first time in months. This made me happy my team was finally back to full strength. Sigmund then asked me a favour and then it was then that I worked out that Sigmund was a Mask of Odin but I couldn’t hold that against him as he had just saved Haskuldr for me. I accepted his request and said I would do what I could. Sigmund then left and Haskuldr and I went across the corridor to see the rest of the team. Styrbiorn poked his head out of the door and suggest going to the nearest bar.

The whole team went off to the bar and I invited Angela along as she is now part of the team now as she has taken over Bronwyn’s place. The morning was a good one of drinking and storytelling. It was like having a good friend back that you thought was missing or dead and I have been though that many times having been in the police force. Each man was so happy to see Haskuldr back and each of them was happily telling him about what I had done for each of them travelling across Europe. They told him that they had been to each of the battlegrounds that they had died at and that I was there with them. Hearing the stories made me realise that I hadn’t done that for Haskuldr, maybe one day will return to Kiev so he can have his moment and recite the history to me.

Angela was quiet and didn’t speak much. She was happy that Haskuldr was back but I guess she felt uncomfortable sitting there as she hadn’t known us long. I wanted to ask her so many questions about Bronwyn and what had been said about me by the Gods but that has to wait for now. Knowing my luck if I tried to talk about it would have ended in tears and anger and it was a happy occasion. I had so many questions I wanted to ask Haskuldr about what happened to him and why Sigmund was saying that he had done something he shouldn’t have but it was not a time for questions like that either. In time I am sure he will tell me what had happened.

They were all so happy about being together again, it made me realise that this is why I am fighting this war. The people I care about and those under my command. As my superior office Major Bardy said “you can’t be a good leader without caring about your men because you will always make the right decision. A bad leader cares not about his men and will always make the wrong decision.” I understand his words clearly down and that is why I fight, not for my father and the Aesir but for myself and those I care about. My men, my love, my friends and teammates these are the things I fight for.

The drinks flowed and nothing could break our good mood. Angela left after only a couple but I guess she is still getting used to the idea. There must be a reason why she took over Bronwyn’s place. We eventually called a stop to it and got ready to begin training this day.