Haskuldr's Ravens

The band of einherjar currently pledged to Eric Chambers.




Commander of the warband, Haskuldr served under Rurik the Varangian, leader of the Dynasty which ruled Russia until the 16th century. He was himself ruler of Kiev during the 9th century in concert with his blood-brother Dyri. As time has passed, Haskuldr has served in several notable battles including the Battle of Fulford in 1066, the mythical battle at the Ice of Storsjön in 1178, and in resistance to Operation Weserübung in 1940. While his stubborn refusal to adapt to modern technology has limited his effectiveness somewhat, this is not Haskuldr's first war, or indeed his first Scion.



Second in command, and happy with it Alfarin met his death alongside Haskuldr at the battle at the Ice of Storsjön of 1178, which ended the autonomy of Jamtland due to the lost war against the Birkebeiner, the army of Sverre of Norway. According to the Sverris saga, the Jamtlanders were killed by sword blows in their backs. This is supported by archaeological findings from the 20th century, and by the large scar that runs from Alfarin's shoulder to his hip.



Styrbiorn serves the unit primarily as scout, being lighter and slimmer than his counterparts, which has led to his nickname of "Twig." Styrbiorn perished in the Battle of Silda (Affæren ved Silden or Affæren ved Stadt), a naval battle fought on 23 July 1810 between the United Kingdom and Denmark-Norway near the Norwegian island of Silda in Sogn og Fjordane county as part of the Napoleonic wars.

Stationed on the gun schooner Odin, Styrbiorn drowned on the 23 July when the British frigates Belvedere and Nemesis attacked. The local Norwegian commander, vicar Gabriel Heiberg, failed to alert other Dano-Norwegian naval vessels nearby who could have helped repel the British attack. He also later issued an order to keep out of the way of the British as he thought they would behave better if they were unopposed. Heiberg was court-martialled for his incompetence, but Styrbiorn has harboured a distaste for incompetence throughout the long years as a result.

He is currently dating the S.W.A.T. graduate Valerie Collier.



Ulfeid is finding life in the current band of einherjar difficult, as his penchant for axes and baresark fighting is heavily reined in by Haskuldr. Ulfeid first died at the Battle of Largs, an engagement fought between the armies of Norway and Scotland near the present-day town of Largs in North Ayrshire on the Firth of Clyde in Scotland on 2 October 1263. Ulfeid fought under King Håkon Håkonsson, before being mortally wounded by a Scottish pike. He was subsequently taken to Valhalla by Bronwyn but maintains that he could have still turned the tide, and was far from dead.



The oldest of the Einherjar, Eldgrim died in the Battle of Hafrsfjord defending King Harald "Fairhair". Norwegian victory unified the country under one monarch, and Eldgrim died honourably. Since then however, he has seen no sign of his King in the halls of Valhalla, and worse, there are rumours that previous children of the Aesir under his charge have been lost. If Eldgrim knows the truth of these rumours, he says nothing.