Lawrence Harker, Scion?

As head of the Mythic City PD Lawrence Harker carries himself with a confidence that borders on arrogance. A tall man, Harker moves with a grace that belies his size. This coupled with the military cut of his black hair gives him a somewhat imposing presence. At present, Harker has demonstrated few signs of divine heritage, save for a golden glow which spills from behind dark shades on occasion. Off duty, the man wears a tailored suit, and dark sunglasses. On duty, Harker sports the current Mythic PD uniform which continues to bear a greater resemblance to SWAT equipment than standard Texan issue.
Speaking in cool clipped tones Harker appears to command great respect from the remnants of the Mythic PD, even after the brutal slaying of one of their own in a pitched battle with the Sanders children, and two unidentified assailants.
The rest of the town speak of Harker in tones that oscillate between respect, and fear, preferring not to discuss the man at all.