I can write down that I have accomplished everything by myself because that wouldn’t be true. There are some things I did not as part of the team of Scions but with those that followed me whether it was by their own choice or those that were assigned to me by my Father. Some were supernatural in nature like the Einherjar and others were just mortals that I told the truth to and still they wanted to follow me even though they knew of the dangers.

The Einherjar were the first group of followers I had. For those of you that don’t know a lot about legends and myths the Einherjar are immortal warriors that cannot truly die until the final battle at Ragnarok. Saying that they can still be killed maimed and injured but they can be resurrected with a bit of will and providing there is enough drink and food afterwards. They are chosen only from those that have died in heroic battles or last stands and they can come from different time periods. The ones i have following me all date back before the 20th century and some are even older like Haskuldr who is one of the founders of Kiev, and then there was Ravencroft’s who were all ex black ops and from the modern day.

I have a group of five currently following me around and they are a good group of men. There is Haskuldr the leader of the group and I believe the oldest as well, he was one of the original founders of Kiev. He is someone that i can talk to quite openly and he is like the brother I never had. He is a troubled man though with him being possessed by his brother Dyri on a regular basis but hopefully we have remedied that problem and we just have to wait while he remains in his current state.

Then there is Alfarin who is second in command and I believe died somewhere in the 12th century. He doesn’t talk much and hardly speaks unless he is asked a question but I guess the times have changed round him and he doesn’t know what to make of it.

Styrbiorn is the most vocal of the group and also the youngest as well and has adapted to modern life quite well. He is lightly build compared to the rest of the group who all hail from ages when a man was only as strong as his sword arm but Styrbiorn is from the early 19th century. He is currently dating one the new SWAT members and I hope that works out for him.

Ulfied is what would be called the heavy of the group. He must have been a Berserker before he was one of the Einherjar as he has an unhealthy fascination with using his axe all the time. I said he could use it for a fight once and several trees nearby were suddenly chopped down as he was testing the edge of his blade.

And finally there is Eldgrim who I know very little about. He has hardly spoken the entire time that I have known him and has never said what was on his mind. I don’t know what to make of him but I trust him as he has followed to a couple of underworlds.

That is all the Einherjar the rest of the people that follow me are all mortals. The group I currently have are all SWAT officers from New Orleans who I told the truth about my divine heritage to. They seemed to take it well and didn’t think that I was a complete and utter head case. There is 16 of them currently but I am hoping that I can get the entire police force there on my side as it is my home and always will be even though I am jet setting round the world.

The problem is though with travelling is that I don’t have enough time to develop the bonds with other groups of people to win them to my side. I guess since I am travelling all over the world and have a knack for picking up the language I am going to try and get a group of trusted officers spread through the entire world, at least one in each country or even better would be one in every major city. It would help cut down crime rates globally and that would be a good thing, but I need the time and hopefully I can get it.