First Visitation

It was a year to the day that it all happened. That fateful night in the Bayou outside New Orleans. The exercise was going well, my squad was moving with the precision that had been drilled into them. Davies fell into the swamp and was caught by a ‘gator. We managed to wrestle the beast but his arm was trapped in its mouth, so I decided to wrench open the jaws and pull his arm free. Then the shooting started my squad was off as they were trained to, and I got knocked out by a branch and had the strangest dream.

A man dressed in combats and camouflage appeared from the shadows holding an AK-47 rifle in his left hand and he was missing his right. He stood before me, towering as I lay in the dirt. He looked over me with his cold stare from his turquoise eyes. He then spoke to me with a voice that was much older than he appeared. He told me was my father and that he was Tyr a member of the Aesir, a God I found out later on, and he wanted me to assist him with his work. He showed me the reason why, but I will not write that down. He presented me with two gifts a glove which appeared where his right hand should have been, and a baton made out of the branch that hit me in the head, it was inscribed with several runes. Tyr then nodded to me and disappeared back into the shadows. I woke up with the pain in my head, but the dream was strange and must have been real. I woke up with the glove and the baton and the shooting was still going on it was time for me to catch up with my squad.

I have spent the last year looking up Tyr and the Aesir. I find out that he was a God, one of justice, war and honour and a great believer in each of them. I am much like him like him wanting to keep order and make sure justice is up held. I inherited his eyes, the same turquoise eyes that looked through me. I only wish my mother was here so she could confirm he was telling the truth. If he is my father I hope he looks on me proudly as I am regional commander for the SWAT of New Orleans.

I will help you achieve yours goals father and help you defend Asgard as best I can. I go to do your work and may the Valkyries take me to Valhalla is I fail.