February 17th 2008

Session 13 in which:

Agent Hito met with the movers and shakers of the Washington scene.

Agent Hito was able to arrange a brief meeting with Democratic Nomination candidate Carolyn Walters, amidst her busy schedule on Capitol Hill. He took the opportunity to express to her his condolences on the loss of her brother and tried to give her some reassurance that there had been some measure of justice served for his murder. Concerned for her safety, given the possible infiltration of the Democratic caandidates by Altantean forces, he resolved to keep a vigil on her wherever he went. During the debates, Adam Schumacher - aka President Cthulhu - seemed to oberve the Guardian Mark on her hand where Agent Hito had placed it, giving rise to further suspicion about him.

Watching Schuhmacher during his speech, Hito's eagle-eye picked out a glint of something metallic in his mouth as he spoke and deduced it might be some kind of talisman helping to sway the minds of those who listened to him. Although he could not see the source of the brief glint clearly there was the slightest suggestion of the Golden Triangle that seems to be the mark of the Atlanteans. Having seen this, Agent Hito decided to appropriate a copy of the tapes of the speech made by Schumacher and take them to the FBI video forensics labs to have them analysed further. Respectfully asking the aid of the spirits of the tapes, he was able to get the barest suggestion of a nimbus of scrolling grey text etched into the film below normal levels of perception. With a great effort of will, Hito was able to hold himself back from being swayed by the seductive if incomprehensible message of the words.

Having gleaned this evidence of Atlantean involvment with Schuhmacher, Agent Hito returned to his hotel room in DC and sought to commune with his father in the mirror of the bathroom there. However, instead of attracting the attention of his Divine Parent, he isntead managed to catch the baleful interest of the Darkness. As it spilled forth from the mirror, oozing towards him, Hito summoned his courage and all the gifts of his Divine Heritage, shouldering the Rifle of the Byakkottai given to him after the assassination of Hermes, loaded the Desolation Rounds gifted by the Poison Sun Ambassador and prayed on his father's amulet for the grace of the Dove to guide his blow. All this done, he let fly on the advancing shadow, using every shred of poewr and determination in him. The resulting blast took the side of his room, as well as part of the building, in a miniature tac-nuke shot that was apparently sufficient to banish the shadowy mass in a deafening wail. The resulting black tide swepy out into the streets of DC outside, leaving a ebony skeletons in it wake where some poor unfortunates had been caught up, and a minor panic in the responding authorities.

Walking in a daxe at the success of his attack, and at the sheer devastation it had caused, Agent Hito headed to the J Edgar Hoover building to report his involvment to his superiors in the Bureau. While waiting there he felt a cold breath on the back of his neck and found that he had been marked with a kanji made of shadow, saying 'claimed'. Further investigation showed that the mark simply sank deeper into his flesh when he attemtpted to cut it out, and was the makr of a Titan's claim against his soul. After speaking with the redoubtable Renji and his Celestial Bureacracy friend, Agent Hito dispatched his ever loyal Tengu to seek out a Chinese spirit that might be able to help cleanse him of the mark before it wore down his will and claimed him. Apparently this entity could be found in 'the bluest lake in China'. The promise of free airline peanuts helped to set the Brothers Tengu on their way.

An entire class of S.W.A.T. trainees passed with flying colours, happy and healthy.

A tablet from Basra was revealed as being written in the trader’s tongue of Constantinople.

Eric Chambers led the Daughters of Erzulie on a merry chase that ended in a burning head arcing ‘cross the nave of St. Louis’ Cathedral.

A victim of the Daughters was consumed by shadow and burnt in smouldering flame.

And an almighty party and procession was thrown.

The New Orleans Vodou Celebration

Theodore put out the word that there was going to be another series of parties. Flyers were printed and distributed. Alcohol and music were arranged, and Theodore obtained permission from City Hall to hold a procession through the streets, as long as he didn’t use any of the main thoroughfares. A bed was brought in, and decorated according to Damballah’s preferences, and a boa constrictor was brought in and politely asked to behave for the duration. The Chevals were primed for their roles as horses for the various Lwa who Theodore hoped would attend – even one for Erzulie.

As the sun descended, the crowds gathered in the Lafayette Cemetery. Theodore spoke to them, holding their attention as he worked the assembled throng – driving home his message of community – and welcoming the Lwa to the gathering. Khalfu and Legba took up their stations by the main entrance to the cemetery. Erzulie found her place on the bed with Ogoun, as Damballah mounted the constrictor. Theodore knew that there was only so much talking that he could do before even his charming words would fall on deaf ears – such was the atmosphere in the cemetery. But as he stood on top of his fathers house in the middle of the Lafayette Cemetery, he could not help but he pleased at the sight before him. Even better that Damballah finally consented to remove the snake-bracelet that he had inflicted upon Theodore so many nights previously. As Theodore began to move around the party, he saw the daughters of Erzulie sat rapt, watching Erzulie seduce Ogoun and any other man up to the challenge. But they were behaving at least, and Theodore knew that Khalfu and Legba guarded the doorways. Hito, Ravencroft and Chambers arrived as well, not sure where to look in Hito’s case as he walked past Erzulie on her bed. Theodore spoke to his fellow Scions, and some of them asked if they could invite their parents. Theodore saw no reason why not. Theodore took the opportunity to mention to Khalfu and Legba their need to find voyage on La Amistad. They told him to go to the river. Susan-O arrived with a gaggle of girls after being invited by Hito – who had thought that the party might not be his father’s “thing”. Sif appeared and started to make moves on Chamber’s second – Haskuldr – only to be stopped as Chambers requested his father, Tyr, intervene. Unfortunately for Haskuldr, Tyr was stopped at the gates by Khalfu and Legba who extracted a promise that he would bring no violence with him, and by the time Tyr was able to pull Sif from Haskuldr, his pelvis was already broken.
Theodore tried to speak to Erzulie about the havoc that her daughters were creating in the city, but she was disinterested as soon as he brought the subject up.

As night turned to day, many of the party-goers fell asleep, or made their way home – only to be replaced by more people who came to enjoy the week long celebration. Theodore had made it his intent to get no sleep at all for the full seven days of the party – and he wasn’t going to break that promise. As midday hit, the brass band struck up their tune, and Theodore was lifted bodily into the air, standing on a coffin. The party then proceeded through the streets of New Orleans, the irrepressible Theodore dancing badly, although never losing his balance, on top of the coffin as they processed onwards to the next cemetery. At appropriately dramatic moments, Theodore began to talk – preaching about the needs of the community, both from within, and from without. They stopped at bars and clubs, and Theodore marked the doors with Khalfu and Legba’s veves – before going in and leaving the marks of the other major Lwa wherever he felt it appropriate. Afternoon rolled into night, and the procession set up at the next party venue – and the whole shebang started again.
It was a long week. One that even saw Sanite Dede join the procession from her club for a few hours. A long week, but a very good week for the Loa in New Orleans.

At least, that’s what Theodore thought.