Epic Intelligence

For consideration:

Knowing is Half the Battle
While most people struggle to stay alive by dodging or blocking the attacks they see coming, you ride the waves of probability to effortlessly sidestep attacks before they are made.

You may spend 1 Legend Point to use Intelligence in place of Dexterity when calculating defense and/or Science (Mathematics) in place of Athletics. Legend still factors into DDV normally, and a parrying weapon's Defense bonus still factors into PDV.

In addition, if you have the Math Genius knack, you may spend an additional Legend Point on the subsequent turn to double your Epic Intelligence bonus to DV for any one attack. Both uses of this knack last for one scene.

Forewarned is Forearmed [Demigod and Higher Only]
Prerequisite: Knowing is Half the Battle

Your mastery of combat statistics enables you to sometimes go on the offensive. When your defensive maneuverings push your opponent off balance or leave him bewildered: you strike.

If an opponent misses you while you have Knowing is Half the Battle active and your next action is an attack on them, you may spend 1 Legend Point to take advantage of your calculations regarding where they will be. If you do so, your first attack against them uses Intelligence in place of Dexterity when calculating Accuracy and bonus successes. Unlike KIHTB, you must still possess the requisite combat ability; you may not use Science (Mathematics) in its place.

Tongue Of Babel

In the beginning there was only one language from which all others grew. A Scion with this Knack has the ability to decipher the most estoteric of languages with just a slight listen or just a glance at the written script. When encountering any new language, make an Intelligence roll with a difficulty of three or more at the Storyteller's discretion for short periods of exposure or distractions to the Scion. The character is considered proficient in the language for one scene.

Speed Reading

Some spend so much time reading that the printed pages themselves become a voice. At this point the mind can be filled with new information almost as quickly with written material as with verbal communication. A Scion with this Knack is able to read text at a rate of 960 words per minute (the average person reads at a rate of 120). Their reading speed is, therefore, approximately eight times faster but for every success made on a basic Intelligence roll, this factor increases by one. Note, Storytellers are assumed to consider about 250 words per page of text. Speed Reading also works in conjunction with the Perfect Memory and the Tongue of Babel Knacks