Echo Squad

Origin and Mandate

The 'Echo Squad' group was formed following the alphabet reshuffle that followed the 9/11 attacks and the formation of the Department of Homeland Security. While not an anti-terrorist group, some of the more level-headed senior members of the FBI did use the newfound resources and capabilities afforded to them for more traditional purposes. They formed a handful of small-unit tactical groups with personnel trained in military combat and counter-insurgency tactics. Now, when the Bureau went up against drug barons and vice lords with their own private armies, they would have someone to even the score. In more practical terms, they small, highly effective units could be used to bring overwhleming force to bear on apprehending violent or well armed suspects at the conclusion of an investigation. Regular FBI agents would carry out the actual evidence gaathering and surveillance work, while the more combat ready squads would give a quick and casualty-free arrest.

Working with Agent Hito on his more … unusual cases, it has become apparent that the group's capabilities are not match for some of the threats to national security that they may be facing. In order to try and remedy this, Agent Hito has taken it upon himself to seek out 'patrons' for them, in order to try and give them the tools and capabilities they need to defend themselves and their country against these un-American opponents. With their blessings, Echo Squad may come to be something more, to be … The Five August Warriors of the Bureau of Echoes


Matthew Langlinais

  • A former military man, one of three from the same unit to transfer out and join up with Echo squad after finishing their tour of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq. A star football player in high school, on to a college scholarship Matt made a swift entrance into the Marine Corps once he graduated. While he excelled in the field and in basic training, Matt was always acutely aware of his more mediocre academic skills. Despite his doubts, with his strapping blonde Idaho farmboy looks, good Christian upbringing and cool head under fire, Matt soon found himself with command of his own squad. Feeling unequal to the looming burden of command, he was happy to take the transfer over to Echo Squad with a few of his squadmates. Since heading up the squad in its civillian activities, Matt has steadily gotten more confident in his decisions. While Agent Yoshiro handles the investigations, he leaves the field actions to Matt.

Christian Kurland

  • The one member of the squad with a slightly more shaded past, Christian did serve a brief stint in the military. However, he went on to work on classified missions for military intelligence and often worked in conjunction with CIA field operatives. As far as his past and his childhood go, any enquiries are met with a steely gaze and a blank silence. His fellow Echo Squad members have seen enough of his collection of scars, many of them too old to come from field work, to know better than to try and ask any further. While the years he spent working as an assassin and saboteur may have left Christian colder and more cynical than his fellow squad members, he has never forgotten what he did those terrible things for. While the other members of the squad may sometimes get caught up in government procedure and patriotic duty, Christian never fails to see the faces of the men and women that their work involves. He has seen the depths of cruelty and suffering that humans can inflict on each other, the innocents who suffer as a result and the bravery of the outnumbered and outgunned people who still stand up to help their fellow men. In many ways, he is the conscience of the squad, reminding them of the consequences of their actions.

Guy Exner

  • One of Matt's squad seeing action in the Middle East and the Gulf, Guy grew up in another small town no more than a few dozen miles away from his future commander's hometown. Rather than a a mundane, corn-fed childhood, he grew up with a former flower-power protestor dad and a mother with a profound belief in the healing power of extra-terrestrials. Despite some serious bullying at grade school for their eccentricities, Guy turned out remarkably normal for the most part. His college days were less than stellar, with an occasional drugs habit and more than a few narrowly scraped passes. Still, the army were more than happy to take him, especiialy given his superior talent for marskmanship. His first real combat left him badly shaken and suffering from combat paralysis. With his squadmates help he pulled through. After his wacky upbringing, Guy proved more adept than most of his squad at dealing with the local populace they encountered. He even displayed an undiscovered knack for languages, or at least the basics of them, that helped the on various manouevers. After following Matt across into civvy street, Guy was happy to continue to use his skills against proper 'bad guys' and at an excelent salary as well.

Tabatha Laredo

  • Not one of the front line troops by 'virtue' of her gender, Tabatha was still a mission specialist who worked in Afghanistan and Iraq around the same time as Matt and his squad. She was a communications and eectronic warfare specialist, mostly working on using the enemy's transmissions to pinpoint their location. Not quite a military brat, her family did have a history of public service and her father, Donald, was killed in the line of duty as an NYC beat cop. Being denied the chance to fight alongside the men always galled her, especially given her excellent physical condition and combat skills. Given that, she often tried to get 'caught up' in engagements with the enemy forces. Given their guerilla tactics, this was successful surprisingly often although it did get her a reputation for being somewhat careless. She got to know Matt and company during their posting in the Middle East. When she heard about their transfer to the 'Echo Squad' detachment being formed, she was surprised they would leave the forces at first. Hearing a drunken Guy talk about looking forward to "wailing on bad guys" she realised there was a chance for a job where she could something like real front-line combat. Unlike the army, the squad would have no special rules about female combatants. At first, the FBI were more interested in her using her technical skills in some manner on their behalf. After a particularly fiery protest on her behalf, including a liason officer being slammed against a wall after an inappropriate comment, they were convinced that she could make the grade. Since working on the squad though, Tabatha has seen the dedication of the other agents around her and wondered if her axe to grind is really a worthy motive.

Tyrone Istre

  • The only member of Matt's former squad not to match the 'All-American' image, or the Midwestern upbringing. From a wealthy Boston family, Tyrone's aprents had worked hard to become upstanding, not to mention wealthy, citizens. Their son was intended to take up a respectable profession, like a banker, lawyer or doctor, as his older brothers and sister had done. When he opted to go into the military, not even into officer training, he expected to have a major falling out with his proud parents. Instead, he was almost let down when they supported him wholeheartedly, saying "We worked hard to give you a choice in how to live your life, not to tell you what choice to make". While an early injury out on assignment in Kosovo alomost left him for dead, he never regretted fighting to defend his country and the same freedoms it had given him. He was never interested in command, happy to let the rest of the family do the leading, and became a fast, if slightly out of place, friends to the rest of his unit.