Dream Three

All the little gods are crying now,
To feel the cold wind blowing,

The farmer’s locked up tight indoors,
No more seeds for sowing,

The castle gate is sealed and barred,
Outside the cattle lowing,

The Princess waits inside the tower,
And feels her sorrow growing.

The King’s crown is fallen from his brow,
The sunken city’s risen,

The slumbering demons start awake,
And rage against their prison,

The last knight stands before the bridge,
His sword and armour riven,

The Seer she stands upon the hill,
And sees the tower fallen,

The Mask is torn from off her face,
The leafy tree is barren,

The Spy is trapped in shadows deep,
Woven like a warren,

The Guardian sleeps before the bars,
All torn loose and riven,

The howling of the damned cries,
And filters up to heaven,

Over the earth, and all around,
The final word is given,

The final trumpet blast does sound,
A curse on all still living,

The little gods are crying now,
Crying for their children.

~ All The Little Gods

  1. April 27th 2008
  2. June 8th, 2008
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