Ngala Diabite, Scion

Umntu ngumtu ngabantu.
A person is only a person because of other people.

~Xhosa Proverb

Encountered in the streets of New Orleans wearing a red blazer, and with a machete slung at his hip, Ngala refused to let Theo pass until he earned the "right to walk these streets, and raise his flags." Their first encounter led to an attempted assassination by members of the OGHP and a brief battle betweenPhil Simons and warriors Ngala created from a white dust and spit. The battle came to an end after Theo was hurled through a building and crushed into unconsciousness by Ngala, who then returned his bruised body to the Band.
Last seen in a sanatorium in Guinee after begin rescued from burning in a fire, speared on a shaft of bone.