News Update

Senator Gravel's team today announced his withdrawal from the presidential race after reports that the Senator was in hospital recovering from a stroke suffered in the early hours of yesterday morning.

The 2008 Democratic primaries are the selection process by which members of the United States Democratic Party choose their candidates for the 2008 US Presidential election. The Democratic candidate for President will be selected through a series of primaries and caucuses culminating in the 2008 Democratic National Convention scheduled from Monday, August 25, through Thursday, August 28, 2008, in Denver, Colorado.

A total of 4,049 delegates are chosen with the winning candidate needing a simple majority, or 2,025. If no candidate receives the required majority, the nominee will be determined by a brokered convention.


Notes for the following table: Delegate counts are estimates. Pledged delegate counts are from CNN and unpledged delegate counts are from the 2008 Democratic Convention Watch blog. By default, the current candidates are ordered by pledged delegate count and withdrawn candidates are ordered alphabetically.

Candidate Uncommitted Hillary Clinton Mike Gravel Barack Obama Adam Schumacher Dennis Kucinich Carolyn Walters Louis Stokes
Estimated total delegates (927 of 4,049; 2,025 to win) 3122 (77%) 272 (7%) Withdrawn 178 (4%) 187 (6%) 50 (1%) 76 (2%) 64 (2%)
Estimated superdelegates (464 of 796, 8% of 20%) 517 (65%) 184 (23%) Withdrawn 95 (12%) 26 (1%) 4 (1%) 12 (2%) 11 (2%)