December 7th 2008

The group of 4 Scions were standing in the tomb with the bodies of 2 Fenrir and the bones of the skeleton that had attacked Aggro. Corvin stared into his crystal and received a vision he saw Antony as a drowned corpse with several children reaching up to him and being stepped on without concern. When he looked at Aggro he saw 2 new heads sprout on Aggro’s shoulders, one was covered in gore on one side and the other covered in white chalk on the other. The 2 new heads started to fight amongst themselves and the middle one erupted into flames. Then Aggro’s hands reached up and grabbed the 2 heads and ground them into dust against each other. When Corvin looked at Eric he saw Bronwyn’s sword hanging over a large bear that had several swords and arrows stuck in it with a golden band deeply embedded into the meat of the left paw. He then saw Kiev from a great height as if he was one of his ravens. He saw the girl that had been rescued from the worm on the site of the tomb with several skeletons round her facing outwards and then they disappeared and several worm like creature erupted out of the ground and encircled the city. He was then plunged into the ground through several tunnels until he hit something that felt like steel and full of rage and malice.

The Scions then interviewed Antony about what his interests were and what his abilities were while waiting for an hour so one of his powers would take effect. When asked what he did for fun Antony responded with “Well there were these mercenaries” and was stopped by Aggro. The rest of the group then talked about themselves and voted Antony into the band. Corvin told them all of his vision and the unique ones he had for each of the Scions not mentioning to Eric about seeing the ring on the paw. The Scions then debated how to dispose of the Fenrir and the bones they decided to place the bones back into the coffin and place the lid back on and Aggro throws the Fenrir corpses out into the river.

The Scions finally left the tomb and decided to get cleaned up apart from Corvin who just changed his appearance to make himself look clean. The Scions went to eat and Antony became very interested in the plant next to him. The Scions discussed tactics about what they should do next and Corvin asked questions of the Fates, asking what the item was that connected Haskuldr to the mask and were is was located, finding out that it was a wedding band located in the tunnels underneath Kiev. His final question was had they destroyed the defences of Kiev and if they had, would they able to be repaired and he got the answer that the defences that had been destroyed could not be repaired. The Scions decided that they should go and relax for the night and meet up after lunch tomorrow and deal with the mask situation and stay in Kiev until the situation with the worm was resolved.

The Scions then spent a night on the town going into a night club that accommodated both Aggro and Corvin’s music taste that had live performances during the night. Aggro and Corvin got up on stage and started to play music with Aggro going through the crowd and saw several people dancing in a very African Tribal style to the music. He went round and whispered in the dancers ears the names of Shango and the third person he did this to fell on the floor drawing Aggro in. From outside a large thunderclap was heard and sparks started to jump between the metal in the bar. After a while the power went out entirely and a booming knock was heard at the door. Aggro used his ability to manipulate wind to open the door and the one handed man they had seen the previous day stepped through and came face to face with Aggro. Aggro acted as if the man was a god as he couldn’t understand what he was saying Corvin and Eric on the other hand understood what the man was saying and were not comforted by what the man had said. The man left and Aggro ascending into the darkness of the ceiling of the club as Antony had started to glow again and dimmed the light level to make it more atmospheric. The light came back on and Eric decided to leave the club after being only out for an hour.

Once the lights had come back on Antony had a small following of people round him and felt displeased that the drinks being offered to him were not in the proper containers and had the barman make a large amount of drink in a bowl were he got his small following to funnel as much drink from it as possible so they almost chocked so the red drink he had made ran down their faces. He then took 2 of the youngest girls to a back room where he fed them some of his blood and took the girls back to a motel even though they were underage. The Scions all managed to get to sleep at various points of the nights with Eric going to sleep after trying to talk to Bronwyn again using some of the water from the well during the process.

Antony woke up and ushered the girls out of the motel room saying that he would meet them later with no intention to as they went looking for a mobile phone for him. He then went to the University to study the sample of plant he had taken from the beer garden at the restaurant and found it was forming a symbol that was from the part of Kiev’s history and was a splinter faction of the church that was branded a heretics and all the members of it were killed 5 years after the splintering had formed. He then went and met the other Scions for lunch.

Corvin checked the news and found that a train crash had occurred outside of Kiev and worked out that it was the train Eric’s Einherjar had taken and quickly told Eric about it. Eric receiving the text phoned Haskuldr to find the phone answered by Dyri as the person had answered Mr Chambers instead of Commander. Eric quickly informed Aggro and Corvin about the situation before they met for lunch. Eric made a very crude spear etched with Tyr’s rune before he met with the others.

At lunch Aggro and Corvin talked about Antony’s weird actions at the club telling Eric he had taken underage girls into the back room of the club and then had left the club with them. Eric said he didn’t want to know until after the situation with Dyri had been resolved when they would have more time to talk about it. When Antony arrived they discussed tactics on how to deal with Dyri. Eric described Dyri fighting tactics and methods as well as pointing out that Dyri would be at least stronger than 3 Scions as this number had just managed to take him down in the past, and also that Dyri was able to regenerate himself quickly and that even death would not stop him. The Scions decided that the best course of action would be to go into the tunnels underneath the monastery and work their way to were ever Dyri was, and that he was to be treated as an obstacle rather than someone they could defeat.

The Scions as planned set off after lunch to the tunnels underneath the monastery going through the tourist sites of the near caves, with their white wash walls and displays of saints. As the group moved further along the caves Eric and Corvin saw a cabinet after they had travelled half an hour. The cabinet was full of the tops of skulls in glass jars and Corvin recognised them as a method of defending once self against possession as the lower jaw had been removed which meant evil spirits were unable to talk through it he explained to the other as the stories had said, and suggested it was a good idea to have was as the masks are able to possess people easily. The Scions debated whether they should go back or not to ask for permission to borrow these items and Eric said they didn’t have much time as Haskuldr’s scent continued for at least 4 miles into the tunnels. Corvin then decided to pick the lock of the cabinet and each one of the scions took a jar saying they would return it once they had finished their work. Aggro looked confused when Eric mentioned the distance and Eric said he was able to track anyone no matter how far away they were.

The Scions continued their trek through the tunnels Eric directing them were the scent had gone until they reached a caved in section of the tunnel. Corvin asked Aggro and Antony if they would be able to shape a tunnel out of the caved in section and Aggro said only if they wished to spend a lot of time, doing so and Aggro suggested punching through it instead. The group waited as Aggro punched through and suddenly a large explosion went off and sent rocks flying and fire barrelling through the tunnel. Aggro took no damage from the blast and was unaffected by the fire. Corvin managed to leap clear of the worst of the blast but some of his clothes still got a lick from the flames. Antony took several large boulders and a lot of fire to his face and his clothes were severely burnt but he was able to regenerate the damage he took. Eric oblivious to the explosion was unaffected by it even though several boulders splattered his blood on the cave walls.

After the dust had settled and the smoke had cleared the Scions saw that the tunnel had been trapped as they saw a large gash on either side of the tunnel were the explosives must have been. They saw the tunnel extend for a few yards an open up into a large chamber with the rune of weakness drawn on the floor in blood. The intelligent Scions, Antony and Corvin, suggested that the curse could be disrupted if the symbol was disrupted and this could be achieved by disrupting the earth it was written on. Aggro stepped up again and hammered the floor sending a shockwave to the middle of the rune causing the earth to crack and disrupt the symbol, he then went first through the room with Eric telling him to take the tunnel on the right. Aggro got to the end of the symbol and decided to play a joke on the other Scions by collapsing to the ground suddenly. The others reacted with Corvin shouting at Aggro if he was ok and Aggro picked himself off the ground and laughed while dusting himself off.

The Scions continued on their way and found that the tourist bit had ended so Antony glowed so they could all see. There was strange lichen on the walls of the tunnels that gave off little light and Antony collected a sample of it for later research. The Scions, apart from Antony, heard the distinct sound of water dripping from a very large height further ahead and Aggro took the lead in case the ground suddenly gave way he would be able to walk on the air. The Scions eventually reach a large cavern with several stalactites on the roof and water slowly dripping down into the dark abyss.

Corvin saw some brief movement coming from behind one of the stalactites and pointed it out to everyone else. Antony suggested that he could flare to dazzle the creature as it has most likely never seen sunlight in a while and everyone agreed. A bright light flashed and the creature was seen falling down into the darkness but it was able to get its bearings with some difficultly. Eric and Corvin both took shots at the creature but missed and Aggro tried to throw his golf club at it but also missed. The creature looked like a large bat but its face was rotten and mostly bone and Antony knew it instantly as a Camazotz. The creature made an attack at Antony but using his quick thinking and being able to calculate maths quickly he was able to judge the best time to avoid the attack. Antony let off another flare of sunlight and the creature was blinded flying into the wall. Corvin shot the creature dealing it a minor wound. Eric and Aggro attacked the creature at the same time. Eric knocked it into the air, decapitating the creature, at the perfect angle so Aggro was able to crack its body with his golf club impaling it onto a stalactite for a brief second before its body split in two and fell into the abyss.

After the fight Aggro took Antony down into the blackness to see what was at the bottom as Antony was the only light source the Scions had. Corvin stepped off the edge floating gently down to whatever was at the bottom leaving Eric alone in the dark. At the bottom there was a large lake with an outcropping of land stretching from the wall to halfway into the water with a trap door near the tip of the outcropping of the land. Aggro went back up for Eric and brought him down. Antony asked if anyone had an objection to him burning the heart of the creature and Eric asked if there was time and Aggro asked for what purpose but there were no further objections from the other scions. Eric said the Haskuldr’s scent continued through the trap doors. As Antony had went to get some water for his sacrificial bowl he noticed the stern of a ship jutting out of the water and decided to go to the other side so he could burn the heart.

After the heart had finished burning Antony pointed out to the others the ship that he had seen. Aggro went over to pull the part out of the water being careful as he did so, so it wouldn’t fall apart in his hands. AS the ship was lifted out of the water Eric fell to his knees and was covered in a corona of fire which he couldn’t see, and everyone else saw. Corvin and Antony tried to knock Eric into the water but merely brushed against him as if Eric was rooted to the spot. Aggro was the only one to see Eric’s face suddenly change as half of it became bone. As Eric was on fire several torches along the back wall lit up and a large circle of one handed skeletons, carrying torches in their left hand appeared above the Scions providing illumination for them.

Eric had a vision were the entire ship was present and on fire. He saw two people fighting on the burning ship, one was Haskuldr and the other was Rurik. He saw Rurik pin Haskuldr against the mast, with his sword to Haskuldr’s throat, and heard him say “This one is claimed by another”. Haskuldr then struck Rurik underneath the ribs which sent him reeling and falling on his back and Haskuldr quickly placed his sword against Rurik’s throat and said “The Golden God is no more.” And with that decapitated Rurik and started to walk away. Half his face then became bone suddenly but quickly reformed into flesh again and the vision ended.

Aggro placed the ship down and Eric saw a blade land on the ground and wondered over to it in a daze unaware of the questions being asked of him. He picked up the sword and found that the grooves in the metal and leather where Rurik’s fingers had been fitted perfectly to his own. On holding the sword he felt reassured and comforted by its presence. Eric checked the weapon over and even though it was pitted and worn it was still sharp to the touch and part of the leather gave way to reveal Tyr’s rune.

Eric snapped out of his daze with Aggro asking him questions about what happened. Eric told them of the vision he saw and was surprised to learn he had been on fire but saw the scorch marks on the ground. Aggro then directed Eric’s attention up and he saw the skeletons which let out an unearthly wail which ended in a very American “Huh!” and continued over and over. Corvin decided to check the ship to see if he could find a ring that matched a Norse wedding band, which would have been made out of silver or gold, instead he found the skull of a man with a helmet fused by heat to it. He told the others of what he found and Eric asked to see the skull. Eric confirmed that it was Rurik’s skull and as he did so the helmet became detached from the skull and rolled to Eric’s feet. There was a debate about fate between the Scions and Aggro took the stance that you don’t have to follow fate, while Eric said there was a point in the battle were the outcome could of changed and if he was able to do so he could change the outcome. Antony using his powers of deduction figured out that it would be best to follow the course of fate in his own head, which had a knock on effect erasing doubt from the other Scions minds that this would be the best course of action to follow. Antony then decided to check the water by tasting it to see if he could taste a hint of silver or gold. Instead of finding any trace of silver and gold he became slightly dizzy and everyone that flesh appeared on half on the faces of the skeletons above, and Aggro told Antony not to do it again.

The Scions then decided it would be best to go down the trap door and opened the door. The skeletons had moved closer and provided light over the door. The Scions could see a large staircase that had been carved into a tree root and spiralled down into the darkness. The Scions started to march down with Aggro in the lead, followed by Antony, and then Eric and Corvin took up the rear. When walking down the staircase Eric asked if the tree root was Ash and Antony responded yes. Antony noticed that the tree root was much older than anything he had seen before and asked if he could take a sample with both Eric and Corvin saying no. Aggro then said since this was something sacred to the Norse Anthony should not take anything and that they would follow whatever Corvin said since Eric was being manipulated by fate in some fashion. As the Scions continued down the staircase they heard the trap door being closed above them and continued going down into the darkness.

As time passed Aggro noticed a club lying in his path and knew it was made of Thornwood but was unaware of what Thornwood was, he also noticed on the wall a streak of red and white paint and also set into a recess in the all three skulls connected to the same neck and saw that one of them had a crack running down it. Aggro asked if any of the Norse gods were connected to the colour red and white and got the answer no. Antony said that Thornwood came from western Africa from the savannah and was connected with Shango. Aggro but the club in his golf bag next to his 3wood, he noticed that the grooves where he grabbed the club matched perfectly with his fingers. Corvin noticed that with the skulls one of them was female and it was the one with the crack running down it and pointed this out to Aggro. The Scions continued down into the darkness.

More time passed by for the Scions and out in the darkness everyone saw a mangrove of trees sitting in some water. They saw that in amongst the roots were several children crying out and then suddenly a large blue hand appeared and dragged the whole mangrove into the water and several flowers were released and landed in Antony’s hair which he was unable to remove. Corvin said that Antony’s father was fucked up.

The Scion went further down into the darkness and came across a branch hanging out over the staircase. A noose was attached to the branch with a man hanging from it with a Raven on each shoulder and a ragged wound in his side. As Corvin passed under it the Raven poked out one the man’s eyes and his clasped hand jerked open releasing a bone rune, which was the rune for destiny. The Scions finally reached the end of the stair case that lead on to the remains of a bridge which was just wide enough for the 4 Scions to stand side by side on it.

As the Scions stood on the bridge they noticed that the bridge had a large hole in the centre and the on the other side was Haskuldr dressed the same as he was in Eric’s vision with his sword pointing to the ground. They saw that above then was a giant coiled mass and they eventually saw the head of a giant serpent with venom dripping from its teeth and the Norse instantly knew it was the Midgard Serpent, Jormungandr, with an eye as big as a football pitch. They followed a drop of venom down into the abyss and saw the most beautiful man ever, tied to a rock by entrails reaching out with one hand with a band on his one of his fingers. The Norse knew that it was Baldur with Eric muttering “Why has he suffered Loki’s fate.” Corvin took aim and noticed that Baldur appeared very close and very far away at the same time. They saw the drop of venom hit Baldur’s face and it instantly regenerated.


As the Scions were taking this a large ship pulled up into the gap of the bridge and it was crewed by the dead and made of fingernails. The crew on board parted to either side so a pathway was made between the two sides of the bridge. Haskuldr started to step forward saying “Another Scion of Tyr to add to the masses.” Eric started taking steps forward taking the spear in his hand making ready to throw it. Antony turned to Aggro and asked if this was one of those duelling situations and Aggro responded with “Fuck NO” and took out his 3wood preparing himself.