December 14th 2008

The Scions are standing in Hel with Eric having taking the first couple of the steps onto the ship of fingernails. Aggro, Antony and Corvin are standing on the platform with Corvin taking aim at the ring on Baldur’s finger. Eric hefts the spear that he had made getting ready to throw it and gives a speech dedicating the battle to his father and uplifting everyone’s spirits at the same time and throws the spear into the air. Eric waits for the right moment and goes for Dyri hoping that his first blow will land at the same time as the spear hitting the deck of the ship. During the speech the other Scions prepare for the fight. Aggro assesses Dyri founding out that Dyri is stronger, faster and more resilient than himself and that Dyri is a much better fighter than him, he also finds out that Dyri has one weakness that is a wedding band. Aggro armours himself coating himself in a thin metallic sheen and a layer or rock dust as well. Antony stepped onto the boat behind Eric and managed not to be held in place as the deck turned into claws and tried to grab him.

Dyri proves too quick for Eric and manages to land the first blows hitting Eric twice but he was unable to harm Eric. Eric takes his first swing but finds something was interfering with his blow and Dyri manages to deflect the blow at the last minute. Corvin curses Dyri bringing him bad luck. Dyri then lashes out again hitting Eric and Corvin at the same time even tough they were several feet apart. Both the Scions come out unscathed from the attack. Eric lashes out again at Dyri getting right into his face to strike the blow but Dyri was able to deflect the blow. Corvin take aim at the Ring on Baldur’s finger and waits to fire his first shot. Aggro shouts at everyone that the ring is Dyri’s weakness and that it has to be destroyed, he throws his golf club at Dyri but it goes wide. Antony tries to attack Dyri but his lunge is well off the mark. Dyri strikes out again attacking Eric twice with his blade but Eric takes very little damage from the blow using his divinity to lessen the damage and shows no visible signs of damage.

Corvin takes his first shot at the ring but watches as his bolt travels through the air and then suddenly corkscrews back on itself and then explodes without going near the ring. Dyri head butts Eric finding the Scion of Tyr too close for comfort. The blow lands with tremendous force and Eric flinches slightly but shows no sign of outwards injury. Eric tired to bring the sword he was using up into Dyri’s chin but Dyri was able to deflect the blow at the last minute. Aggro decided to pull Eric and Antony out of the fight quickly and grabs the two of them without them causing a fuss about being taken out and flies out over the boat heading towards Baldur. Corvin leaps over the edge and flies underneath the boat and takes aim at the ring once again. Dyri finds that the Scions are out of range for him to strike with his sword and he plans his next move.

Aggro flies towards Baldur and dodges the large drop of venom and fell from the Jormangdr mouth. The Scions hear the sound of running feet from the ship and see Dyri swan dive towards the stalagmite that Baldur is pinned to. Aggro sees his chance and meditates to empower himself with the strength of the ram and prepares to take aim at Dyri. Corvin fires a shot off at the ring and see his bolt impact on the ring flattening against it, but he hammers the ring down further onto the finger. Aggro tells Eric and Antony to hold on and throws his 3wood at Dyri catching him off guard and sending him flying into the abyss. Corvin lines up another shot at the ring and waits to fire again at the ring. His next shot impacts on the ring taking a small chip out of it and pushes the ring further down on the finger so it is pressed against the knuckle.

Aggro makes it to the stalagmite with the other two Scions and Eric manages to get a foothold on the spire. Antony tries to create a handhold for himself put was unable to do so and holds onto Aggro. Corvin aims at the ring again lining up another shot. All the Scions apart from Antony hear in the distance a sword being slammed into stone and someone climbing up. Corvin gets off another shot as it hammers into the ring creating a large crack in the ring. The sound gets closer and Aggro decides to try and pull the ring off Baldur’s finger finding it much heavier than it appeared. Eric hears something clicking into place in the bear skull and takes hold of Aggro again. Antony holds on to Aggro as tightly as he can and he knocked into Baldur as well as Eric. Eric feels much better as all his wounds are healed, the same happens with Aggro and Antony.

Suddenly Dyri reappears and lashes out at Corvin disarming him from afar and Corvin’s gun lands in the entrails holding Baldur to the rock. Eric interposes himself between Aggro and Dyri to try and prevent Aggro being targeted by Dyri. Dyri lashes out at Eric and Corvin injuring the two of them in the process Eric being almost crippled again but showed no signs of being injured. Eric attacks Corvin again but the blow glances off Dyri’s armour. Aggro manages to get the ring off and quickly grabs Eric and flies off back towards the boat. Corvin heads back towards the boat as well. Dyri jumped onto Aggro’s back and brings his arms round to crush Aggro. Antony punches Dyri and manages to knock him out using his divine power to inflict pain. Dyri slides off Aggro’s back and Eric quickly grabs him to prevent him falling into the Abyss.

The Scions manage to get back to the platform and everyone is placed down onto the floor. Eric stabilises Dyri wounds as Dyri was possessing Haskuldr’s body. Eric started to get a really intense headache and was starting to feel out of sorts. Corvin shattered the ring and Haskuldr’s body shuddered. Corvin consulted his crystal and asked several questions asking if the person on the spire was Baldur and got a yes. He asked why he had been put there and if it was his father’s will that it be so. He got the answers that it was his father’s official will and he had been but there because of he had been found guilty of a crime. Corvin then asked how they could completely sever the link of Haskuldr and the mask and go the answer to kill Haskuldr.

Corvin suggested that they kill Haskuldr there and then and Eric stood in between them saying that they would not be killing him as they were in Hel and he had made an oath to protect his men. Corvin tried to convince Eric that this was the best solution to the problem and Eric would not accept it and said he wouldn’t condemn his man to Hel and even said not to mention the situation with Bronwyn. Eric’s fingers suddenly turned into bear claws and his canines extended which was surprising to the other Scions. The Scions then came to the conclusion that they should deal with it later and agreed on freeing Baldur from his bonds.

Aggro flew Eric and Antony over and placed them on different bonds and they started to cut away at them and Eric was holding onto Haskuldr’s body. Corvin flew over and started to shot at the bond he was working on. Aggro worked on one of the bonds near the head. Antony and Corvin noticed that once the Scions had broken then bonds that there was a glow out in the distance but couldn’t make it out. The Scions found out that not only was Baldur bound to the rock with entrails but also had been pinned to the rock as well as several spikes were dug into his skin. Eric and Aggro started to take Baldur’s Arms and Legs off the spikes and Corvin could make out what the glow was. He could see that it was the Goddess Frigg being drawn in her chariot made of wheat by two horses. Antony realising he wasn’t strong enough and saw Eric and Aggro having no problems unpinning Baldur decided to try and cure him of the Poison that he had been infected with realising it was the most foul substance he had encounter in his life. After removing some of the Poison Baldur started to glow.

Just as Corvin had made out Frigg and only Baldur’s torso had to be unpinned from the rock the Scions could see the walls around them illuminated by Baldur’s glow. The walls were made of hundreds and thousands of bodies wailing in dismay. The floor underneath them was made of a river of swords. One of the bodies in the wall let out a scream and the others followed and then suddenly the swords started to move and Hel was slowly raising herself out of the river. Frigg and Hel reached the Scions at roughly the same time and Aggro and Antony had shaped the last of the spikes away from Baldur’ flesh.

Hel asked the Scions what was the reason for their trespass and Frigg said that the Scions were under her protection. Then suddenly Hel face changed to half bone and half flesh. The Flesh half said that the Scion’s actions had quickened Ragnarok while the Bone half said saved the World. Hel said she wouldn’t let the Scions leave and suddenly an axe materialised in Frigg’s hand and she suddenly lunged at Hel and the two of the fought while the Scions made their escape, as Frigg had told them to use her chariot to get away. The Scions placed Baldur on the chariot and it extended so he fit into it. Corvin took the reigns of the horse and Aggro summoned Asbo and flew underneath the chariot.

The Scions managed to get a fair distance away from the fight behind them and all could hear manic laughter followed by sobbing and then laughter again. As the Scions pulled further away the darkness started to close in around them and becoming very oppressive. Corvin started to sing to lift up the spirits of everyone and speed up their travel through the darkness. The horses picked up speed and Aggro was left behind, Corvin noticed that Aggro wasn’t on the chariot and slowed down until Aggro caught up with them. Aggro got into the chariot with Asbo and started to play music to uplift everyone’s spirits and he felt a presence on him and it whispered inside his head saying that it liked the music. Aggro then changed the music so it instilled fear in everyone and the creature lashed out at him. Eric saw the creature and went to strike it. His blow passed through the creature and connected with Aggro. The creature disappeared and Eric thought he had dealt with the problem, but the creature was still on Aggro’s back. Antony used his magic to see the strands of fate and was able to detect the creature sitting on Aggro’s back but was unable to do anything about it and then suddenly the Scions could see a rainbow in the distance and could see the end in sight.

The Scions emerged into a brightly lit area and could see the rainbow in front of them. The rainbow split in two and to the left it was only 3 colours with a man looking at a PDA and holding a large sledgehammer and on the right the rainbow had 7 colours with Bronwyn standing on it. Antony could see a very large and strong fate strand connecting Eric and Bronwyn together wrapped round their hearts. It was pitted and corroded and pulsed a fearsome red every so often. He also saw a small fate strand made of forged steel connecting Bronwyn to Corvin. The man which was recognised by the majority of the Scions as Heimdal had them stop the chariot and said to them to pass and he would say that he saw nothing and he said it the sky opened up beneath the 7 coloured rainbow and it was looking down on Kiev. Corvin directed the chariot down and as they neared Bronwyn held her sword out over the edge and was about to let it drop on Eric but Heimdal stopped her.

The scions found themselves above Kiev and Corvin directed the chariot down into the abandoned stadium. Antony had his phone automatically up date the time and date and found that eight days had passed since the Scions had ventured down into the tunnels; Antony also took a grain of the chariot as a sample for future study. Corvin landed the chariot and everyone alighted and Antony went to tend to Baldur trying to remove more of the poison in the God’s system. As he done that Baldur started to reduce down in size from being a 20 yard tall man slowly. Aggro said that he was hungry and suggested that they get pizza. Corvin took everyone’s order and placed it with the pizza place so it would be delivered. Eric lay down on the concrete floor waiting for time to pass feeling very tired.

By the time the pizzas had arrived Baldur had become a 7ft tall man and the large wound on his face had healed up not leaving a mark. He then sat up and got given pizza by the Scions and they started to ask questions why he was down in Hel? Who put him there? What crime had he committed? As well as several questions about Haskuldr and Dyri but was confused as Eric kept on using the name for different people when he explained that they were the same person. Baldur said that he could keep Haskuldr in his current state indefinitely until the Scions had dealt with the other masks and the Scions agreed to help Baldur try and clear his name.

Corvin took the saint skulls off the other Scions to return them to the monastery. On arrival he found that the Metropolitan had been taking ill and that the tunnels had been closed off due to subsidence. Corvin said that he knew someone who might be able to heal the Metropolitan. Corvin handed over the skulls and was thanked by the monk. On the way back to his hotel Corvin saw on the TV Antony’s face and a story about several girls who believed he was the perfect man and the girls were all 16 and had meet him in a nightclub. Corvin phoned Antony asking what the hell was going on about the girl as well as asking him to look in on the Metropolitan and see if he was able to do anything to help him. Antony agreed that he would look in on him and Corvin warned him to watch how Eric reacted to the news.

Antony set off trying to hide his face as best as he could while walking through the streets of Kiev. He arrived at the monastery and was ushered in by one of the monks. He was able to access the health of the Metropolitan establishing that he was suffering from a wasting disease that was affecting his internal organs severely. Three people then came out and one of them looked like a relative of the Metropolitan and started asking Antony where he practised and if they could see his medical license. Antony was unable to produce a medical license as he didn’t have one and so he decided to try and scare the people away by becoming a hideous monster. The three people instead of running stood their ground and locked their gaze with Antony and one of them brought out a cross demanding that he leave believing that he was a demon. Antony left the monastery without causing a fuss and told Corvin that I had not gone well. He returned to his hotel room and went to sleep.

Aggro and Eric returned to their hotel rooms having discussed with Corvin what time they would meet him tomorrow so they could talk to the duke and they arranged to talk to Antony after they had conducted business. Aggro went straight to bed needing a good nights rest. Eric quickly wrote a note addressed to Bronwyn and left it lying under his baton and went to sleep.

The next day the Scions all woke up. Eric found that the note he had left from the night had disappeared and there was a smell of scorched metal in the air. Antony had not changed his appearance back and was still looking like a drowned corpse with blood coming from its eyes. Aggro, Corvin and Eric met up for breakfast in a café and saw on the morning news about Antony. Eric stared at the TV in disbelief. Aggro wonder what was going on and Corvin relayed to him that Antony had taken several 16 year old girls into the back of a nightclub most likely to do what happens in those places. The Scions finished breakfast and went to a park to contact the duke.

The Scions got to the park and Corvin curled up the finger he had been given and the duke appeared. He led them over to a tree and opened it up revealing a staircase. Eric went down first, followed by Aggro and then Corvin. They got down to find it opened up into a spacious room and the duke spoke to them saying that only one person at a time may see the exhibits and they were not to go beyond the roped off areas. The Scions were unsure who would go first and Eric suggested they rock, paper, scissors it to see and then Corvin said he would go first. Before Corvin went down to the exhibit room he asked the duke if he had any information about what had happened to Baldur. The duke responded that he might be able to dig up some information but they would have to do him a service which would be to tell someone that they still needed to pay their debt off to the duke. The Scions thought it would be a fair exchange and agreed.

Corvin went down a second set of stairs that appeared and was taken into a room where a set o wind chimes were hanging and the duke informed him that this was his gift. Corvin accepted the gift and went back up the stairs.

Eric and Aggro did rock, paper, scissors and Aggro won the game and went down second. Aggro went down into the room and there was a football size snow globe. Aggro asked the duke what it did and was informed that it would allow Aggro to hear the thoughts of London now and in the past. Aggro picked up the snow globe and it shrunk down to a normal size. Aggro then decided to shake the snow globe and could see people being tossed about inside as well as cars and noticed several ambulances racing about inside. Aggro then looked at the snow globe and thought back to what it was like 5 minutes before he shook it and the city appeared normal inside. He then focused on a man walking down the street and was able to hear the man’s thoughts inside his head. Aggro then turned to the duke saying he liked the gift and asked what had happened to Eoin. The duke informed him that Eoin had killed himself and had sacrificed himself to the Worm. Aggro then returned upstairs.

Eric went down last and when he arrived in the room there was a clay bottle that had a stopper in it. The bottle was roughly made and the thumbprints were still visible on the surface. On it he noticed a plaque that said Water of Lethe. Eric turned to the duke and asked him what it did and was unsure if he could accept the gift. The duke turned to Eric and said he was unable to remember it had completely slipped his mind. As Eric talked to the duke more, the duke became more incoherent and Eric remembered something he had read about the water of Lethe being what the ghosts in Hades drank before they forgot everything. Eric took the bottle with him and thanked the duke unsure of what to do with the gift he had been given.

Eric arrived back upstairs with the duke and Corvin asked the duke what the wind chimes did. The duke informed Corvin that they would help focus his mind. The Scions got the information off the duke about where the person they were paying a visit to was living and left the tree. Eric suggested that they drop off what they didn’t need before going to speak to Antony mainly because he wanted to put the bottle away and out of sight.

Antony was waiting in his hotel room having room service delivered to his room so people wouldn’t see his hideous face. There was a knock at the door and Antony answered it and found that it was the duke paying him a visit. The two of them had a brief chat in which the duke informed Antony to help the other Scions with a request he had given them, and Antony agreed and with that the duke left.

The three Scions went to Antony’s hotel room to talk to him about his situation with the girls. They asked Antony what he had done and he informed them that he took the girls to the backroom of the night club where he fed them a large amount of vodka mixed with his blood and theirs. The other Scions were a bit horrified at what he was telling them. Aggro then asked why he had taken several underage girls to the back of the nightclub and Antony responded with that the girls had said they were legal. Aggro suggested in future that Antony stick to people no younger than 5 years Antony’s age and they Antony put his foot in his mouth by saying that he didn’t really have a choice he had urges and that he tried to keep it legal. With that Aggro and Corvin walked out of the room not wanting to talk to Antony. Eric was left sitting there feeling annoyed with what he had heard and tried to hear Antony out. Eric explained to Antony that if he gave into his compulsions Antony would not be sitting where he was and if he was like his father Antony would not have gotten the chance to explain himself. Eric listened to Antony and informed him that in the future he should stick to people at least 5 years over the legal age and not act in a fashion. Eric also found out that Antony had no idea how the real world worked as he had never been into a night club before in his life. Eric said that he would need to talk to Aggro and Corvin before they could talk anymore on the matter as the three of them were a team. Eric left Antony’s rooms and went looking for the other two. As he was phoning them a man came out of his room and fell flat on his face. Eric quickly rushed back to Antony’s room and had him check the man out. Antony informed Eric the man was still alive but was suffering from a disease. Antony noticed something strange with the plants and showed Eric using long words to explain the symbol and Eric asked for shorter words. Eric then rushed off to go and meet up with Aggro and Corvin and asked Antony to look after the man.

Aggro and Corvin went downstairs to the bar and needed to blow off some steam. They noticed several people slumped over theirs chairs and that the bar man was sweating profusely. As the two of them were taking this in they heard a car crash from outside and noticed a very large number of people collapsed on the ground. Corvin received a phone call from Eric and they informed him of what was happening downstairs, and then an explosion went off coming from the North East of the city which all the Scions heard. Aggro and Corvin went back upstairs and meet Eric on the stairwell at a set of elevator doors. The doors opened and all the passengers fell out on to the floor. The Scions moved the people away so the doors didn’t close on them and heard several more car crashes coming from outside.

Aggro looked outside and saw a helicopter spiralling out of control and flew off to stop it from crashing. Aggro decided to try and get to the airport to stop them letting helicopters take off. As Aggro was heading to the airport he noticed a car reach the out skirts of Kiev and then suddenly disappeared. Aggro followed the car and he found himself coming back in at the East side of Kiev with the car in front of him. He saw the driver fall out of the car onto the street. He approached the man and was shocked to find the driver get back up and lunge at him. Aggro took off and informed Corvin that he had went out the west of the city and had come back in at the east. Aggro went as high as he could into the air and looked down to see the city of Kiev and a blank landscape surrounding the city. Aggro went back to where they had left Baldur and he informed him of what was happening and Baldur said the worm must be striking before the Irish get to it.

In the hotel Antony is attacked by the person he was watching but the shambling body was unable to grab him. Corvin and Eric were attacked by the people they had been moving. They went back up the stairs to Antony’s room and they asked if the people were still alive. Antony informed them that the people were still alive so the Scions did not strike back.

Corvin quickly dashed into an empty room and held up the wind chimes and had a vision. He saw Kiev from on high again and saw in the centre the Metropolitan holding hands with the woman that they he had saved from the forest holding hands and slowly withering. He saw the forest and the briefest flash of sunlight before it was quickly snuffed out. He saw the people in the streets form into a symbol that he didn't recognise and then looked up at the horizon and saw several gigantic worms rising up out of the Earth.