Combat Cheat Sheet


Aim (3/-1): Plus three dice to attack. Six with trick shooter.

Attack (Var./-1): Attack.

Coordinate Assault (5/-2): Roll (Charisma+Command). Each success allows you to coordinate two people, including yourself against a single enemy. For all attacks in the coordinated assault the enemy suffers a DV penalty equal to the attackers taking part or the successes on the original activation roll, whichever is lower. To benefit from a coordinated assault a person designated must attack the enemy on the coordinating character’s next action. The coordinating character need not designate himself to attack.

Multiple Attacks A (Highest Used/ -2): To attack two targets at one time - Roll the lesser of the two weapon dice pools at a -4 die penalty

Multiple Attacks B (Highest Used/2): To attack one target twice. As above, but can reduce the targets DV against both attacks by one, or one attack by two..

Dash(3/-2): Move (Dex+6) yards per tick until next action.

Guard (3/-0): Guard

Inactive (5/Special): Incapable of taking action. DV 0.

Miscellaneous Action (5/Varies): Any other action, including Boons.

Move (0/-0): Run at (Dex) yards per tick. Reflexive - can be combined with another action and performed on any tick.