Tsunenaga Brunet , Scion of Izanami

Light fades to darkness,
As do all things in the end,

“Tsunenaga Brunet (26). 5'7'', medium length dark hair, green eyes. Tsunenaga is considered something of an idol in japan, having scored his first modelling contract in early 2006. Appearing from almost nowhere, he burst into the japanese fashion scene causing sensation. By August that year he was holding contracts with three major fashion houses, engaged in voice acting and even live shows. Today he is rarely seen in Japan, jet-setting around the world. Although not well known abroad, he is rumoured to be the source of a well known blog, followed by large numbers of the japanese youth, that provides a dramatic, if somewhat strange view on international events, under the username of….”

The dark fades in turn,
Light is arisen once more,
And all things in time.

“That creature….the rotted flesh hangs off it in strips, the hollow eyes staring at me from above a rictus grin. It is a horrific creature, a monster and it has come for me. Come for my soul. It appeared as if from nowhere, moving blindingly fast. Too fast, how can something that … rotten move so fucking fast? By now there should have been alarms, calls for help gunshots, anything… anything but the deathly silence and this monster breathing down my neck. Gods, the stench! I thought I would have been safe here in this miserable country, with its miserable manners and miserable weather. Just one contract, thats all it was. Should have been so simple. So what if the client was a bit unusual… traditional. So what if… damn! The money was good. Thats all that should have mattered right. Pay the right money to the right people… oh god I don't want to die…I don't want to die, should have been safe….”

Death from creation,
Beauty is turned by the grave,
As the seasons change.

Little of Tsunenaga Brunet's early life is known. It is certain that he was conceived and born in Yomi, the Japanese underworld. After all, his mother… Fathered by Jose Brunet, French military attaché and honorary samurai, born to Izanami, goddess of death. Tsunenaga was named for the closest friend of Jose, and the last of the true samurai. It is assumed that he roamed Yomi, by no means a safe place, during his childhood. Some of the skills, knowledge and abilities that he has later displayed suggest that he certainly spent some time there, and was by no means alone…
We where able to discover him during his teen years, through the machinations of fate. Tsunenaga is very heavily entwined with fate; the fate of his country, his people, and even we divine children, to some degree are bound to some trap that fate has laid for him. It is for this reason that I, and others considerably more powerful and influential than lowly I, decided to remove him from beyond his mother's reach, for now. It has been decided to allow him time to build up his resources and influence here in Tokyo, and then to send him abroad, where he can do little harm to us. To this end, the kami Uzume was set to watch over him. She, of everyone, should be able to keep him out of too much trouble for the time being. Besides, she always has had a soft spot for the pretty ones…