I mentioned Bronwyn in the short summary that I wrote at the start of this diary and she needs much more a mention rather than a short paragraph. I will bleed my heart out of these next few pages about her. The first things you readers must know when I write this entry is that no matter what I write and how it may sounds I always loved Bronwyn with all my heart and regret every time I hurt her because I was hurting myself as well. I don’t tell my fellow Scions how I feel about her and I doubt I ever could.

Bronwyn was such an attractive woman. Shoulder length raven black hair, full red lips and an athletic body that would make every woman jealous. There was the occasion when she was out of her power suit and donned what is called her “battle armour” and it didn’t leave much to the imagination. Her hair changed to a wonderful platinum blonde, which wasn’t dyed it was natural and it shone like the sun and I thought she was more beautiful with her natural hair colour.

When I first met Bronwyn I can’t explain what I thought or felt. I had girlfriends in the past but I never seemed to clicked with any of them something was missing but when I met Bronwyn I just knew something said this is the one, this is who I am meant to be with. When I met her she was in a white office and I mean flawlessly white no imperfection what so ever. She was there with Sif and as I said Sif makes attractive woman look ugly by comparison, a small girl who was Hermes and Geb and my eyes were drawn to Bronwyn.

There was the party that night and I went along with Haskuldr and my men and Haskuldr was taken away by Sif when we knocked on the door and the others were uncomfortable as they were surrounded by woman. I was taken aside by Bronwyn and was introduced to each of her sisters which was a daunting experience but I got to spend time with Bronwyn and was made breakfast in the morning, we had talked until the sun rose and everyone had left.

Then I went away for a bit into the memory of what was to become Egypt and I came back to find London covered in snow and we had a fight against a giant but Bronwyn was there in her “battle armour” and with her wonderful blonde hair thinking about it still makes my heart race. We had defeated the giant and I was left on the roof with Bronwyn and offered her my coat but she refused and she disappeared as I had to go to a meeting.

The next time we spent any time by ourselves was before the assault on Washington and I told the new recruits about my divine heritage and had Bronwyn bless them before they went into battle. That was the first time we kissed it was a spur of the moment but it felt right and even though she went into it first and then pushed me away and ripped down the wall of my office to leave I still remember that moment. I understood why she pushed me away at that moment she was scared and I didn’t know why but was educated later on read the Legend of Sigurd if you want more information and you will understand why she didn’t want me getting that close to her.

We spent months being hot and cold to one another and we loved each other with all our hearts and fate had already entwined us as I was told so many times by people that we had a strand of fate wrapped round each of our hearts that was a brilliant glowing gold. But then there was that one day when Ravencroft had died and we consummated our love as some people would put it but others would say sex I would call it what it was sex and she didn’t want to lose me knowing that Ravencroft had just been killed and that I could die at anytime.

We only had a few days together at that blissful happy stage and then fate decided to come and deal a harsh blow to us. It was at Ravencroft’s funeral and just as we had finished the ceremony Garm appeared, Garm is mentioned elsewhere in this diary so you can read about him, and he brought down Hildr, one of Bronwyn’s sister, and Bronwyn with one clean swipe. I tried to stop Bronwyn bleeding to death but was fighting a losing battle and then Hel decided to make me an offer which would be to pay her back a small favour at anytime she wanted and she would stop Bronwyn from dying. I made a bad choice but Hel was not giving me any information or bargaining and I hate the fact that the Gods believe that they should have our respect for no reason but that is another entry. I decided to let Bronwyn die knowing that it would be a way to escape the Legend of Sigurd and cause her much less pain in the long run but Corvin decided to save Bronwyn and I told her the truth I wasn’t going to lie to her that I decided to let her die and then it has gone downhill from then.

Bronwyn packed up her entire operation in the World and wouldn’t talk to me at all and I can’t blame her as I had left her to die. I have seen her once since that day and she was not happy to see me. She was going to drop her sword on me but was stopped by Heimdall and I believe I deserve it. I have declared my love for Bronwyn and after she tried to drop her sword and I wrote a letter to her saying that my life was hers to do with as she saw fit I believed that is the least that I could offer her.

I made the wrong choice that day and I am paying for it now but I can live in hope that it is going to work out some day. I really do love that her and should have changed by answer that day.

It seems that I have been forgiven for my actions that day. Bronwyn has come back to me and it seems that I have been forgiven. We have spent a few nights together and she even told me that she had tried to write letters back to me but her sister who became my guide in her absence destroyed them. When I get time we have agreed to go out on an actual date.