Breaking Point

That’s it. I’ve had enough of the Gods. I’ve accepted everything they have thrown at me grudgingly even though it wasn’t my god I put a smile on my face and they told me what they thought my place was, but you eventually reach breaking point and that is where I am now with those bastards that sit up in their halls or on their mountain. They only see us, their children, as tools, a means to an end in some cases. I guess the Gods just expect us to accept our lot in life and do as we are told and not ask questions ‘cause they never give answers. That is the problem; they don’t believe they have to tell you anything or that there needs are much greater than our own.

I mean first it was Sif. I was not nearly as strong at the moment as I was now but I made a promise to Haskuldr. Sif was using him for sex and killing him during it and I made a promise that I would not let her do it. It was a party in New Orleans that she came to and tried to take Haskuldr away and I tried to stand my ground. But I guess she didn’t want to be denied her fun and it was only with the intervention of my father was I able to keep my word.

Next it was the gathering of the Gods. Sif, Geb and Hermes wanted me to go to a memory of Egypt to take care of a Titan spawn. That was the second time as my hand was forced. It may not seem like when you read the entry but I didn’t have a choice if I had said no they would have found a way to make me go anyway best to put a smile on your face and make it appear as if you are acting the good boy.

Then there is Odin. That one-eyed bastard cares nothing for his Scions and even less of those that aren’t. He threw away parts of himself that he didn’t want and left them on Earth to their own devices. They severed the Axis Mundi leaving those Scions on Earth to fix it and the Loa to re-establish the links. But that wasn’t the main concern for myself, it was the fact that Odin’s Masks interfered with my men. It took over one and butchered the rest scattering their pieces to the four winds. I confronted him about it but he didn’t care and in the end it didn’t concern him that they had severed the Axis Mundi and that my men had been incapacitated. In the end I had to make a deal with the Norns and sacrifice a part of myself to get them. I had to sacrifice my hand to get back my men my own hand and that one-eyed bastard sitting on this throne in his hall did nothing and had to lose nothing.

All of these things have already been written down but this is so people gain perspective of what I have had to go through in a few months even though the dates don’t match and it seems like years instead. And with all that has happened in the past the final weeks has finally gotten to me.

The Greeks and their damn civil war has most likely weakened them. When we are meant to be fighting a war against the Titans they fight amongst themselves rather than trying to defend the world.

Now the Egyptians have decided that the best course of action now would be to stop their fighting against the Titans and instead have entered into a suicide pack. They are letting Osiris butcher so they can be reborn. They are not thinking of the consequences of their actions they just believe it is the right thing to do.

The final straw was finding out that my Father does not tell me something even when I am involved in what is happening or when it concerns me. I want to shout and scream I want answers I want reasons. My Father and I have never really spoken before the last time we talked I knew he wouldn’t leave the Aesir he had given his word even though the rest of them have never kept a promise in their existence.

I have been told by Aggro that summoning my Father will cause the other Gods to play their hands. We are fighting a war against the Titans the Gods should not be fighting amongst each other. I can’t tell the other how I feel. Damien hasn’t been with us long and I doubt he has been through the same experiences that I have. I can’t tell Aggro either just now. Later I can tell him about my feelings on this but now I need to find answers from my Father.