Lillian Bell, Scion?

The daughter of famed radio DJ Art Bell, famous for his paranormal Coast to Coast FM broadcasts, Lillian claimed she knew nothing of any divine heritage, and believed herself the result of radiation induced mutation. Nonetheless she displayed distinctly Scion like abilities, including the ability to shape earth, and other powers apparently channelled through an old radio mic. Ostensibly a spy in Luther Aurelius' Mirage, Bell was briefly befriended by the Scions, particularly Autumn, when she apparently rescued her from an encounter with Aurelius. Subsequently, they helped Bell by laying to rest the troublesome spirits of The Harkness House, and ventured deep into the artesian caverns beneath Las Vegas in order to slay Ticutta, ostensibly in a bid to protect the kidnapped Janie from being sacrificed to the beast. When the Scions proved reluctant to kill the creature, Bell grew agitated and blew her cover, virtually exposing herself as an agent of Aurelius and by extension, Surt. Despite trying to flee by sinking into the earth, the traitorous woman was caught and beheaded by Daniel Blake. She is quite emphatically deceased.