August 5th, 2007

Session 10, in which:

Their work done Theodore and Arnborg returned from the crash site to New Orleans. On the journey back, Daniel called Lucien and asked for his help in cleansing the maggot-ridden Emily of the curse upon her.

  • Autumn met her father in the guise of a tramp and escorted him back to her room, where he promptly emptied the minibar. He demanded the bracelet back. He ordered Autumn to get something in return for her verdict from the Aesir. Somewhat cryptically he stated "There aren't many centuries left, hard to keep tabs."
  • Autumn headed back to Annie's where they painted together. The picture Autumn paints is stick figures but Annie frowns and adds a halo above the head and a large breasted woman behind the figure, a maelstrom of fire above her and a wall of stars below her linked by silver threads. Annie then smudged out the stars with her thumb. Annie then told Autumn that she must learn to write her own name.
  • Scarab attacks Fizz, the kitten, Autumn persuades Annie to let her borrow the bracelet for a few days. Autumn then receives a very staticy and garbled phone call. As soon as "…agons" are mentioned she realises it must be one of her long lost friends - Moonstation Gamma.

Theodore and Daniel tracked Emily to the park by the tennis courts and persuaded her that they can help her. Together they travelled to a car-lot on the outskirts of New Orleans where Theodore began to bless the ground and the walls to protect the site from evil spirits. Daniel arranged bright lamps to keep the shadow-loving old woman out of the area. Finally, as Theodore arranged for Phil, Paul and Luke to be in the area, Lucien started the cleansing ritual. As time passed, Theodore saw some of the rat beasts sniffing at the fence to the car-lot. Autumn sent Scarab to chase them off, but they were far stronger than they appeared. Scarab was wounded, and Autumn tried to chase them off as she rescued her dog. But, like Scarab, Autumn stepped outside the fence, and the two spectres that had been lurking there out of sight attacked her, cutting her flesh with their claws. The two spectres and five maggot children attack. The spirits are repulsed by the warding on the fence. Daniel sends one of the maggot children home and then bats another back over the fence, sends another flying into a car and proceeded to club the other two senseless. As Daniel fought outside, Autumn tended to Scarab inside. But the old woman appeared in the shadows of the room and as Autumn tried to fend her off with one of the lights, the bulb shatters. Briefly confused by the sudden dimmed lighting, Autumn was unprepared for the old woman’s hideous visage as she lifted her lace veil off. Autumn fled, tearing through the fence that had been keeping the spirits out. With the collapse of the warding, the spectres began to enter the car-lot and attack Lucien whilst he tried to finish his ritual cleansing. A zombie erupted up from the floor of the car-lot and grabbed Emily. Theodore’s rum did nothing to slow it, but Daniel’s sword swung hard and sliced an arm off. The zombie dropped Emily, but Lucien was unable to complete the ritual as the spectres ripped at him with their claws. The backup arrived just in time as Phil, Luke and Paul burst in on the fight. Coordinating with Theodore, they attacked the old woman, with Theodore delivering the killing blow – a bullet to her head. All the possessions her corpse bears are a bell bracelet and a needle and thread. Lightening strikes and nine "children" eat Michiko then zap back up taking the bracelet with them. Theodore picked up where Lucien left off and was able to complete the ritual to cleanse Emily of the maggots. The obvious pain that the ritual was causing the girl prevented anyone from knowing if the ritual would succeed – until the last moment.

  • Gloria calls Autumn informing her of a maggot children attack in TJ. Says they have managed to kill them all. Autumn decides it is best not to tell Gloria that the maggot-ness is reversible.
  • Autumn calls back Moonstation Gamma and manages to get his email address. She asks Renji about the soapstone box he had given her and is informed that it contains a wasabi telephone.

Theodore returned to downtown New Orleans and started working his way through the cemeteries of the city, looking for spectres. He saw a listless spectre and managed to persuade it not to eat the other ghosts and attempted to inspire the ghosts to go and fight for Guinee. This tactic was met with little success though, as most of the ghosts that Theodore encountered were American – and unwilling to consider Vodou as a true religion. Their perceptions of their world was far different to that of the ghosts of Tijuana.

  • Autumn has a dream where she is trecking across a desert littered with weapons some from the past, some the present and others that she can only assume are from the future. She comes to a wall upon which sits Maatkare. Maatkare has dark dreadlocks entwined with gold filigree. The wall upon which she sits stretches to/beyond the stars. Is it all a test? Can only pass the test by letting someone through. In reference to the trial Maatkare states that it is not the place for a scion of Set to judge. "You wear my armour well. I wonder if that is why you were chosen?"

As Theodore wandered through New Orleans, he noticed that he was being followed. At first he tried to shake the man, but recognising quite quickly that he stood out in a crowd, he instead opted to stop and have some lunch. After eating, Theodore walked over to the man –Agent Nathaniel Strykes – and engaged him in conversation. Strykes aluded to the fact that the US government knew about the children of the gods –although how much was unclear. Theodore told Strykes that the war that was coming knew no national boundaries, and that the US would fail if it thought that it could defend itself with misguided or abandoned children. Neither saw the other’s point of view.

  • Daniel finds out about Paul and Luke being used for zombies.
  • Daniel files a report to Athena.

Theodore had a discussion with the Baron, in which the Baron told him to make sure he got a favour from the Aesir for his services in the judgement of Baldur.

  • Dinner with Arnborg. The chicken was delicious.

The three Scions headed into the Louisiana bayous with Lucien Arnborg to listen to the trial of Baldur. In the road they saw a golden hare being eaten by Jormungandlets.

  • Smell of burnt keratin.
  • Snakes eating innocent flesh. Her job to find out who killed the hare.
  • Raven claims dishonouring the corpse.
  • Sif lost her hair.
  • Theo throws the fingernail he found away. Silly man.
  • The Trial begins. Present at which is Heimdal, Loki, Hel,Odin, Thor, Tyr, Vidar.

• Sif stumbles in late.