August 3rd 2008

Hito receives a text from Theo saying leave Alcatraz now, and asks him what is going on. Hito is told there is an Atlantean God and it is pissed. Hito leaves the island by boat and sees bones slowly taking over the island and informs the FBI to suspend visits to the island. Hito then does research on the crime in San Francisco and see that there has been a large increase in street racing and breaking and entering. He sends off the Tengu to go and investigate the crimes while he makes preparations. The Tengu report back on the crime activity and say that the street racing isn’t taking place just now, and that the breaking and entering are targeting the musicians and have been replacing parts of all the equipment.

Ravencroft goes to a find genealogical record and does a full search for people of royal blood staying in San Francisco, and finds two women from the United States Emirates from the royal family and he informs Wile. Ravencroft then goes to buy a syringe and gets money out of an ATM and gets himself ready for a night out on the town.

Wile sees Autumn following him as he goes to do some research on the Mayor of San Francisco. Wile then goes to city hall with Autumn in tow. Wile manages to convince the secretary that he is able to see the mayor and she lets him through and Autumn waits in the lobby. A person in a biker helmet walks in and they convince the secretary that they have an appointment with the mayor and are let through. Autumn gets into the elevator with the person and see that they have a gun. Wile arrives on the 4th floor. Autumn get off at the 3rd floor and walks away from the elevator, and heads for the stairs to try and get to the 4th floor before the elevator. Autumn gets to the 4th floor and shouts at Wile that someone is coming up the stairs with a gun and just as she finishes the sentence the person steps out of the elevator, and she ducks round the corner. The person walks down the corridor and draws a line across the entrance where Autumn ducked into, Wile lets the person pass and they enter into the mayor’s office. A scream is heard coming from the mayor’s office and Autumn breaks the barrier that was blocking her way and rushes towards the office. Wile rushes into the mayor’s office and sees that the mayor has been shot twice in the chest; Wile is shot at but is unharmed. Autumn breaks through the wall and misses the person. Wile uses his Epic beauty to stop the assassin and Autumn ties the person up and Wile goes to tend to the mayor and stops him from dying. Autumn takes the gun away from the person and steals their wallet, she then lifts the visor of the helmet and Wile and her both look catch a glimpse of what is underneath and Wile’s eyebrow turns to stone. Wile then knocks out the person and they talk about the situation that has developed. They then contact Hito and tell him what has happened and he arranges to meet up with them, he informs them that an ambulance is on the way to pick up the mayor.

Ryu Hattori is busy training students at the dojo in San Francisco when he receives a knock at the door from one of the monks asking if he will attend the stall that the dojo will be setting up at the event in San Francisco and if he will give a demonstration. Ryu finishes his class and see each one of his students out the door but notices that one of the cars hasn’t left. He goes to investigate and finds that the student has been turned to stone and he manages to pick up a scent. He rushes back into the dojo and picks up his armour and sword and turns himself away from the world and takes on the aspect of the new moon and follows the scent trail which leads him to the mayor’s office. He sees on top of the building a medusa taking aim with a bow and arrow. He sneaks up behind the medusa and decapitates the thing in one stroke, after it had released an arrow. Hito arrives on the roof to see shadowy blackness coming out of the creature’s neck. Ryu appears behind Hito and they greet each other formally. Ryu and Hito then go back into the mayor’s office and is introduced to Autumn and Wile and Hito contacts Ravencroft and to get him to meet up him them.

Ravencroft is walking on the beach and see a medusa and charges after it. He closes in on it quickly and quickly closes his eyes after feeling a wash of something strange over him. Ravencroft then pulls a shadow over his face. He then lunges at the medusa and tries to cut its head off but only manages to injure it. Aggro is walking down the beach being dazzled by the sights of the big city and sees Ravencroft fighting with the medusa. Aggro throws a 3 wood at the creature killing it outright. Ravencroft brings the medusa back to life after talking with Aggro for a short time and Aggro knock its head clean off sending it into the bay. Shadows then start to come out the neck but burns away in the sun and Aggro launches the body miles out into the bay. Aggro meets HR on the beach and arranges to meet later on. Ravencroft receives his call from Hito and suggests to Aggro to come along to mayor’s office.

The “band” at the mayor’s office discuss plans and arrange to meet up later to try and deal with the medusa creatures. Wile suggests that they go to a condemned building as this is the place that they would be most likely operating from since they like dark places. Hito tells Aggro that someone has been messing with the music equipment of the bands, but doesn’t know for what purpose.

Hito goes off to find out from the police the security for the building as well as to arrange the evacuation of the homeless from the area. When he exits the police station he is approached by a Japanese-American girl and she tell him that several people are planning an expedition to the outlining areas of the mountain and see if Hito will be willing to go.

Ravencroft and Aggro head off to inspect his band’s equipment for the gig and Ryu said he would meet up with them in 20 minutes. On inspection of the amps and talking to them they find that the parts inside look brand new and in pristine condition, like they were right off the assembly line. Aggro then flies off to speak to HR if he has been augmenting the equipment but gets a no from him. Aggro then phones Hito telling him that HR has not been doing anything to the equipment. Aggro then decides it is best to replace his amps with new ones and goes to the nearest shop.

At the shop the woman tries her best to sell Aggro a particular amp but Aggro realises she is hiding something. Aggro then brings the conversation round to the amp and gets her to admit what is so special about it and she says “It will shatter the cords that will be made tomorrow.” The woman looks stunned and instantly calls out for Jeff and a man appears behind her. The man bursts Aggro’s eardrums and writes on a piece of paper leave and Aggro is compelled to. Aggro gets outside and starts to ascend into the air to a reasonable height and starts to drum on a ram’s skull. A 3 headed ram appears beside Aggro and then they make their descent heading straight for the roof of the shop and plough straight through it. They then start to smash up all the amps in the shop and the man starts to fight Aggro. The man tries to blow Aggro out the shop but fails, and in response Aggro tries to blow him out but only removes the man’s bandana revealing a third eye. The man fires a beam of light at Aggro which causes him great pain. Aggro then jumps at the man swinging his golf club at his head shouting “Fore” but fails to connect. The man then throws the ram at Aggro and in response Aggro throws his golf club removing half the man’s head in the process. Jeff then starts to glow with a brilliant, radiant light and then explodes. Aggro quickly flies off into the sea after the explosion to try and cool himself down, and then flies back to his hotel and lies in a bath of ice. HR comes to the hotel room and sees the state of Aggro and makes a phone call for Leila to come and fix Aggro. Leila arrives at the hotel and tends to Aggro’s wounds and starts to sway after fixing him.

Ravencroft drives to Oakland to purchase amps for Aggro after he had told them what had happened. On the way he uses his gift of prophecy to see what would happen over the next few nights and he received two visions. The first was of a pyramid of the Loa scions all standing on top of one another and a shower of snakes rained from the sky which burrowed into the flesh of the scions and slowly devoured them. The pyramid then turns to pure shadows which then explode outwards as bright white light takes its place. The second vision he see the pyramid of Loa scions again put as the rain of snakes starts a raven, a peacock and a lizard start to eat kill them and the scions at the top of the pyramids are the scions of Shango which start to crush the creatures in their hands, and then a pyramid of the Loa gods appears in the sky above them and the scions and the gods clasp hands.