August 31st 2008

Aggro, after taking Wile home, goes back to Hito’s apartment to pick up the stone ball filled with Wile’s shadow vomit. He notices 3 large burnt feathers are lying around the stone. He takes the stone back to Wile and leaves it there.

Corwin takes the children to the nearest hospital and then goes to party at the nearest rock club in North Beach.

Wile talks to Heamus about Greek Mythology before he heads off to sleep.

Eric prepares to leave for Washington having booked a flight for the next afternoon and prepares a terrorist report on Wile.

Then all the Scions drift off for a nice peaceful sleep after the hardest 8 hours any of them have had to face.

Aggro texts Eric a photo of himself telling him to meet him at a dinner for breakfast. Eric is compelled to go and met him and doesn’t text back assuming Aggro knows he is coming. Eric and Aggro talk for a long period of time about what each other believe and Aggro bluntly states he has found Eric to be the most unreliable. Eric is happy to talk to Aggro about the problems he has had with him and the two starts to gain a better understanding of each other and their moral view. The conversation ends with the two of them being light hearted and joking with each other. Aggro tells Eric to meet with him later for lunch as he will be meeting the others. The one point that came up in the conversation was the problem concerning Wile’s actions causing a problem between the two of them.

Corwin has a quiet breakfast since he doesn’t have to go and meet Aggro until lunchtime; he does research and finds that 10 years ago there was an accident involving two oil tankers colliding into each other in the bay of San Francisco.

Wile has his breakfast and then decides to go to the nearest hospital so he can offer his services to try and help the people that are suffering. He gets to the hospital and, masquerading as a doctor, is able to heal a few of the more severely hurt. He talks to them about Greek mythology and legend as he works, specificly about people who where magically healed, such as Theseus. Suddenly the flow of legend is cut off, and a nurse tells him that there are some gunshot victims outside. Wile sees that several people seem to have some form of divinity about them using his magic. He rushes outside, but can see that the gangmembers are unhurt, and that everyone present has some divinity now. Wile makes an excuse to dash down the alley, and managed to kick the gun out of reach as he leaves. Making a run for the back alley he takes cover behind a dumpster, while being attacked. Wile texts Corwin and Aggro to come to his aid, and waits until help arrives and manages to see that the woman that first approached him was the leader. As she walked past the dumpster Wile grabbed her and uses his divine powers to knock her out, and uses his personality to try and keep the others at bay using a modified version of a speech from blazing saddles using the woman as a puppet. One of them sprouted claws and canines.

Corwin arrives and sees Wile surrounded by 6 people and one of them with claws and fangs and texts Aggro that there are werewolves at the hospital. He tried to advance but was stopped by an invisible wall and Wile walked backwards hitting the same wall. Corwin shot the wall and sees Greek symbols radiate out of the bullet area, he shots again shattering the barrier and sees a symbol of Jupiter across the alley. Wile stopped talking and the werewolves all scrambled into an ambulance and drive off.

Aggro arrives to see the ambulance driving off and see the one with the claws and the fangs in the ambulance. Wile takes the woman back in and signs off as one of the other doctors committing the woman to the mental ward and Corwin hacks the computer system and gives the woman a report in the files. Corwin phones Aggro and says they have to meet earlier than they expected and says they should do brunch and Corwin passes the news on to Wile. Aggro phones Eric and tells him of the situation at the hospital and sees if he could have the police go over and investigate the hospital. He also tells Eric about the people with claws and fangs and Eric says they could be werewolves and there are easy to deal with. Aggro suggests that they could be vampires but Eric says that it is daylight so it can’t be vampires and Wile would mostly be dead if it was. Aggro tells him they are meeting for brunch and Eric sounds confused and asks what brunch is and Aggro explains.

Everyone meets at a restaurant as planned Eric is late as he had to phone several people. Eric phoned the police and had them send a car round to the hospital to look for anyone posing as hospital staff telling them that they should be considered extremely dangerous with possible link to a terrorist organisation and for them to liaise with the FBI on the matter. He then tried to phone Major Hill but had to leave a message saying that someone close to her had just died. He then phoned Bronwyn saying that he would be stopping by and she suggested that they go out for dinner.
He sees the report of a hurricane going to hit New Orleans and phones home to make sure that everything is going alright and if they require his assistance. He is told by Brody that everything is going fine and like clockwork and they should have everything in place soon to deal with it.

At the restaurant everyone sits down and starts to discuss the plan and what they are trying to accomplish and if they want to form a team and everyone agrees that they want to be a team since Aggro says he came here to find people that would need him. Aggro first point is that he has seen several Scions in one day and that a core of a band has to be set up which will allow other Scions to come and go and be able to work together easily. Aggro says that they knew little about each other and went round each person saying what he knew about them and called Corwin an Emo which Corwin argued that he was not but a Rocker. Eric said what little they knew about Aggro. Wile then threw a spanner in the works by saying that he would not work with Eric because of his actions in the death of the child and wanting a vow of Eric that he would do his best to not let innocents die.

Eric stood up before losing his temper and Aggro asked him to sit down which he did. Aggro, Corwin and Eric tried to convince Wile that what he was asking was too much and he shouldn’t be even asking such a thing. Eric said that if Wile was asking a vow off of him Eric was entitled to ask something of Wile but said since they were both at fault no one should be asking anything of anyone.

The Scions tried to tell Wile that what he was asking was too much and that since it was a war there could be no guarantee that such a thing could be upheld and that each of them would have to make the same oath and that was not beneficial to the point of working as a team. Agro suggested to Eric that he make an oath to his father and Eric said he would not make that oath. Wile then said that he would provisionally join the team but would leave if there was one more needless death. Eric asked him to say what a needless death was, while Aggro said that he was either a part of the team or not and Wile said he was not and left the restaurant.

The three remaining scions talked about the current situation and what plans they will have to make and they started to talk about themselves each in turn starting with Corwin. Corwin said what unique abilities he had as well in that he could see the dead and talk to them, he could also talk to animals, as well as computers quite well he said he had several ravens that spied for him and had a very large wolf that was a gift from his father. He said he was quite good at sneaking and not being discovered and was quite handy with a gun. He was asked about his short term goals and said that there was a guy that had to die, a Scion of Loki and that he betrayed the group he was with. He was asked about his long term goals and he replied that he wanted to learn and know everything. He said he preferred to fight from the back when in a fight.

The “spotlight” was turned on Aggro next he said how he had been an international rugby player back in England. He said about his abilities in that he could fly and was trying to gain more control over the wind, he said that fire was not a problem and he was able to shape the stone and metal as well. He said he was able to tell when people were lying to him. Aggro also said he had a ram from his father which was a large creature and had 3 heads as well. He also said that he was looking for a group to work with as very thing in London had fallen down around him and needed a bigger scope for a battlefield. He said he wanted success for his band that would be playing at the concert. Aggro said that he could fight from either the front of the back in a fight and his favourite weapon was his 3-wood golf club, he was able to throw anything as far as he could see.

The “spotlight” was then turned on Eric who told them about him being a police officer in New Orleans and was asked if he had any political leverage and he said he would be running for sheriff in the state of Louisiana, Aggro was surprised that position was elected rather than a promotion. Eric also said he had a small army of SWAT trained police officers back in New Orleans. He also said he had several Einherjar that followed him and Aggro once asked what they were and Eric said they were warriors and could be resurrected when they fell in battle. Eric said that they were a bit different since the youngest of them was 2 centuries old. Eric also said he had contacts in Washington which was a Valkyrie, Aggro asked what they were and Eric said warrior woman and choosers of the slain. Aggro asked if she was a challenge and Eric said it was complicated between the two of them and Aggro said he didn’t was to stand on anyone’s toes. Eric said that he was a very effective leader in combat and was able to uplift people’s spirits and make them braver in battle. He said he could also make maps of the area that automatically update themselves. He also said he was able to tell if someone one lying to him and able to make guilty people suffer their crimes in their sleep. Aggro asks if he is able to secure weapons and Eric says a little bit but not much but he can arrange private flights. Eric does mention that he knows a Dwarf as well how is quite handy at making weapons. Eric said he was most comfortable fighting in the thick of battle using the weapon his father had given him. Aggro asks Eric since Tyr was a judge and he was a police officers did he follow the law of the land or did he follow what was just and Eric replied in favour of the later.

The group then discussed what their next move was by deciding what was most important. Corwin said that they needed to investigate the bay as there was something in it and they needed to investigate it. Eric also said that there was the Mask of Odin in the prison that needed to be talked to and Eric could arrange it for tomorrow at the earliest he said that he has to briefly go to Washington as he needed to make sure Ravencroft’s body was safe. Aggro said to Corwin to meet him later on this side of the Golden Gate Bridge at 3:30, since he was going to speak to Wile. The 3 of them then left and went there separate ways until the concert.

Aggro went off to Wile’s hotel room and found Wile and talked to him about the problem he had with the group and they managed to work out the problems with Wile saying that Eric would have to make some form of compensation for the “murder” he committed while Aggro took the stance that we are fighting a war and that it was just one of the things that couldn’t be avoided and said it could have been easily of been him that had done it. Wile said as long as Eric made some form of compensation he would work in the group. Wile also tells Aggro about the lynch pins and their significance in restoring the Axis Mundi. He told Aggro he knew of 3 of them one was Lucy Davis who was the Indian one. He also knew of the Norse and the Greek ones as well and gave Aggro the information. He said that there are 12 of them in total and to restore the Axis each one would have to be taken to its creator which is the head goddess of each pantheon.

Corwin went back to his hotel room and started to set up a computer program that would search the internet for him and cross reference data and keywords for him. He then received a phone call from a person named Jack Frost asking him to meet him in a bar as quickly as he could. Corwin went to the meeting point and saw Jack with his platinum blonde hair and could feel the waves of cold coming off the person. He talked briefly to him before sending a message to Aggro asking him to meet him in the bar so they could talk to Jack as he had a proposal about tonight. Aggro answered his text and asked Wile if he wanted to some along and Wile agreed. The other 2 scions met at the bar and Jack asked if it was a setup. Jack said that the frost giants didn’t want to see the world end and were willing to help the scions as long as they didn’t get killed in the process. They said they would freeze the water to try and impede the creature. Corwin sent a text to Eric about Jack and Eric said he had dealing with him in the past and that he was reasonable enough to work with.

Eric set off for Washington and left the Einherjar back in San Francisco. He made sure Ravencroft’s body was safe and wouldn’t be disturbed until he returned. He then went to Bronwyn’s and asked Bronwyn if she has confirmed what had happened on Alcatraz and she said she had but found it odd as the Atlanteans didn’t have a god of death. She also told Eric she had some good news as the Lorlei they had thought dead had briefly appeared in San Francisco. He talked to her about what had happened in Kansas and told her of the gifts he had received and the Bear Helm. Bronwyn asked to see if and told Eric that it was no surprise he was feeling brave as the Helm contained 9-10 thousand bear spirits and that if he ever wanted to get a bit wild he could since it allowed him to shape shift. Eric said that he hadn’t heard from Hildr yet and just as he said that his phone went. Hildr asked if it was true and Eric asked what and Hildr asked is Michael dead and Eric said yes. There was a large scream that shattered the windows of Bronwyn’s office, the glass of wine Bronwyn was holding as well as Eric’s phone. Bronwyn then said “This is what happens when you get close to people.” Eric then said that he still wanted to talk to her as he had several of Ravencroft’s belongings that he felt she should have. Bronwyn said that it would be best to avoid her just now as she is most likely to strike out and Iraq is going to suffer for it. Bronwyn suggested that he should leave the stuff with her but Eric said he would rather do it so she could hear what happened in his final moments and Bronwyn said she would like that.

Bronwyn then put sown the remains of her wine glass and asked Eric if he wanted to go back to her place and Eric agreed and was bundled in a taxi and taken into Bronwyn’s house and was used and abused by Bronwyn until an hour before his flight. As they got up and got ready Eric turned to Bronwyn and brushed the hair away from her face and behind her ear and looked at her beauty. She spoke first saying “You know they will need you back there we can meet up again.” Eric spoke next “We should do this properly dinner and all that” and she smiled for the first time in a long time “We always seem to do that. You know we do care about all of you even though we don’t show it. Eric kissed her and just stared at her holding on to her hand tightly. She squeezed back saying “Don’t leave it so long next time” and slowly and reluctantly let go of Eric’s hand and slammed the door.

Eric then went and met up with Ravencroft’s Einherjar. He spoke to them telling them of Ravencroft’s final moment. The Einherjar then asked if they would be able to continue doing what they were doing even though they didn’t know if he had any leverage in these matters. Eric said that if they were willing he would lead them into battle but they said they would but would rather be assigned to a scion of Odin. Eric said that was there choice and told them to come to his funeral, and they said they would.

Eric before he got his flight back to San Francisco texted Aggro to see what his earlier text was about and found out that Aggro had managed to convince Wile to join the team but that Eric would have to do something that was important to Wile, and that they could talk about it when he returned. Eric text Corwin asking how the meeting with Jack had went. Corwin said it had gone well and that they are willing to help defend during the concert.

Eric landed and phoned Haskuldr about plans for the evening. He says that Ulfeid should be allowed to use his axe for the first time. Haskuldr’s immediate response was is it that bad commander. Eric replies yes and hears Haskuldr saying “The commander says you can use your axe.” Eric then hears the response of “Fuck Yeah!” and Haskuldr saying “I better get after him commander he has just ran out the door.”

In San Francisco everyone is getting ready for the concert Wile talks to the mayor’s office and manages to persuade the staff to let him take the mayor’s place in giving a speech as the mayor would be unable to do it. He also tells Echo he has a ticket for her which includes a backstage pass. Wile dresses in a fancy white suit and makes himself ready to be at the venue early with Echo by his side. The two arrive and Echo makes herself busy by playing with the sound system while being taking on a tour of the set up for the place. They meet Corwin as he is having a playing guitar solo and greets Wile with a chord. The three of them stand there and talk for a little while.

Aggro goes to the venue early to set up his equipment and see the stage set up. When he arrives he spends time talking to HR about the set up and HR tells him that he has been checking all the amps so that no one has messed about with them. HR asks Aggro if he wants to go first he said that his band was going to be on first but Aggro could have the honours. Aggro accepts the offer on the basis that he isn’t putting anyone out and HR assures him that he isn’t.

As the two are talking a heavily pregnant woman who asks is this where the music is. Aggro quickly grabs a chair for the woman and helps her sit down while HR says that the concert will be taking place later tonight. She asked what would be playing and Aggro said that he would be on first and that he played quick fast paced with HR saying that he played quite fast as well. The woman responded with saying that the baby was going to kick like a bastard tonight. Aggro takes HR aside and says that he expects this lady to give birth tonight at the gig and that she needs to be protected. HR says he knows the perfect person to do this and shouts back to Sanite to come forward and introduces her to the woman.

Aggro then has a brief chat with Eric telling him that Wile wants him to make a small contribution to put Wile mind at ease like donating money to a children’s charity. Eric says as long as Wile isn’t expecting millions or thousands since he doesn’t earn that much he is quite happy to. Eric hands Aggro a tactical radio saying he can use this to keep in touch as he isn’t sure what is going to happen. Aggro says he will use it after he has performed as he was going on first. He starts to tell Eric about the lynch pins but Eric says it would be better to discuss it tomorrow as they would have more time and with that Eric left.

Eric phones Corwin to ask him where he is and says he has a proposal for him. Eric meets Corwin while Wile and Echo seem to be more interested in each other. Eric tells Corwin that Ravencroft’s Einherjar are looking for a Scion of Odin to lead them and he says that he should talk it over with them at Ravencroft’s funeral. Eric hands him a tactical radio and Corwin asks where he would be needed. Eric shrugs saying I don’t know they could attack from anywhere tonight just have to be able to move on the fly.

Eric then taps Wile on the shoulder and hands him a radio saying that he will need this. Wile looked concerned that it would spoil the look of his suit but put it on and finds that it wasn’t even noticeable. Eric then runs off to scout the surrounding area.

Aggro meets the group of Corwin, Echo and Wile. He looks Echo up and down before talking to everyone about the night. He says that he will be performing first and was checking in just before he went to get himself ready. He introduces the others to his band and Echo runs off to go play with some amps. Corwin talks to the lead guitarist and even though he had less musical talent he was able to show them how to accomplish fingering that they had difficulty with. The guitarist gave Corwin a dirty look.
Aggro makes himself ready for the gig making sure everything is in place. He has his makeup applied so one half of his face is white while the other remains black. He dresses in red trousers showing the two colours of his father.

Eric phones his men and asks if Ulfeid has been found Haskuldr tells him yes but there are several less trees in the area and that the axe is very much sharp. Eric asks them to meet him at the venue and that they should be dressed in plain clothes with bulletproof vest on them. Haskuldr agrees and Eric waits. Soon after the Einherjar dressed in plain clothes and they are easy to spot as the crowd parts before them giving them a wide berth. Haskuldr asks where they are going to be stationed and makes comments about the defence of this place being suitable. Eric says they are to be positioned near the bay at the back of the stage and they move out. Eric says don’t say a word to Haskuldr and he response with “Of course Commander discretion at all time.”

It reaches 9 the start of the concert to try and reconnect the world and all is dark in the venue. The crowd start to clap and stamp waiting for the first band to come on, making themselves excited and agitated. Eric sits at the back with his map on his arm watching it and waiting for something to happen he sees the different markers corresponding to each scion at the venue in blue amongst the sea of white of the civilians. He sees a blue marker out in the bay to the North and can feel cold coming off it assuming it to be Jack. He sees the red marker out at Alcatraz waiting. Corwin stood in the crowd waiting for the word or the music to start. Wile stood with Echo waiting for the sound that was to come.

Then a light came on and the loud steady beat of the drum and Aggro was in sight slowly being lifted to the back of the stage above everyone. Then a second light and the bass started to join in. Then a third light and the keyboard started to play, then finally a fourth light illuminating the guitarist and the guitar joined in the music. They start off slow to bring the crowd down and then the fires flared and the pace was set for the evening and everyone was uplifted in spirit by Aggro’s playing and the crowd started to dance and kept in time to the beat. Even all the other Scions were affected feeling themselves dragged into the beat that was being hammered out on the drums. Aggro changed his style several times using the 3 sacred drums of Shango as he walked through the fire and keeping the music going for 2 hours. No one in the crowd stopped or fell from exhaustion as Sanite and Leila were brushing each person gently ensuring that they didn’t stop. Towards the end of the set the roof had vanished from the venue and a tall tower block replaced it reaching towards infinite down to the top of the stage. Corwin saw with his telescopic eyes a procession marching down the building. Those that looked on the building saw it was covered in gang tags but the colour shifted through every colour of the rainbow and then the unwanted guests arrived.

Eric saw it first on the map for black markers appeared staining the map, 1 to the North out in the bay, 1 to the west near Alcatraz and 2 to the south which were the closest. Eric Reacted first moving towards the South of the venue and radioing that they had contacts. Aggro saw Eric move round the venue and noticed HR signalling to switch at the side of the stage. Aggro moved off the stage and got on the radio asking Eric if all the enemies are the same. Eric replied with no and said that there was a God on Alcatraz and that they would be unable to deal with it.

Corwin sees to the south a creature with tentacles in place of legs climbing up the side of a building with bow in hand. He radioed in asking what he should and Eric said he should wait if he can for others to arrive to help but to engage if it looks like the creature is going to attack. Then suddenly they all see the top of a large building being sheared off as a large red beam cuts it in two. Corwin notices from his vantage point a large area of magma boiling up out of the ground and everyone feels a small earthquake throughout the city.

Eric waits for Aggro to arrive and watches his battle map. He sees the frost giants moving to the north to engage the one there and then see a large area of ice start to cover the shadow marker. The one to the west isn’t moving and the 2 to the south are the closest but have taking up positions and seem to be waiting. Aggro arrives beside Eric and says then should move together and Eric nods in agreement, he radios Wile to stay behind as there is a pregnant woman that will need protecting. As they walk together another building top is sheared off and lands on top of them causing them no harm but delays them by a few seconds. The Einherjar manage to move out the way and are only peppered by some of the falling rubble. The two pull themselves out of the rubble and see a creature attached to the side of a building by a harness with a large red eye. Aggro feeling annoyed tries to throw a piece of rubble at the creature but is only able to throw it 17 yards as his divinity leaves him briefly.

Then the situation changed for the worse as Eric looked at his map the creature to the west disappeared and reappeared in the venue alongside Wile. The frost giants disappeared from the map and the creature to the north slowly started to move south, and Corwin fired his first shot. The fight for the protection the new Axis Mundi had begun.

Corwin had moved into position using the ability of his cloak to hide him from his enemy. He was lining up his first shot as the creature was notching an arrow and pulling back on the string. Just before the creature fired Corwin fired his first shot trying to put the creature’s aim off. His first bullet hit home causing the creature to lose it footing and fall back to the solid earth. While it was on the ground Corwin moved to a better position and fired another shot and it hit home again. The creature tried to find Corwin but was unable to and pulled itself up and started to climb the building again. Corwin fired another shot but his divinity left him and it glanced off rather than causing any damage. He lined up another shot aiming for its weak point but as the shot was about to hit is passed through where the creature was. Corwin looked in surprise at what had happened but quickly took aim again and fired again and the same thing happened once more. The creature stopped looking for Corwin and reached the top of the building again and notched another arrow aiming at the Axis and let loose. Corwin didn’t have time to aim at the weak point and fired quickly but his divinity left him at that moment as well but he still managed to put the creatures aim off enough. The creature feeling annoyed let out a screech and locked on to Corwin’s position and smiled as it notched another arrow aiming at Corwin. Corwin quickly aimed at the creature and at the same time they fired. Luckily for Corwin his divinity didn’t leave him and his bullet struck home killing the creature but he was also hit as well and a large arrow clamped on to him causing him no damage but it was weighing him down. He tried to pull it off himself but found that he was unable to pull it off himself. He summoned his wolf to help him out which ripped the arrow off with the help of Corwin tearing off some of Corwin’s skin but not doing more than superficial damage. Corwin decided to run back to the venue to see if he could help out.

Eric had told Aggro what happened as well as Wile panicked speaking over the radio. Aggro turns back leaving Eric with his men in the street facing the 3 eyed creature. The creature tried to hit Aggro with a blob as he took to the skies but missed and flew away. Eric turned back to his men and signalled to charge shouting to his men “For victory and glory” in Norse and making sure that they their courage would not fail. Eric lunged himself towards the creature but was blasted back as the creature let loose a large laser beam from it large eye and he landed on the roof of a nearby building. Eric then stopped and focused on the bear spirits in the helm and felt himself getting stronger. The creature then attacked by firing a viscous, oily black slime at the Einherjar pinning them in place in the street. Eric then launched himself from the building at the creature focusing his will and aimed at the creature’s eye, but just as the blow was about to land the creature blinked out of existence and Eric landed on a building across the street. Eric planted his feet firmly and ran up the side of the building launching himself and back flipped towards the creature but was caught again in the air by the laser blast. Eric managed to land on the creature and scored a hit with the baton slightly knocking the creature off balance. Eric then tried to wrench the creature’s eye out but what seemed like soft flesh turned out to be as hard as ruby. The creature then fired into Eric’s face and he was unable to move out the way quickly enough and received minor burns to the face. Eric then tried to wrench the creature off the building by swinging round but his divinity left him and he did not have the strength to pull it off. As Eric hung there he brought up his right arm and bellowed in rage at the creature using the last of his mental reserves to focus his anger and in the process changed. He grew claws on each on his hands and a muzzle and had become a bear. Eric saw the claws rend into the creature easily. The creature tried to attack Eric again but only scored a glancing hit. Eric then bit down on the creature, with his new teeth, ending its life as the foul tasting blood filled Eric mouth and the two dropped to the ground and the bear stood victorious over its kill.

Wile had remained behind in the venue as Aggro had asked him to. As wile was standing there a creature appeared from nowhere hovering in the air. It spoke in Wile’s head as well as the crowds commanding everyone to kill. Wile managed to resist the urge to attack the person closest to him but the rest of the crowd has not been so lucky and had started to rip each other apart. Wile quickly got on the stage and spoke a quick poem to the crowd managing to make them stop in their tracks.

“I call upon the Muses to witness,
Brother to the Graces to share their light,
Mother, I plead thee this night to bless,
Such art and beauty e'en Hyades Delight,
To live forever in hearts and minds of men”

HR and his band were still playing and didn’t look like they were going to stop. The creature tried to take control of Wile but he managed to resist again by stepping into a spotlight on the stage and the creature shied away from him while he spoke

“Erebus, Darkling mate of Night,
Flees before the searing light,
We hold the blessings of Aither, Day
Daughter holds the Father at bay,
And distances from our sight”

Wile kept talking to keep the crowd at bay even as Aggro entered the building. Wile kept the crowd from killing each other and used his appearance to try and keep the creature from attacking him but that didn’t seem to work. The creature tried to attack him using its tentacles but Wile was fleet footed and nimble enough not to be caught by the creature. Wile then decided to go for the creature and grabbed the flower he had thrown into the air and placed it against the creature’s face. The creature unimpressed by Wile’s act tried to grab him and missed with two out of 4 of its tentacles. As it pulled Wile into itself it said “Now this is a mind worth keeping.” Wile not going down without a fight spoke a quick poem and tried to know the creature out using his divine ability.

“The Shadow may dart in dark night,
The Fire may sear hot and bright,
And yet I do not take fright,
But banish the Daemons from my sight.”

With that the creature fell and looked like it was about to crush several members of the crowd but Heamus managed to blast them all out of the way and was the only one left under the crushing weight. Wile found himself trapped in the creature’s tentacles and was unable to free himself from the crushing weight. Corwin helped Wile out by having his wolf retrieve him from the mass of tentacles. Corwin but two bullets into the creature ensuring it was dead.

Aggro left Eric to deal with the Laser eye creature and took to the air and summoned ASBO from its skull. Aggro then got on the back of ASBO and quickly made his way back into the venue going through the wall just in time to see a large fist smash through the Axis. Aggro quickly started to drum a beat on the heads of ASBO, with the ram having its mouths open to let the sounds travel better. Aggro could see HR still playing even though blood was starting to dribble out of his brother’s ears he kept on playing.

Aggro with never placed a beat wrong as he started to attack the creature. He pulled out his 3 wood and kept the rhythm going as he threw the club at the giant creature which had an oil rig as a crown on its head. Aggro’s first throw hit but glanced off the creature as it hide seemed to harden where the club hit, as Aggro’s divinity seemed to escape him. Aggro tried again throwing the club with all his might while having ASBO run up the wall, but once again Aggro’s divine heritage seemed to leave him and the creature was not distracted.

The creature then wrapped its arms round the Axis and twisted it causing it to shake and people could see several minor spirits lose their footing and fall into nothingness. Then the creature let out a low rumble as Aggro saw that someone in a bone helm had climbed on its back and was trying to saw at one of its spines to no avail. Corwin let off a couple of shots at the creature but they didn’t seem to cause it any discomfort that he could see. Wile having been freed from the other creature quickly made his way to HR and used his divine ability to heal him so that he could go on.

Aggro feeling annoyed that he had been unable to harm the creature started to mediate and felt new strength flow into him while ASBO continued to beat its heads off the drum sticks. Aggro then threw with all his might at the creature’s armpit and his divinity stayed with him as his weapon flew straight and true. The club went straight through and the creature let out a howl of pain and anger as its arm slid off the Axis. Aggro felt a twinge of a connection between himself and the person in the bone mask and he felt himself being filled with energy. The creature tried to dislodge the person on its back but was unable to do so.

Aggro could see the Gods getting closer and hoped to buy them more time. He threw his club yet again and saw it strike true once again causing the creature more discomfort while chanting to his father. The person on the back disappeared and sunk into the creature and the skin started to crawl from underneath. Then the Gods arrived.

Damballa led the way with his rainbow skin glowing in the light; he changed himself into a snake and wrapped himself round the creatures arm as it shrieked in horror. Then Shango, with his legs caked in blood and a diagonal line of his skull showing through his skin, grew to the same height of the creature and spoke.

“I am Shango exhaler of lightning
Eagle makes his nest in my voice
I seize your two hands without sun
Your nigger hands that waste the days
And red blood of my people
Slowly I pass them across
The flaming alcohol of my breath”

Then the creature turned to ash and fell to the floor and the person with the bone mask was left clutching to the spine before it dropped away. Aggro stopped playing and went to his father’s side. HR managed to stay on his feet and both were praised by their father. Then Shango spoke out to everyone saying that now they were ready to go to war. Wile looked up and thought to himself “How is my speech meant to compare with that?”