August 31st, 2007

Session 13, in which:

The Scions returned to Vegas, some more willingly than others.
A howl drifted across the city.
Autumn attempted to assist a trapped man, only to compound his compound fracture.
And rescued a dying coatl instead, and gained a little insight into Huitzilopochtli’s motives. She then hid it in a dumpster, underneath some trash.
As Theodore wandered through the streets, he spotted a strange feral looking man amongst some rubble. As the man loped off, Theodore went to look at where he’d been rummaging through the rubble. Amidst the broken concrete and brick, Theodore found a buried wolf’s tooth. He pocketed the tooth and headed towards the sounds of anti-aircraft fire. Confronted by a low-ranking officer, a sergeant, Theodore asked where he might find someone on charge of the ground operations. The officer was only able to direct Theodore to his next highest ranked superior. Theodore thanked the man and headed in that direction, notifying Daniel that he was heading in his dierction. Finding the higher ranked officer, Theodore persuaded him that he could bring much needed medical aid to the wounded, but that a lift in that general direction might help. Naturally, the officer was only too happy to oblige. Arriving at one of the worst hit areas, Theodore saw that the emergency services were coping with most of the obvious injuries. He stopped by two struggling paramedics who told him that no one had yet managed to get in one of the nearby buildings – and that it was unsafe to try. Putting his faith in the Baron, Theodore walked past the paramedics and into the building. He quickly picked up the sounds of trapped workers in an elevator, and tried, somewhat unsuccessfully to open the door to the elevator shaft on the ground floor – perhaps compounding matters, as his interference seemed to cause the trapped elevator to drop slightly judging by the screams from it. Deciding on a different task, Theodore headed up the staors as the emergency workers outside finally got the aid from the fire service that they needed to enter the building – and just in time to stop Daniel whom Theodore had called and asked for some help (the swines even stopped him from nipping round the side of the building to find another entrance – which would probably have been Air-Phoenix!). Theodore broke several chairs trying to lever the doors to the elevator open, eventually deciding that his sword would have to do the trick. The trapped workers were more than a bit surprised to see a sword slide through the closed doors of the elevator as Theodore told them to step away from the door. Eventually, with some help from those inside, the doors were opened, and the even the largest of the workers was rescued.
Autumn returned to the Four Seasons to find a fire in Amy’s room, and no sign of the girl. Hotel staff were surprised when told, as no alarm had sounded. After abusing the staff, Autumn left..
Once Theodore had left the building, he reunited with Daniel. The two of them agreed to try to head to the Nellis airbase when it became apparent that the military on the ground didn’t know anything about what was going on. A quick hotwiring of an abandoned car combined with a chat with the nice military people at the blockade out of the town and Theodore and Daniel headed northwest to Nellis. The military were even nice enough to arrange a meeting with the bases’ civilian liaison and commander’s aide, Patricia O’Neill, who in turn introduced them to the CIA agent assigned to the base, Douglas Walters. Commander James Mackenzie was unavailable for comment, but the Scions did find out that the military knew almost next to nothing about what was going on, save that griffin-riders had been tracked as far back as Alberta. This satisfied Theodore’s concern that the griffin-riders had been under the control of the US government – although raised more concerns as to what they were actually doing over Vegas. As Theodore and Daniel prepared to leave, they noticed a shimmer on top of the control tower which headed off towards the ordnance bays on the east side of the base. The only thing that came to mind when seeing this was the assassin, Shiva, who had killed Daniel’s father, Hermes. Daniel recommended not sending soldiers to investigate, suggesting that the individual would be powerful enough to stop virtually everything that a squad of ground-based troops might throw at it. The two were then escorted off the base with the conclusion that the USAF authorities were in the dark – and that even the CIA agent was not privy to high enough clearance to know about Agent Strykes’ Scion program.
A howl drifted across the airbase.
As they left, Daniel received a call from Lucien, informing him that, officially, the Aesir had ordered no strike against the city. After being shown the symbols upon the gryphon riders clothing, and the strange brass disc pried from the creature’s hide, Arnborg pointed out that the symbol belonged to Perun, a god of thunder whom, he gently mentioned, had been dead for over five hundred years.
Somewhat bemused the pair considered that the “battle” might well have been the result of crossed wires, with both sides truly attempting to eliminate Aurelius.
In an attempt to gain clarification, Daniel used his newly acquired helmet to patch into the communications network on the Nidavellir helmet, translating for Theo, who in turn used his abilities to locate the source of the transmission…several thousand feet above them. The Scions listened in to radio chatter for a while, hoping to glean some clues, after communications were intercepted which referred to the "cleansing of the area to seal the wound", an act which appeared to be causing fissures within the squad, Daniel assaulted the command gryphon hovering high above the base, dodging and weaving through a hail of small arms fire, to slay the gryphon and capture the majority of its crew. The gryphon's fall into the centre of the base rendered its cargo, two magically warded containers know only as "The Annihilators", irretrievable for the moment. A second gryphon which flew in toward the first was persuaded to land, and Daniel subjected the unfazed soldier to a brief interrogation. Although Norwegian in origin, the soldier interrogated claimed to be working for a man called Valek who was paying the squad to thwart Atzlanti expansion plans. Detection of “massive titanspawn contamination” had persuaded some members of the group that the area needed to be sterilised. Further discussion was interrupted by the military.
Meanwhile back in the city, Autumn listened to a howl drifting across the city, and then messaged Lillian in an attempt to draw her out to help early, but got no response. She was distracted by a short cut off scream from round the corner and turned down the alleyway to see a feral, wiry man standing over the decapitated corpse of a paramedic carrying an axe.
Throwing back his head and howling the man sawed a chunk of flesh from the paramedic’s neck and offered it to the surprised Scion. Stumped for inspiration, Autumn turned to Scarab and asked him to provide a distraction. Doing as best he could, the scruffy dog threw his head back and howled. Thinking quickly, Autumn smeared some blood at the corner of her mouth and hid the scrap of flesh, before following the beckoning wolfman up to the rooftops, whereupon she promptly kicked him off the skyscraper. Autumn spotted a second wolfman across the street on top of another highrise. She stepped nonchalantly off the top of her skyscraper as the wolfman leapt from his towards her. The two met in mid air, and after slightly more difficulty than with the first, Autumn was able to send this one too crashing to streets below.
Scions met at volcano fountain to investigate it.
Al Lexington preached about the devil in the golden temple.
Coatl released into the desert.
Howls emanated from the desert.
The Scions found themselves tailed by a two large wolves.
The Scions attended a service in the Little Chapel.
After speaking to Lillian, the Scions agreed to meet her at Lake Las Vegas to hunt Ticutta.
Theo stepped into Amy’s body and looked out the windows of the Mirage.
The next morning driving out to the Lake, the Scions were surrounded and chatted to by the Get of Fenrir
After leaving/being released they descended into Lake Las Vegas and forged through humid ancient caverns, rife with strange vegetation and etched with fragments of old Atlantis.
Ticutta leapt out of the collapsing ground, and was battled in a great lake with an obelisk at its centre.
Autumn was grasped in its mighty jaws, but pried loose its own tooth and beat it round the head. After making it to shore, although weak with poison, Autumn used the Wasabi Telephone to summon Raiden.
A large fat man appeared and dove into the lake which exploded in whirling electric incandescence as the obelisk in the centre shattered.
The dying remains of Ticutta flopped onto shore.
Lillian tried to persuade Daniel to kill the beast, briefly overriding his mind.
She scampered away up the wall, but was pulled down by Autumn, minus her arms.
After a brief interrogation, Lillian Bell was beheaded, and her scheme to sacrifice Ticutta’s blood to her lord apparently thwarted.