August 26th 2007

Session 12, in which:

Theodore arrived at Nellis with his men, and proceeded in their rented car to Vegas. Theodore checked his phone on the way to find a text from Daniel asking for his help in dealing with a possibly haunted house. Arriving at a motel in Vegas, Theodore settled in, only to hear on the news about a fire in New Orleans – and the death of Serafine. Angered by his belief that he has abandoned his community to run off on yet another of Daniel’s “damn fool crusades”, Theodore told his people that they would be leaving for New Orleans imminently and tried to contact Marcus or Noah in the Big Easy – but to no avail. Contacting Phil, he found that the Ghede warrior could not leave the house – some kind of ward kept him inside. Theodore contacted Daniel to find out exactly what it was that he wanted, to be told that they had a meeting at 11pm with a woman who would take them to the house. Impatient, Theodore said that he would only do it if they went there and then. Daniel reluctantly agreed, and lead Theodore and Autumn to the house. On the way, Daniel told Theodore the history of the house –how it had been built in 1902, but that the owner had killed himself in 1906, and that his two children and his wife had never been seen since. Further, there had been cult activity in the house during the 1960’s, and according to the mysterious “Lillian”, the house was a corrupting force in Vegas. The three entered the house, only to hear the door swing ominously closed, locking behind them. Looking around, Theodore decided to try upstairs first. As he entered the bathroom, Daniel and Autumn reeled in horror, seeing the body of a girl, bathed in blood, lying in the bath. Theodore saw nothing, and Daniel failed to see his sense of humour as he wafted his sword cane, and then hands, through the supposed entrails. As they entered the next room, Daniel and Autumn appeared to take exception to each other for no reason that Theodore could see. Autumn hit Daniel over the back of the head before their vision cleared and they realised that some force within the house was playing tricks on their minds. Again, Daniel failed to understand Theodore’s sense of humour, this time pissing him off enough that he decided to leave them to it. But Theodore couldn’t leave the house – the door was locked beyond his ability to open it. Theodore headed into one of the rooms off the entrance hallway, only to be confronted by the vision of several men dressed in 60’s style clothing overseeing the torture and sacrifice of a young girl. Resolving that if he was going to get to leave, Theodore would have to work out exactly what was going on in there. He proceeded to head upstairs to the attic – something that the men in the living room had said lead him to believe that the source of the corruption in the house as up there. The door to the attic however proved somewhat like the front door – locked. Meanwhile Daniel and Autumn had somehow managed to fall through the floor into the basement. Again, what they saw there persuaded them that they should head to the attic. Whilst he waited for a solution to present itself, Theodore entered one of the rooms off the corridor leading to the attic. In the first room he saw a girl with a baby, tied to a radiator attached to the wall – a man stood over her, preparing both to take the baby from her, and to help hr take her own, apparently pitiful, life. Theodore talked to the girl, but there there was no solution that he could see to an event that had happened so long ago. In the opposite room, Theodore saw the two children who had lived in the house after it was first built. From the window Theodore saw a man who the children were able to identify as a Mr Liebowicz – a business partner of their fathers. With Autumn’s help – in the form of her significant strength – the door to the attic was brought down. The three Scions headed up into the attic, and came face to face with the body of the children’s father hanging by the neck from the rafters. Beside him stood the ghosts of his children and his wife. And lurking in the shadows stood Mr Liebowicz – the broker of a deal that would have cost the father his soul. As it turned out, the deal cost him his life – in a suicide bid to escape it – and the souls of his wife and children. Theodore tried to talk to Liebowicz – who took pleasure in revealing his victory – but at the same time, his descent – that of the Atlantean Pantheon. Captain Debas was horrified, and recommended killing Lievbowicz – which Theodore tried to do to no avail – as both Autumn and Daniel were rendered paralysed – although not before Liebowicz was injured. Liebowicz brought the fight to an end – knowing that Theodore was in no position to hurt him. They discussed a deal – where Theodore would visit Liebowicz some time in the future, and Liebowicz would give up the souls of the man’s wife and children. Realising that this was never going to be a good deal, but also knowing that there was no other way out – Theodore agreed. Liebowicz stepped into a shadow and was gone. Then the house began to crumble. Autumn and Daniel – being of superior mobility headed out – Daniel down the stairs and out of the now open front door – and Autumn out of a freshly made hole in the roof. Theodore, trusting his father’s gifts stood and waited. Autumn and Daniel got out in time to see the house collapse, and Theodore step unscathed, if perhaps slightly dusted, out of the whole that Autumn had made. Lillian appeared, chatted to Daniel for a bit who in turn ended up causing Theodore to walk off – just in time to see a USAF jet fly over head and get attacked by a giant flying serpent – a coatl. A battle was occurring over the streets of Vegas – between the USAF, giant griffins with mounted riders and coatl. Shocked, Theodore got up off the ground, and began to walk towards his hotel. Autumn and Daniel took cover behind a crashed griffin as another came into land. But whilst Daniel managed to evade the crew of the second, Autumn didn’t – although briefly trying to make a run for it, she realised that even her speed wouldn’t protect her from the serious amount of weaponry mounted on the griffins. Whilst Autumn was dragged off, Daniel headed back to the centre of Vegas. Theodore got to his motel and started to headed off with his people via the southeast to New Orleans. Blagging his way past the military blockade on the outskirts of the city, the group headed out into the desert. A familiar ghostly figure of a woman appeared in the middle of the road and the car ground to a halt. The woman drifted through the front of the car to confront Theodore. Her words filled him with doubt, and he told her to leave. Theodore then walked into the desert with the captain by his side and sought his wisdom. Theodore and the captain talked for a while. Theodore finally came to realise that his people in New Orleans were all capable of making their own decisions. Further, that as each of them chose to follow the Baron, they had accepted that the line between life and death was blurred – and that their service in Guinee was an important as any service that they could provide in life. With that knowledge, Theodore returned to his car and told his men to return to Vegas. Theodore dropped his men off at the motel and then made his way to the northwest of the city where the worst of the fighting had occurred.