August 19th, 2007

Session 11 in which the trial occurs.

  • Heimdal begins the proceedings by stating the facts such as they were. Assault on Asguard by Baldur with the aid of some foul creatures. Baldur then pierced his father in the side with a golden spear. Vidar helped Heimdal to subdue Balder and they are under no doubts that it was Baldur that attacked Odin. Souls give off an individual resonance and there is no doubt that it is Baldur that committed the crime and that is hanging from the boat hook.
  • Loki asks Heimdal how much he can be bought for these days. He feels this entire trial is a joke. Why would Baldur attack his father? It could have been anyone. Loki points accusingly at the assembled scions.
  • Baldur remains quiet. A little too quiet.
  • Hel then speaks. Anyone can fall in these times. The other side can seem all too tempting. Baldur should be bound for his crimes.
  • Tyr thinks the actions are not inkeeping with the golden god. Others would be much more likely and have more reasons to try kill Odin.
  • Odin admits that early suspicions had been on Loki.
  • Loki points out that everyone knows he was with Vidar discussing ways to hold the next attack back.
  • It becomes apparent that Baldur's silence may not be one of choice.
  • Odin admits that none of their magics can open Baldur's lips.
  • Harker begins the questioning by asking who was present at the time of the attack. Odin responds that Vidar arrived in time to help Heimdal, Hel was in her domain and Tyr was on the frontline.
  • Heimdal states that most of these gods can verify that it was Baldur's resonance. The monsters that he was attacking with were giants from the hills. He then goes on to say that Baldur had been withdrawn from society for some months. Perhaps he had been conspiring with other pantheons. Odin and Baldur have not always kept completely close. The attack itself happened a month ago. The likely punishment for the crime depends on the degree of responsibility. If Baldur is found wholly responsible then he must be taken out of commission.
  • Blake makes an example of what happened to Cesar - puppets and masters - could something similar have caused Baldur to commit these crimes?
  • Autumn asks to see the weapon. The spear is covered in runes and has dried blood down a third of it. Odin's blood. The weapon is one of Baldur's, apparently one of his favourites. Symbolic? Spears peircing Odin's side for knowledge.
  • Autumn asks a crow its opinion. It replies that Baldur was only there for a short time.
  • Sif states that she went with Baldur for a while for a bit of fun. Thought it got too boring after a while all those treaties and crap. Kept meeting with this little brown guy with tangled hair. She was to be the after conference entertainment. Touching delegates is frowned upon. There was some stuff about existing temples, conjoined lines of interest. The midget was quite obstreperous. They met him in Bright Town (Brighton). The little green man said something about water problems. Old water. He had a foreign accent possibly Afghan. Hot and dry asking about water. Nice smile for a little guy.
  • The court is adjourned for the scions to make their verdict. Blake manages to let slip to Harker that Autumn is from the Egyptian pantheon.
  • Different gods make beelines for different scions to try swing their votes one way or the other. Hel asks Theodore to find Baldur guilty in exchange for cooperation with the Baron.
  • The scions file back in to make their judgement.
  • Theodore – guilty, Harker – guilty, Blake – innocent (as it was his body but not his mind in Blake's opinion) Autumn after some hesitation went for innocent. A mysterious figure in the shadow then cast their judgement. The scions were then asked what they wanted in return. Blake asked for assistance in assisting to his dead father. Odin replied that they would help assisting in what was taken from Blake's father. Theo, Harker and Autumn all asked for favours though Autumn admitted her frivolous side did kind of want to ask for a pony.
  • The gods file out into the shadows from which the final verdict came it looks like guilty. Sif sidles up to Autumn and presents her with a My Little Pony Princess Sparkle tm doll.

Whilst Daniel and Autumn prepare for their apparently urgent trip to Las Vegas, Theodore arranged a private flight for him and some of his men to the Nellis airfield to the northwest of Vegas. Whilst sat in a bar, Theodore’s men glazed over as the ghost of Alberto Fuentes, previously of Tijuana, sat down opposite him. Fuentes explained that Tijuana was secure, and that those that Theodore had helped had now come to help him. The ghosts of Tijuana would guard the cemeteries of New Orleans from the spectres.

  • Autumn and Blake return to their hotel. In the early hours of the morning Autumn wakes up startled hearing voices in the corridor quickly followed by a brisk rapping on her door. It is animal control who have been informed by Harker that there may be a rabid dog in that room. Autumn grabs Scarab and tried to make a break for it out the window only to be shot at by snipers. Legging it she barrels back into the room and through the interior walls of the hotel trying to navigate a way to the nearest stairwell. In barrelling through she startles a couple in the middle of sex and in another room finds someone who has just attempted suicide but is still alive. Autumn calls for an ambulance then dashes out and into the stairwell. Part of the way down the stairwell she can here voices so in a change of plan she veers for the elevator shaft. She plops onto a lift that's heading down but realises that the front door wouldn't be the best plan so heads for the roof via the lift shaft maintenance ladder. Upon getting to the roof she sees most other buildings have snipers on top of them so barrels into the air vents. Once she feels she is far enough down she calls Blake for help. After trying to shimmy down she accidentally squeezes Scarab too tight and Harker sends a flash bomb down the vent. Followed by another one. Startled Autumn bashes her way out of the vent into a room. She runs to the window at the end of the corridor and leaps to the building on the other side of the street crash landing on a pool table. Autumn phones Hito to try get an idea of just what the hell is going on. She also phones Blake so he knows where to find her. Blake suggests a rendezvous in an adjacent alley. In the alley Autumn finds a rather stinky disguise. Blake manages to get Autumn to a safehouse on the edge of town. Autumn furthers her disguise by dying and cutting her hair. Blake checks in with Athena while Autumn is in the shower. Athena offers to adopt him so long as he renounces his father. Blake agrees and does so. They put the news on and although the chaos at the hotel is the headline story the suspect that the police show is that of a blonde woman. It seems Autumn is off the hook. She thinks Hito is responsible. Blake suspects Strykes is involved in some way. A flash and a crash later and Amy appears looking worse for wares with a rather injured Janie. They had been attacked by rat things. There were aiming for Vegas.
  • They take Janie to the hospital and after some negotiations and Autumn having to go outside and phone pretending to be Janie's mother they manage to get a flight to Vegas where they put Janie into hospital. Janie in her delirium says something to Autumn about deep waters feeding a volcano. Thinking she would be safe they left to check into the Four Seasons. The hospital is attacked. Janie kidnapped again.
  • Autumn realised the water volcano is the fountain outside the MGM Mirage - that must be where Aurelius is.
  • Amy zooms off on her magic moped and is promptly beaten up in the crown by a big burly man.
  • The others reach the Mirage and try to find Amy. They find her battered and bruised and being ignored by the crowd. Autumn suspects that whoever did this to Amy used eye of the storm.
  • Inside the Mirage a cocktail waitress sidles up to Autumn and says "He knows you're here" and tells her to get out. A rendezvous is made for the following day at 12pm at the Sahara junction for more information.