The golden one has left us, gone to her island,
gone to her temple there, gone to her shrine
with its incensed altar. She has left us behind
and closed the door. If we could see her now
how beautiful she would be? Imagine her there,
the Graces bathing her; those lovely handmaids;
and oiling her with fragrant sweetness, covering
every curve of her bountiful body with sacredness
and the green scent of lives, and dressing her
in filmy silken robes, and roping her neck
with golden chains, dropping gold from her ears,
ringing her fingers with gold. She is laughing.
How our darling loves to laugh! And now
look! She is leaving her temple again, coming
back to bring us more joyous trouble, laughing
and laughing, cutting a path right through the stars.

~ Homer's Illiad