Aggro's Thoughts 2

Nothing ever stays the same – and that’s especially true when you’re fighting a war with an ever changing front – or indeed several. It seems like I’ve been with Eric for far longer than I actually have. I can’t say “the team” – or indeed the Archons of BASS as we’ve chosen to style ourselves. That’s one of the changing faces of this war – the team. Eric and I seem to be the only people committed to the idea of actually working as a team. I’ve tried to drive home to the others that we need a united front of we’re to fight together – but they either don’t understand, don’t care, or can’t fulfil the roles they promise.

I’ve talked about Eric, and there’s not much more to tell. He is, to a certain degree, like me. In many ways, he’s nothing like me – but in the ways that actually matter to the functioning of our team, he is like me. He understands that we need to work together – he understands the concept of the team. I’m sure this stems from his background in the police – something that none of the others have. None of the others we’ve worked with have that mindset – they’re individuals first, with goals of their own that sometimes fit in with the others they work with. But it’s clear that on many occasions they have no desire to compromise their personal goals for the good of the team. Eric’s blood also helps. He’s the descendent of a judge – like me. And where that might lead to some form of rivalry, I think that we’re reading from the same page enough now that even were that to arise, it would be a temporary glitch rather than a serious impediment to the team.

There’ve been several others – who I’ve also talked about. Two of them are dead now – casualties of their own hubris – or perversions. Gwyneth died from the former, Anthony from the latter. It’s a sticking point that Garm killed Anthony. He was ours to judge – our responsibility to deal with – however we chose to. If he’d died in battle, I would have avenged him – even though he disgusted me. He was, in his own way, on our side. I hate what he did – who he was – but I suspect he did what he did because of a misguided loyalty to his father. The Atzlanti are on our side for a reason. I’m sure not everyone agrees with their methods – and I’m not naïve enough to believe that others should necessarily agree with mine – but they would not be on our side of this war if the other pantheons found them all so foul. We are all the children of our divine heritage, but that does not mean that we are destined to live out the same mistakes they made. We do not have to become them, or compromise everything we stood for before the revelations of our divinity changed our lives. Even now we are only just coming to realise that – and it seems that some realise it more quickly than others.

I’ve had that talk with Eric and Oliver. I’ve told them that I think we’re making a mistake by allowing ourselves to be dragged around the world by whatever disaster we think needs our input. We’ve been flotsam on the surface of the war for too long, and the best way to make a difference is by picking carefully where and how we choose to act. There are godchildren across the globe who are fighting this war, and it’s both naïve and self-aggrandising for us to presume that we need to leap from catastrophe to catastrophe to stop the titans. If we continue to leap blindly into every conflict we may force our divine power more quickly to fruition, but the chances of us ending up dead rise equally. We’re no good in this war as rotting corpses in the ground of whichever country we happen to fall in.

So I’ve told them that we’re old enough and powerful enough to start making real decisions about how we choose to use our power. I think Eric has taken this on board the way I intended. We stop being slaves to the whims of the gods, and start fighting the war on our own terms – but still fighting for the ultimate goals of our parents. I suspect Oliver may have taken the thought too far, although since he vanished shortly afterwards, I can only hope that whatever he’s been doing on Olympus with Echo has tempered his opinion. Of course, with gods involved, and the, at least to our eyes, petty arguments that seem to govern their interactions, it’s possible that he’ll go even further in the wrong direction. I don’t want to piss off the Greeks by making them think that I’ve stolen one of theirs away from them.

Corvin is a different matter. He’s getting the “Corvin” treatment, because he’s rapidly falling off the team roster – if he was ever truly on it. He wasn’t around when we had the first chat about the new direction we should be taking as a team, and he didn’t seem overly pleased when we did tell him. He made some ridiculously trite comments about “fate’s interpretation of “BASS”” over ours. For someone so heavily involved in the conceptualisation of Ragnarok, his understanding of “fate” seems rather blinkered – or perhaps just naïve. He honestly believes that the fate of the Norse pantheon can be altered from that written down in their prophecies – but only if you fight tooth and claw against that fate. He seems desperate to separate himself from the fate of his father – his MO seems geared towards minimal revelation as to who he is – yet at the same time, his whole being seems immersed in trying to prevent his father’s fate. Or perhaps he just wants to survive Ragnarok. Either way, he’s so bogged down in the mire that paying too much attention to fate brings that he can’t, or doesn’t want to, see that for all his spoken desire to be part of our team, his actions place him firmly on the outside. Whether he knows it or not, he is his father’s son. He uses those around him to further his own goals – with no concern as to the opinions of those he seeks to manipulate. Sure, some of the time, our goals seem parallel, or may even be the same, but it’s clear that he has no intention of becoming tied to us by fate. His overt desire to have nothing to do with the team unless we’re doing something he wants to do speaks volumes. His lack of concern for Eric’s men in Russia was beyond comprehension. As was his lack of concern for our safety when he seemed determined to swim to the bottom of a lake to capture several dragons. Dragons that even a god had not claimed dominion over.

When we finally did get Eric’s men back – at a cost I did not like to pay – but knew had to be paid – Corvin’s lack of interest in the team truly manifested – and has only got more obvious since. He seems unable to relax. He seems to think that only purpose he has is to wage war. He left for New York as Eric and I travelled around Northern Europe to visit the sites where Eric’s men had died. All this was something intensely personal for Eric and his men. I understood why he needed to do it, and I understood that this was a private matter between Eric and his men. But we are a team and I travelled with them – leaving them when they undertook whatever private ceremonies their journey required. Corvin went off to continue the war on his own. I don’t know his thoughts, and he may have thought that he was helping by getting a head start. But I know that his actions have been interpreted as a lack of concern – as the belief that these personal things are a waste of time and something he believes holds us back. But Eric and I know that without these, we are nothing. We are a part of this world – if we forget who we were – and that these people all around us are the reason we are fighting, then we lose.

I was prepared to give Corvin the benefit of the doubt to begin with. But then when we got to New York things just went from bad to worse. I could have forgiven him for getting the police killed. I accept that in any war, innocent bystanders will get killed. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have done what he did. But I’m not so full of myself that I’d deny that I make mistakes – or that I will continue to make mistakes. But what happened after beggars belief. And drives home the point that he’s so far off the page that I’m reading from. I know we have different driving forces based on a parentage – we had that discussion when Ravencroft died. But for Corvin to think it Ok to hold a concert in competition with me on two consecutive nights for the sole purpose of making money for himself is beyond my comprehension. Eric didn’t kill those policemen. He didn’t make the call that brought them into conflict with the child of Damballah. That was all Corvin’s doing. And while Eric and I were trying to make amends for Corvin’s stupidity – Corvin was busy making money for himself.

So we left him in New York to go to his auction. There are a whole heap of scions out there doing their bit for the war against the titans. And Corvin’s rapidly becoming just another one of those. If he wants to be a part of this team, he has to commit to this team. If he wants to use us to further his own ends, then hell, I don’t even mind that, as long as our short-term goals correspond. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to invest my time and effort trying to make him something he resolutely doesn’t want to be. Next time we see him, we’ll give him the chance to explain himself – to clear the air. I’m not going to assume that I understand exactly what’s going inside his head – ands there’s every possibility that there are things going on that I don’t know about. I’d love this to work out. But I’m not holding my breath.

Besides, I’ve got bigger things to deal with right now. My brother’s being dicked with, and everything that I’ve heard so far points to this only getting worse for all the Loa children – myself included. That’s something that I want to work at resolving. I know that it’s not exactly what we had planned – and it’s another one of those problems that we don’t fully understand – and so it may appear that we’re jumping in at the deep end again. But when someone points a gun at your family’s head, you tend not to stop to ask too many questions. Queue lots of running around in woods following a scent trail into a trap with some dude who just happens to be a child of Dionysus. I’m not sure what the child of a god of wine and ecstasy can bring to our team – although he seems to want to try to help us. I kind of hope there’s more to him that just drinking and sex. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for drinking and sex – I just think that all of that comes after the real business. Which is not to say there’s no place for someone like that on the team – I guess we just need to consider what kind of role he can fulfil in the Archons of BASS. After all, he seems nice enough – so I can’t say that I object to him on the grounds that he’s some kind of twat like Gwyneth or Anthony. And he wants to help. Which is another plus point. I guess we need to sit him down when we’ve got a moment and ask him what he brings to the team. Maybe explain to him what it is that we do, so that he knows what he’s getting himself into as well. I don’t want to investing time and effort into someone who wants to use us to fulfil some hidden, or otherwise personal, agenda.

There’s also still that little business with the Masks of Odin. I’m not sure exactly what the plan is there. It looks like Garm is killing them off. And this seems to be some concern to Eric and Corvin – although mostly Corvin – because Garm may be stealing their power. And according to myth, Garm is supposed to kill Tyr – which does a good explanation of why Eric may be concerned. Although the Norse gods don’t seem to be. All of this is something that I’d rather not get involved in, except that the Masks may be willing to offer us some help. And I need to pay back Garm for killing Anthony – and his threats against my family. A part of me would rather do this without the help of the enemies of the Norse. But they aren’t titans as far as I know, and so the old adage of the enemy of my enemy is my friend may be a good enough reason to form a temporary alliance with them. At least for as long as it takes to resolve whatever is fucking about the Loa children – and then to get rid of Garm. I guess we need more information on what the problem is with the Loa children. Like I said, I’d rather not get involved with the Masks if I don’t have to.

So that’s where we’re at as far as supernatural weird shit is concerned. On more mundane matters, I guess we’re just keeping things together as best we can. The band is doing well – although as I grow in power, that’s going to become more and more down to me. I don’t want to it to be all about me, and I need to do something about that. They won’t complain – because I’m getting better at keeping them happy. But I know that that is what I’m doing, and I’d rather not fall into that trap whilst I’m still aware that it exists. So I need to find some way to have them know that they’re necessary – and also for the media – who are becoming an ever-increasing factor – to make sure the fans know they’re necessary. It’s difficult, because I know that the band are a means to an end for me. I need to make sure that they keep doing this for the right reasons – their reasons – and not just mine. And that’s going to take a fair amount of work, because we’ve leapt onto the world stage as it were, and I know that I do use them for my own ends more than I should. I just hope they still enjoy it. I hope that they can keep getting the love – and that I don’t totally overshadow them.