Many thanks are due to a number of people who have helped bring this book into being: first to the late James A. Long who, during his leadership of the Theosophical Society, encouraged my study of the Edda and included eight articles on its theosophic content in Volume IV of the magazine Sunrise during 1954-5, with some half dozen more appearing later over a period of years; also to Dr. Valek Todorović, without whose prodding this book would never have been begun; thereafter to Professor Jakob Leibowitz, who read the manuscript and proposed shuffling the material into better order, to Evangeline (Evie) Kaufmann who typed and retyped large portions of the manuscript; to Piotr Badescu of Millikan Library at the California Institute of Technology, who helped me procure research materials; Adam Charters, who performed some editorial magic; my dear friend Ingrid (Binnie) Van Mater, who not only read the work with a clear and critical eye but also checked the entries of the index and glossary and assisted with all the ticklish unavoidable tasks that must precede completion of a book. Thereafter she, Manuel Oderberg, Eloise Kabotinsky and Studley Hart proofread it. In addition I must thank the production staff of Theosophical University Press, notably Will Gryn, Raymond Rose, Mark Davidson, and John Van Mater, Jr., who took endless pains with the craftsmanship of the work. Above all, my grateful thanks are due to Grace F. Knoche, without whose constant support, advice and encouragement none of the above would have come about.

May 31, 1985
Altadena, California