A Night Of Drinking

Sometimes we all need to blow off steam and just kick back and relax, and that even goes for Scions. We may be children of the Gods blessed with supernatural strength and stamina, not needing to sleep for day at a time, but eventually we get tired of fighting all the time. So that is why when we arrived in San Francisco we decided to have a night of drinking to celebrate our victory in New York, Russia and Kiev. Aggro left to do some information gathering and I guess to have some time to himself. I decided to have some fun by drinking with the Einherjar and just blow off some steam.

It was such a good night. We started off in one bar where Aggro and I had started our night; it wasn’t really someplace where we fitted in. People generally don’t want to be in a nice, quiet bar when there is 6 burly Norsemen drinking heavily and having fun. So we decided to move bar and ended up in what could only be called a “Metal” bar. We couldn’t have gone to a biker bar as I scream cop and that wouldn’t have been a good thing.

So in the “Metal” bar everyone was wearing ill fitting leather, which was generally too tight for them. People were wearing dog collars and some leashes; they are what would be described as Goth or Emo I guess. So 6 burly Norsemen walk into this place and I can see the barman instantly reaching under the bar to take hold of his friend, which most likely would be a baseball bat or a 9mm hand gun, but we start ordering drinks and that puts him at ease.

So we are sitting there downing drink after drink and just having a good time until we release the music is complete shit; no rhythm, barely audible lyrics and the worse guitar you could ever hear. So I start chatting to the barman and convince him to put on some Tyr, starting with the song “God of War” a fitting tribute to my father I think. I think we pissed off the majority of the customers of the place though as it was no longer there kind of music but the staff didn’t care and neither did the vast majority of the women in the place. All of us were getting hit on, which is a funny sight to see. The Einherjar all come from a time when men were in charge and they choose the women they wanted, they didn’t feel comfortable having women try and hit on them.

We eventually managed to get some space and time to ourselves and that is when I decided we should get down to business. I took Haskuldr aside so we could have a one on one conversation. I didn’t know who to go about this. There was just so many questions unanswered from our meeting with Sigmund and I had to ask Haskuldr them no matter what the outcome was. I asked him about Dyri and Sigmund and Haskuldr said he could remember very little about his interaction with Sigmund and very little Dyri. He said the only things that he could remember was fighting back to back with Sigmund in front of a temple with a colossal tree spreading in front on it, but can’t remember what himself or Dyri did to Sigmund and thinks that the answers died with Dyri or are now with Sigmund. He seemed quite unsettled by the whole thing and it was difficult to see him like this, but it did raise more questions than it answered. Someday I will have to find Sigmund again so I can get these questions answered.

The night continued on with as much fun as before. We continued on until closing time and then we decided to take it out onto the streets and ended up in Golden Gate Park. I contacted Angela saying that we needed to talk face to face. I choose the location it was park in San Francisco a nice open area to meet. The Einherjar was busy enjoying themselves away from me knowing that whatever I was going to ask Angela was going to be personnel. They were taking part in some drinking game that I didn’t know the rules to but was beginning to pick them up. It involved them throwing a punch and if the other stumbled they got to try a drink. I think they were having to prove themselves before they were allowed to drink and it looked like fun. Not many people wanted to be near them though. A group of 5 warriors beating the tar out of each other and shouting in Norse made people give them a very wide birth even those people that thought they owned the park at night.

Angela eventually arrived. I was sitting under an ash tree at the time, I don’t know if that is why it took her so little time to arrive or maybe not. She was still dressed in her mortal identity, the journalist, I had done a background check on her but she was one of Bronwyn’s sisters and therefore a Valkyrie. I guess she was nervous about talking to me as I said it was personnel. We sat under the ash tree and talked, mainly idle small talk, but I did ask a couple of important questions.

I asked her first what the Gods had been saying about me especially with reference to Odin, Hel and Tyr. She first of all talked about Odin. She said that the All-Father had been silent for some time now and that his Hall had been barred and the wolves slept before the doors. She said that children of Odin had been reporting to their father but none, to the best of her knowledge, had passed the walls or entered. Contact with the Scions that have spoken to Odin suggests that he is displeased with all his children.

She then went onto talk about Hel and said that she had had no direct contact with the Goddess of death. She said that Hel had been fighting a gruesome and bloody battle in the passes of Jotunheim, with her army of the dead. The reason that her soldiers were winning were others had failed it that their dead flesh was not inconvenienced by the biting cold. She said that this information came through Vidar who was trying to find a path to retake the keep of Velsheim. I can’t remember what Velsheim is but I am sure it will come to me. The vast majority of the Aesir are commenting on Hel’s valour, I remain suspicious of Hel’s intent but at least she is currently fighting on our side.

She then went on to tell me about my father Tyr. She told me that he had said nothing specific about me or had really talked at all. She did say that she had overheard him talking to Skirnir while on a way to a meeting. She heard him say “Praise be that we are not all cursed with useless children.” But that was all she heard and nothing else. I guess that makes me feel proud if it means that I am actually doing something well or it could be that I am the useless child. I’m going for the first option.

I then asked Angela if she had any news about Bronwyn, especially if Bronwyn had said anything about me. I could tell Angela avoided the question expertly but I just caught a twitch that was all. She said Bronwyn had been working closely with Heimdall on trying to bring the war to a close. Some believe that what they are working on is some grand strategy or a doomsday weapon that will scour the Earth. She suspects that whatever Heimdall and Bronwyn have found a way to manipulate the world-runes to their own ends. She also said that the mines of Svartalfar have been working overtime and that armoured Vaettir have been seen striding the land.

Angela said that she had to leave and I asked her first for a bottle of the mead that she had and that it was important and also personnel as well. She didn’t ask any questions about what it was for and handed me a small bottle and with that she left.

I went back over to the Einherjar and saw that each of them had a variety of bruises that were quickly healing and that the majority of the booze we had had been drunk. I picked up one of the empty glasses and asked them to follow me back to the ash tree. I got them arranged into a circle and spoke.

“I brought you here for a reason. We have been fighting side by side now for over 2 years and we have been brothers in arms all this time. I think it is time we swore a blood oath to each other so that we are bound in blood for all eternity. Do you all agree?”

There was a rousing cheer from each of them and I guess they were more than willing to do it. I took the glass and poured the mead into it and placed it on the ground. I then asked for a knife and each of them pulled out a knife holding the hilt towards me. I took Alfarin’s knife and held it to my stump and held it over the glass. I made the first cut and allowed the blood to drip into the mead. I then handed the knife and glass round and each of them made a cut in their right hand and let the blood drip into the glass. When it finally came back round to me I placed the knife blade first in the glass and then spoke.

“Our blood is one. We were bound in arms and now we are bound in blood. This bond will bind us to each other for eternity. No one can break our bond. We will not be able to turn our blades against one another or harm each other. When one of us falls the others will pick him up. When one of us is wronged the others will seeks justice. When one of dies the others will seek vengeance. We are brothers and we bound to each other.” I took the first drink and handed it round each of them and we all took our fair share. Eldgrim took the last drink and all that was left was the knife and the glass. I handed the knife back to Alfarin and the blood that was left was made to stay on the blade as he sheathed it. I could feel the mead taking effect but it was a good feeling the first time I have felt alcohol effect me in such a long time. Who knows what the effects of this will be but I can only say that it will bring us closer together.

I then got the phone call from Aggro and we all returned to the hotel and I went to help out Aggro.