• There was rejoicing today as the officers at Nellis Air Force base announced the capture of several of the individuals responsible for the assault upon the city of Las Vegas, along with the cargo of one of the flying creatures now being termed “Gryphons” by the general public. Although the carcass of the downed creature combusted shortly after its takedown, resulting in some minor damage to Nellis structures, authorities confirm that two large sealed containers were recovered, relatively unscathed. Examination of the containers is scheduled to begin shortly at a secure facility, following interrogation of the prisoners.

• New Orleans “Voodoo Queen” and blues singer Sanite Dede pronounced herself, shaken but unafraid, following an apparent break-in at her residence in the early hours of this morning. In a statement to the press, Dede said, “I have nothing but sympathy for those trapped in criminal ways, trapped in the savage, short, cycle of their life. Their deeds will inevitably catch up with them, unless they can be shown the error of their ways.”

• With recent events, the MGM Mirage Poker tournament, sponsored by Southern Comfort and Piper-Heidseck appeared in jeopardy, but casino owner Luther Aurelius last night issued a press statement as follows, “With recent assaults on our fair city, we cannot help but continue resolute in our way life and in our freedoms. No matter what losses we may have suffered. We must carry on as normal for the sake of our friends, our loved ones, our families. The stakes are high.” The Revered Al Lexington, pastor of the Little Chapel of the Flowers and several members of his congregation were placed under arrest for breach of the peace at the press conference.

• ATHENS, Oct 10 (Reuters) - Flash floods caused by heavy rain swept through dozens of northern Greek villages for a second day on Tuesday damaging hundreds of homes, washing away roads and bridges and forcing rescue teams to airlift isolated villagers. The government declared a state of emergency for devastated regions in central and northern Greece and said it will provide financial assistance to help people recover after losing property, farmland and their livelihood. "There will be immediate recompense for all damaged households," Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis said after touring damaged regions late on Monday. "Flooded areas have been declared to be in a state of emergency so that they can receive the full benefit of the law." But more rain throughout the night exacerbated the problems. The heaviest damage was recorded near the northern city of Thessaloniki, Greece's second largest, which received more rain in the 24-hour period from Sunday than it regularly does in the whole month of October, Greek media reported. Sections of national highways and bridges were washed away, effectively isolating dozens of villages and towns in the nearby Halkidiki area. Rail lines connecting the central Greek cities of Larisa and Volos were also washed away by the flood waters. Greece on Tuesday allocated a total of about 2 million euros in emergency assistance to flood-hit areas. Flights at Athens International airport were also affected earlier this morning as state carrier Olympic Airlines cancelled 14 scheduled flights to northern Greek towns as well as its Thessaloniki to London flights. Services had returned to normal, the airline said. The floods in northern Greece come just two months after the region suffered its worst-ever spate of fires which destroyed about 50,000 hectares of forests.

• There was concern today as the most recent earthquake to hit the city, compounded by a distinct tremor from the direction of Lake Las Vegas appears to have affected the cant of the BREN tower located on Jackass Flats. Structural investigation by USAF teams is scheduled to commence shortly.