In-game date 17/6/07

Scientists Baffled

North American astronomers today pronounced themselves unable to substantiate or deny a series of claims regarding what most have termed a “localised eclipse” in the border city of Tijuana, at the highlight of its Fiesta Del Verano. Eyewitness claims from both locals and tourists have been supported by photos and video of the alleged event, but the scientific community remains sceptical.

Shakin’ Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada experienced its second tremor in two weeks yesterday. The minor quake registered at 4.2 on the Richter scale and lasted for approximately three minutes. Locals have suggested that with the presence of so many prominent poker players in the city ahead of the championships in July, the city may be struggling under the weight of so many egos.

The Serbian Miracle?

Serbian cult celebrity Piotr Badescu yesterday took another step towards fame, with the apparent televising of his live “Resurrection Ceremony” show. As of yet the station has not been able to obtain a copy of the programme, as its distribution was prohibited by Serbian authorities shortly after the first broadcast. While rumours suggest that an early edit of the show was leaked onto the internet prior to the state censorship, no confirmation of this can be found.

Rising Star To Shine Again

Rising gymnastics star Amy Chen yesterday announced that she intended to participate in the 2007 Asian Athletics Championship in Jordan, following on from her spectacular display at DOHA in 2006. Sports fans across the world are buzzing with excitement, as it was previously believed that Chen would not participate in future competition until Beijing 2008.

Ripples on the Water

Lucien Arnborg, brother of the recently deceased Swedish entrepreneur and philanthropist Mikael Arnborg today announced that he would be travelling to New Orleans to meet with Mayor Ray Nagin to consult on a new economic scheme to assist in the recovery of the city. While Arnborg’s visit has been welcomed by Democrats, Republican Senator John Comyn was vociferously critical of what he called the “anarchic, pseudo-utopian technotopia peddled by the Arnborg family.”