7th March 2010

The Scions after being to the halal butcher went off to find the immigration officer Lawerence that Brunet had told them was bringing in the Greeks to the country. They went off to investigate his flat and could hear someone trashing the place. They went in to investigate and found no one there and after searching the place Brunet found a piece of sword.

Having found the sword Aggro decided to use Brunet as a conduit as he was meant to be linked to the man. So Aggro preformed a small ritual and got a vision of a man in army fatigues with an Ak-47 and one hand and was seeing it from the point of view of someone attacking him with a large hammer. The man was knocked to his knees and the AK from his hands. He tried to grab the gun but couldnt reach it and then was hit again and then a sword appeared in his hand and he stabbed the person Aggro was looking from.

Eric then took the piece of sword from Brunet and kept it safe. Aggro then found a piece of Lawerence and possessed him and found out where he was so the Scions decided to go and collect him. The Scions found him and managed to convince him to come with them as he would be safe even though he was scared of Brunet. Eric then sent a text to Angie and told her to get in contact with his father as it was important that he talk to him soon.

The next day rolled round and everyone woke up and people started confessing their guilt to those around them or their words fell on deaf ears. Brunet's Shikome appeared and talked to him and said that is never took care of him and that is would do better, they then hugged. Eric was phoned by Angie saying that she had received letters from Bronwyn but she had burnt them all. Styrbiorn admitted that he should have let someone go for the sword first. Haskuldr admitted that he had served with many of Tyr's children and that none of them had survived and he had condemmed one to Hel.

The Scions then went downstairs to have breakfast and they saw at one table a one-handed man, in combat fatigues with an AK-47 listening to the confessions of people. The Scions overheard one man saying that he had just let her die in the bath. Eric sat down in fron of father and the others stood behind them. The Scions starting saying the truth about what they thought of others. Aggro saw a man jump out of a window in the office block across from the hotel and Aggro saved the man by using the wind to slow his fall.

Eric told his father about the sword and that he would need it later. He told him of Lawerence and that he was a child of Loki but Tyr did not shoot him straight off as Eric was speaking on his behalf. Aggro convinced Tyr that it was a good idea and that he could use him to form a team with other Scions. Eric then asked his father why he was still with the Aesir and got his answer and told his father that Lawerence was protect by a Fire Giant. Tyr got Lawerence to call the Fire Giant and shot it in the head killing it and forced Lawerence to make a decision to become one of Tyr's children, with that Tyr left.

Aggri then went off and talk to the man he saved and got the reason why he tried to kill himself. The man had killed his youngest child as it wouldnt stop crying by shaking it. Aggro then made the man promise he would atone for his crime by giving money to charity. Aggro then spent the rest of the day distrubiting the money from the gig.

Eric went and talked to the man that had watched the woman die in the bath and found out the reason why in that she was dying and she had slipped in the bath. Eric told the man to forgive himself as he understood what that was like and that he should live without the guilt. Eric then talked to Haskuldr about what he was talking about and found out that Haskuldr had served with 50 other Scions of Tyr and none of them had survived and that the last one he left behind in a battle as he held a pass so the other coud retreat and Haskuldr felt like he had failed him. Eric then sent a message to Angie but didnt get a response.

Eric having not gotten a response took matter into his own hands and used the power to summon his guide to him. Instead of getting Angie, Bronwyn appeared instead. Eric was confused and got a bottle of wine and whisky from the bar and went back upstairs after telling Haskuldr and Aggro that Bronwyn was back. Eric told Bronwyn what had been happening ever since she had left and told her what they were planning. Bronwyn then left and Eric watched her leave and she glanced back briefly.

Brunet went out and got himself a makeover so he had pink highlights in his hair and got himself a new set of clothes. He then went round London trying to stalk celebrities with his guide.

The Scions met up for dinner with Brunet's guide joining them. Aggro gave Brunet a challenge to try and get the original Frog Chorus to number 1 before the Scions went to Duat. Eric and Aggro then went out and hit the clubs and got drunk and Aggro encouraged Eric to text Bronwyn while Aggro gathered a small group of people to take back to his hotel room. Eric stayed out a while longer before he got back to the hotel room and was dragged into the room by Bronwyn.