4th October 2009

The Scions finished breakfast and decided that the best plan would be to visit Moshei at the warehouse on the island; they set off using mundane means with Wile’s date tagging along.

Moshei had spent the entire night working on the Golem with the help of Malachi. He had recorded as much of the Text as possible on the Golem for hours and corrected several mistakes in the passages. Malachi left early in the morning as he wanted to go into the city.

The Scions arrived outside the warehouse and they could see that the rust on the warehouse was slowly starting to disappear and the surrounding area was starting to look much cleaner and more pristine. They saw Malachi leave and saw that he was looking much cleaner than the previous night and spoke to the Scions before leaving the island.

Moshei heard the Scions come closer to the warehouse and Moshei came out to meet them. The Scions talked about what was to be done about the Golem and that it should be destroyed. Moshei explained that the golem was created to restore an imbalance that had occurred in the past and Aggro was affected by his motive to keep balance in the world. Wile’s date said that if the Golem was allowed to accomplish its goal they would lose the advantage that they had against the titans in the current timeline and wouldn’t have if things were corrected. Eric then gave a brief recount of what happened in the memory of Egypt as he was there saying that a group of Scions was sent to stop a titan spawn of great power from being created and that Artemidorus ascended to Godhood as he had been rescued from his fate. Aggro said to Moshei that he had 24 hours to find out the Golem’s purpose and then would decide on a course of action. Moshei and everyone agreed to this and everyone went their separate ways.

Aggro and Eric decided to pass the time by going into town and helping with the relief effort. This involved moving large pieces of rubble and rescuing people that had been trapped by collapsing buildings. They were interviewed by a reporter and Aggro started making very crude jokes to the female reported which caused her to blush and Eric broke down in laughter. They cleared away a vast section of the rubble doing the work of a whole workforce themselves. Eric sent a text to Angela about the Golem and she said it would be best that the Golem didn’t achieve its end as several prophecies were nearing completion and that whatever help was needed it would be given. Aggro and Eric unearthed a large bronze disc each which Aggro took to be spherical originally before it had been flattened and Eric thought it was slightly organic in nature. The two of them were at a lost to what it was so contacted Wile.

Wile went back to his hotel room and sent a message to Echo saying that they had found a Golem and that it could stop Artemidorus’ rise to power. Echo said that she would get back to him but whatever help was needed she was try and provide it and that Charlie was itching for a fight and then Wile got the phone call from Eric.

Wile arrived at the scene and was interviewed by the reported as he arrived riding on top of Haemus. He examined the disc and it reminded him of scale mail and that it was originally spherical as it dropped and became flat because that was what it was intended to do. Wile also smelt Sandalwood and then took a deeper sniff of the discs and said it smelt like it came from the Aztecs. They then went back to working on the relief effort with Wile helping tend to the wounded.

Moshei went back into the warehouse and focused himself into a meditative trance to try and contact his guide. He spoke to her and she informed him to try and find other to help him and that Mr Adlee would be able to help him in his research. Moshei went and contacted the marina office and asked that a message be passed onto Mr Adlee for him. Adlee phoned Moshei back and they arranged to meet at an upscale restaurant in town. Moshei ordered the Golem to try and hide itself and that it should not show itself to anyone else and with that it shimmered so only its outline was barely visible.

Moshei meet up with Adlee and he asked him for information of Wile’s date and he said that he would get back to him within the hour with the information. Moshei then went back and then decided to ask the Dove from Above for information. He got that the Golem was created by Geb and that it was given its purpose by Set and that it was to correct the imbalance that had arisen from the actions in the memory of Egypt. Moshei then looked over the Golem and found that it wasn’t a text but was more like computer code and there was a prayer to Set that kept repeating itself every 40 minutes. Moshei figured out that if the prayer to Set was disrupted it would shut down the Golem. Moshei also noticed that the Golem was slowly repairing itself as on a few occasions when Moshei was about to make a mistake the text would quickly move away. He looked up ancient legends and got one from when a Rabbi had an out of control Golem and that he was able to calm it by anointing it with Sandalwood. He went out and bought some sandalwood just in case anything went wrong with the Golem.

Aggro, Eric and Wile decided to go back to the warehouse to talk with Moshei about the Golem as Eric had informed them that he had killed the people in the memory of Egypt that caused the people to drop dead in the modern world and that also the Norse gods didn’t want the Golem to survive. Wile also told them that the Greek gods didn’t want the Golem to survive either. As they made their way back to the warehouse Aggro had a sudden compulsion to hit the ground with his golf club and electricity ran up his shaft and wrapped itself round him and brought him to his knees.

Aggro was struck by a vision. He saw the ground opening up beneath them and several skeletal bodies clawing its way out. There was men, women, children and babies and then converged on the warehouse and started clawing at the door. Then suddenly a bright light burst out of the warehouse and the people were made whole again. The Golem then strode out and advanced towards the group of Scions. It firstly cupped Eric’s head in its hand and then there was a sudden flash of light that vaporised Eric’s head. The Golem then looked at Wile and Aggro saw winged pinions erupt from Wile’s back and then a harpy clawed its way out and circled over the Golem’s head. The Golem then advanced on Aggro and went to one knee and reached into the ground and it brought out HR and handed him towards Aggro and put a finger on its lips and then the vision ended.

Aggro came round and started to talk to Eric and Wile and then Moshei came out to join them as he had heard the noise of Aggro hitting the ground. They had a brief talk about the Golem, and Moshei told them that the Golem was repairing itself and was given its purpose by Set and Aggro made hints as to what he saw in his vision. They went inside and checked the Golem and it regarded everyone with its stare and Moshei was checking the video feed and then suddenly caught a movement blur. He played back the video on a much slower setting and saw that someone had written on the Golem and played the video back for everyone else so they could see the man.

Moshei checked on the Golem and saw that someone had quickly painted on it a treatise on free thought, which gave the Golem to think for itself, and activated unseen shield. The timer counted down to when the prayer to set would reappear and then he could determine if it had been corrupted. The Golem then moved and carefully took apart the scaffolding that it was housed in and took a piece of metal and straightened it and then writing started appearing in Ancient Greek on its chest which was about Liberation. A piece of script stuck in Moshei’s head “Gods are just men with more power.” The Golem started making its way towards the nearest wall and make good its escape. Wile sent a message to Echo to get information to what was happening and got the reply that they couldn’t pass up an opportunity like this. Moshei started shouting that the Greeks had corrupted the Golem and that it should be stopped.

Eric, Moshei and Wile all called for help as the Golem broke through the wall. Outside the Scions saw the Golem striding away and suddenly they could see an object descending from the sky, and those with telescopic sight could see that it was a giant robotic Kraken with runes glowing on it. A large pair of hands erupted out of the ground and grabbed hold of the Golem’s leg.

The Golem broke one of the arms that was holding it in place. Eric concentrated on the Stamina of the Bear. The Kraken landed on the Golem started trying to rip its head off. A shot was fired that ripped the other hand that was holding the Golem. Eric then focused on the strength of the Bear and Aggro mediated on the stamina of the ram. Wile slapped up the charm and started talking to Moshei who stood by and waited. The hands that were holding the Golem knitted itself back together and a large Jackal headed warrior pulled itself out of the ground and ran its spear through the Golem. Another shot was fired which impacted in the Kraken and detonated inside its head and caused part of its head to hang loosely.

The Golem then let out a blast of white light at the Kraken, and the Kraken disappeared in a flash of ash. Aggro then mediated on the strength of the ram after finishing mediating on the stamina of the ram. Moshei started saying that the sandalwood that he was holding should be placed over the Golem’s head. Eric whipped the sandalwood out of Moshei’s hand and drove the Golem down to the ground pinning it with his stump. Wile was trying to convince Moshei to hand over the sandalwood but was interrupted by Eric taking it away, so Wile called out to Eric. Moshei laid the blessings of Isis on Eric.

Another shot was fired off and it impacted off the unseen shield that Moshei had erected. The Jackal Warrior drove its spear deeper into the ground pinning the Golem more securely. Aggro jumped onto the back of the Golem and started to Earth shape the Golem starting with its head first. Wile tried to lay a hand on Moshei, but Moshei was alerted that something wasn’t right and dodged out of Wile’s way. Moshei then forcefully ejected Wile from the shield. Eric cracked the sandalwood over the Golem’s head and it suddenly didn’t have the strength to fight off the Scions.

Aggro was able to remove its arms and its legs as it was no longer able to resist him and the text on its body stopped moving and became inert. The Jackal warrior bowed to Moshei and then disappeared into the ground. Eric texted Angela that the Kraken had been killed and she said it was a great loss and it was a spirit of Fjords. Moshei went closer to Eric and Aggro but didn’t reduce the shield size. So Eric and Aggro went over and started talking to Wile as Moshei had told them that Wile had tried to attack him.

As the Scions were talking to Wile the sky began to darken and Aggro could tell a lightning storm was building up. A bolt hit the ground and coalesced into Artemidorus and he talked to the Scions and congratulated them on using their own initiative and after a brief talk he disappeared into the sky on a lightning bolt. The Scions then suggested that they should have a talk about what they should do and about how to be a team and Moshei suggested a restaurant and he reduced the shield size so Wile could get closer, but didn’t deactivate the shield.