[In-game Date 14th June, 2007]

Martial Law Declared

Sections of Houston were last night placed under martial law after HPD announced itself no longer able to maintain order in the face of increased rioting and gang violence. With its investigative and physical resources already stretched by two consecutive terrorist attacks at the Hyatt Regency hotel, the HPD as requested state trooper assistance in maintaining law and order. The announcement came after last nights sustained riots in the Crosstimbers, West Tidwell and Bissone districts which culminated in what police have described as a “running battle” between factions of the HDF and MS-13, two of the cities most volatile and active gangs. Unnamed sources within the police department have also cited a citywide epidemic of mass hallucination and spontaneous aggression catalysed by the proliferation of the Speed derivative colloquially known as “Red Death” among certain sections of the Houston populace.
Until further noticed all citizens are advised that there is a 10pm curfew in effect. Anyone in breach of the curfew will be detained immediately, and state troopers have authorisation to use lethal force against anyone found carrying a firearm or weapon on the streets at any time.

Suspect Cleared

Paul Fuller was released by Houston police today after Fuller’s fiancé, Louise Albarn, (32) who had previously been believed to be among his victims arrived on the steps of Houston’s Courthouse as his trial was about to commence. Furthermore, police today discovered the mutilated body of Angel Zatano (43), murdered in the now familiar manner at a time when Fuller was indisputably in police custody.

Grave Desecrated

Distraught relatives of the recently deceased Swedish philanthropist Mikael Arnborg today expressed their grief at the desecration of his mortal remains. Swedish police believe that the Arnborg Mausoleum was broken into in the early hours of this morning, before being heavily vandalised , daubed with pigs blood and inscribed with symbols currently being attributed to a satanic cult. Arnborg’s remains were found with the head decapitated, and the limbs amputated and scattered around the graveyard. Police are appealing for any witnesses on the area in the early hours of the morning.

Celebrations in Tijuana

Things are set to hot up in Tijuana, Baja California as the residents of Los Taurinas district unleash their annual Fiesta Del Verano on the town. A week long cavalcade of fireworks displays, parades, bullfights and masked carnival, the Festival celebrates the joys of Summer, and is the highlight of the year for the children of the town, second only to the Dia De Los Muertos.