In-game date 25-29/6/07

Plane Crash Site Sealed Off

All areas within a ten mile radius of the crash site of American Airlines Flight 227 were sealed off today after fears of toxins leaking from the wreckage. State police are cooperating with FBI and CIA clean-up teams in order to control the threat, but drivers are advised to allow for significant delays. Anyone who believes they may have been exposed to contaminants should call 1-800-436-6155 (Toll Free).

Terror Suspect Shot

A man suspected of being complicit in the events surrounding the destruction of American Airlines Flight 227 was shot by police when attempting to breach the cordon around the crash site earlier today. He was identified as Abdur Sihali (22) resident in the Algiers district of New Orleans.

Big Easy Is A Bit Lazy

All residents within the New Orleans city limits are reminded to update their watches and cellphones, to cope with the unusual ten second discrepancy experienced by the city between 00:32 and 00:33 on the night of the 28th.

Madness in Mythic

Howard Adams (67) was today arrested for the attempted murder of his wife, Sally Adams (66). Local police apprehended Mr. Adams after screams were heard from the family residence. Sally Adams was recovered unharmed, save for a few contusions and bite marks, which police forensics have positively linked to Mr. Adam's false dentures. Mr. Adam’s lawyers have lodged an application for bail on the grounds of temporary insanity, alleging that Mr. Adams suffered a temporary psychotic episode as a result of close proximity to the crash of AA 227.

Las Vegas Earthquake

In an unprecedented turn of events, Las Vegas, Nevada was subjected to its third earthquake in as many weeks. The earthquake, clocking in it at a respectable 5.6 on the Richter scale hospitalised seven and caused panic in late night Vegas. The Reverend Al Lexington, pastor of the Little Chapel of the Flowers, 1717 Las Vegas Blvd., was one of the few locals to offer comment, claiming that God’s judgement is coming upon the city as it sinks deeper into vice and corruption.
The rest of Las Vegas continues unperturbed. Odds on the next earthquake being within the week have been slashed to 2-1.

Red Death Reaches White Cliffs

Four men were killed yesterday as the Metropolitan police launched a series of raids against a suspected Red Death cell believed to be operating out of a towerblock in Lambeth. It is believed that three of the suspects hurled themselves over the balcony to their deaths in order to escape arrest, while the fourth was shot in the course of the arrest.

Blood on the Dancefloor

Boston police last night shot a reveller at Avalon nightclub in the city centre after he was observed spraying blood over club patrons from his mouth and fingertips. Refusing to stop when challenged by police, the deceased became aggressive, finally attempting to assault the arresting officer. FBI sources working closely with local police believe this to be the first mainstream example of so-called “Firedancing,” an activity indulged in by users of Red Death in order to cause maximum chaos. Rumours that addiction to Red Death can in fact be spread by bodily fluids are entirely unsubstantiated, the Bureau reports.

Crescent City Conference Looks To The Future

Yesterday afternoon, Swedish philanthropist and entrepreneur Lucien Arnborg addressed a mixed crowd at Audubon Park in order to make a case for a radical shift in the City’s economic policy. Arguing strongly for the breakdown of the city into smaller administrative units, linked by a wider electronic network, Arnborg drew on models extant in Free Liberia to argue for the success of a neo-capitalist reworking of New Orleans. With the speech endorsed by Mayor Ray Nagin, and Chief of Police Warren J. Riley, Arnborg may yet have a significant hand to play in rebuilding the Big Easy by taking it to pieces.
Protest against Arnborg’s reforms continued at the speech, with a large mass of people gathering under the Utopia ╪ Hope campaign banners, although remaining largely silent throughout the speech.

Sabotage Hampers Expedition

Greenpeace today announced that its expedition to the Severnaya Zemlya base would be delayed due to suspected sabotage of its expedition ship the Nauneteri, which has rendered the vessels navigation and survey systems inoperable.