27th September 2009

It started off with the Scions sitting in the penthouse suite. Aggro and Eric had finished their little debate and Aggro but it to a vote that should they stay and help Moshei or leave Detroit and carry on to New Orleans. Aggro and Wile voted to stay and help Moshei and Eric voted to continue onto New Orleans. With the course of action decided Moshei started to line out the path that the riots had been taking and that several of the wealthy marinas had been hit. Moshei outlined that the titan spawn must be behind it.

The Scions had a debate and then suddenly Eric and Aggro noticed that Chen was sweating and looked as if he was burning up. Aggro noticed that Chen’s temperature had suddenly spiked. Eric grabbed Chen and noticed that it was like holding onto a red hot stove. Wile then started to say he was feeling unwell and that he was burning up as well. Moshei quickly retreated out the room and activated his magic and saw the strands of fate flowing from everyone.

From Chen he could see thin strands linking him to Eric and Aggro but could see a thicker strand connecting him to Wile. He could also see a few other strands flowing off from Chen as well but the one that struck him was a coiling black strand slowly wrapping itself round Wile’s throat.

From Wile he saw several stands flowing from him with the one connecting itself to Chen. Wile had other ones that darted off in other directions and ones connecting him to Eric and Aggro.

From Eric Moshei could see a thick stand connecting him to Aggro and thin ones branching out to Wile and Chen. There was a thick gold strand wrapped round Eric’s heart and a pitted corroded iron band leading from his stump downwards, there was also a pair of manacles wrapped round Eric’s legs as well. There were also 5 strands that looked like new forge steel leading down into the hotel. There was also hundreds of other thin fate strands leading off from Eric as well. On Eric’s back there was also what looked liked wings beginning to form.

From Aggro there was the thick strand connecting him to Eric as well as the thin ones to Wile and Chen. From Aggro’s golf club he could see the faint crackling of Electricity and with each pop it opened up a small hole in the fabric of fate and Moshei could see large canine teeth and vulpine eyes. He also saw a ghostly head hanging at his waist and its eyes were darting from Scion to Scion.

Moshei said that Chen should be taken away quickly and Aggro took Chen off Eric and launched him into the air and told Moshei he had 6 minutes to explain what was going on. Moshei said that there must have been some sort of curse that came from Chen which was using him as a conduit. Wile said that leaving Chen anywhere would be safe as he was the only one affected by it and Eric was the closest to Chen so wherever he was left as long as Greek Scions where not around no one else would be affected. Aggro quickly got Chen and placed him in a tree on an island in the middle of the river and returned to the other Scions.

The Scions planned their next move which Moshei said they should go to the Marina to establish what had happened there as it was related to the Text he was looking for. Eric and Aggro said that they should go after the book as that was what was causing the problems and Moshei said he would be able to determine what effect the book was having on the populace. With much debate the Scions eventually went to the Marina to investigate.

At the Marina Moshei went into the office building and looked at a copy of the tapes and got a print out of an image of a man on a Bluetooth head set and noted the duration of the call. On the Marina Aggro and Eric noticed that a man was standing on a boat they recognised as Cannonball from Kiev. After Moshei came back from the office Aggro and Eric went and visited Cannonball on his boat and the found that he knew nothing about Serun and got Aggro to tell them what they were looking for in Detroit. Aggro then brought Wile and Moshei onto the boat and Moshei looked at the books that Cannonball had in his private collection. Cannonball put his arm round Aggro and reassured him that it was all good.

After the boat the Scions went to the nearest cell phone tower and Moshei retrieved the information about the phone call that had come through and got an address which Moshei was determined to lead them towards and did so as he didn’t want to go after the book straight away and led the Scions towards the address.

At the address the Scions broke into the apartment of the person and found that in the bed there was a ceramic man lying in the bed which Wile and Moshei identified as a Golem. Aggro opened up its head and strange writing inside which Moshei identified as Hebrew and it read reality. Wile asked questions of the fate and got the Malachi had many facets and that he was located in Detroit and didn’t get any more information as there was a sudden change in the room and the scions quickly left. They got out of the apartment and a blinding white flash came out of the window leaving everything pristine and clean.

The Scions then decided to go and find the book and Moshei consulted his fates on the way there and found out that Malachi was a man and nothing else and that he was located somewhere in the sewer system and that the book was connected to him and that Malachi wasn’t a Titan spawn and that the Titan spawn were not connected to the book.

The Scions eventually got down into the sewer system by the river. Wile and Moshei had to wade through the shit and filth, which was shoulder deep, in the sewer system. Aggro and Eric found ways to travel through the sewer without having to wade through the shit. Moshei put up his unseen shield and they travelled through the sewers until they arrived at a junction which opened up into a room with several people standing in it.

Closest to the Scions was a large ceramic golem, expertly crafted and Alabaster white, there was scrolling writing dancing across its surface and Moshei saw the symbol of Isis floating above it. Next was a very attractive woman and she was holding a sawed off shotgun in the face of an elderly man. Moshei’s shield bumped into the golem and the woman knocking them back. The man tried to run but couldn’t make headway through the sewage. The woman then reacted by letting blazing light come from her eyes which made the Scions want to run but they held their ground but the man started to run and Aggro quickly picked him up.

Wile distracted the woman by fixing her with a glance and making her feel at ease. She closed the distance with Wile and Moshei let her threw the shield and she clung onto Wile as tight as a jealous lover, and Wile did very little apart from spend his time with the woman and they eventually extracted themselves from the sewer.

Aggro talked to the man and found out that he was called Malachi and threatened him by looking at the wall and the man’s head. The man then spoke a Hebrew word under his breath and the golem came to life and looks as if it was going for Aggro. Aggro quickly left the sewer system with Malachi and Moshei gave chase saying not to destroy the Golem and that they could reason with the man to deactivate it. Chambers stayed behind in the sewer and the Golem tried to give chase but bounced off Moshei’s shield and Eric interposed himself between the exit and the Golem. Aggro flew up into the sky and got to a height that meant Malachi wouldn’t pass out and the Golem couldn’t reach him. The Golem broke through the barrier and Eric managed to wrestle it to a stop twice but was lamped for his trouble almost into unconsciousness. The golem then leapt out the sewer which led into the river and Eric stayed behind to block the hole.

The Golem climbed to the highest building on the riverside and was flexing its legs as if it was going to leap at Aggro. Moshei got to the roof of the building and stood beside the Golem. Aggro brought Malachi closer to the roof and got the man to deactivate the Golem which he did and they alighted on the roof top. Moshei studied the Golem taking video of the moving scroll work on it. Eric texted Aggro and told him that there was a hole in the river bed that needed sealing properly and Eric made his way to the top of the building and Aggro told Moshei not to leave until he returned.

On the rooftop Aggro came back and Moshei started to explain what the Golem wand said that it was a record of a terrible tragedy and that the Golem was created to rectify the situation that came about as vengeance for the unborn children of Egypt. It was a record of genocide which Eric didn’t show any emotion towards. Aggro and Moshei decided that the Golem had to be moved to a safe location and they took it to the Island that they had left Chen on in an abandoned warehouse. Aggro flew there with Malachi and the Golem indicated it wanted a pen off Moshei which he gave to it and it corrected one of the runes on it and it then flew taking Moshei with it. Moshei stayed on the Island with Malachi and the Golem. Aggro went back into the city and helped the police with riot control throughout the night.

Eric went back to the hotel and slumped down and was tended to by Layla who took care of his crushing wounds from the Golem. He then retired for the night and sent a text to Angela asking why she took over from Bronwyn and she said that the two of them were acting idiotic and foolish. He talked to Haskuldr about Angela and Bronwyn before drifting off to sleep. When he woke up he found an axe embedded in the headboard of his bed.

Wile after his night of fun woke up to find a sawn-off shotgun pressed to his temple and had to explain himself to the girl before she pulled the trigger, which he did so without his brain being blown out. He then suggested that she meet with the team members and the one who was interested in the Golem as she said explained to him that the Golem needed to be destroyed.

The Scions apart from Moshei met up for lunch. Eric recognised the girl and she recognised him but the two of them couldn’t place where they had seen each other. She explained that the Golem was a record of a terrible event and needed to be destroyed as if it was allowed to achieve its goal a lot of events would not have transpired and some divinities would lose power or be changed.