24th January 2010

The Scions arrive in London after an uneventful flight and checked themselves in hotels. Moshei then decided to go to Cambridge to study the translation of the Book of Going Forth by Day and would get in contact with the Scions when he had information.

Eric spent his time in London going round the places Bronwyn had been staying at when she was based in London and found the places to be undergoing renovation or other people were staying in them and decided the best thing to do was drink with the EInherjar and started a new drinking game with them. He met a woman who was also missing her right hand.

Brunet spend his time securing himself a modelling gig and went to a party after being at a photo shoot but kept a low profile at the party.

Aggro spent the first morning getting himself appointments for the next day. He got an appointment with S.I.S., the city council and New Scotland Yard. He then spent the night promoting himself and his band The D.P.T. and carried out challenges that were set by the journalists he was with. The climax of the challenges was kicking a shot glass from Nelson's column into their boss' office which Aggro did effortlessly. He then took some people back to his hotel.

The next day Aggro had his meetings first with the head of recruitment of S.I.S. and managed to secure himself a job working with them securing 006 as his name. He then met the head of New Scotland Yard and told him he would be able to help if he got access to some files that they needed looking over and was told to pick them up later on. He then had his meeting with the city council and asked them what was happening with the rebuilding and found out they were having money problems. He then got Brunet in to investigate the problem. Aggro said he would hold a gig to help raise money so that they would be able to give it to the areas that needed it most. Aggro then left and was able to secure the O2 arena as the venue and got his promoter to invite other artists along and told his band to come to London.

Brunet investigated the money and found that the money was being routed to a different account with only a couple of digits wrong causing large amounts of paperwork having to be undertaken to correct the mistake.

Aggro picked up the files and then met with Eric and Brunet at dinner and the files were split between Eric and Aggro to deal with as Brunet said he had a show to go be in. Aggro also mentioned that several Greek Cypriotes had been going missing. Eric and Aggro then checked the people mentioned in the files to confirm their stories and came across a couple that were lying and got them to change their stories.