[In-game Date 12th June, 2007]

Arrest Made

Houston police this morning announced the arrest of Paul Fuller (31) in connection with the recent series of murders plaguing downtown Houston. Since his arrest, Fuller has continually and vehemently protested his innocence, but police insist that forensic evidence links him inextricably to the crime.

Kidnapped Girl Missing Again

Mythic Police tonight announced themselves shocked and baffled by the apparent abduction of eleven year old Janie Horowitz from the town of Mythic, TX, only days after she was rescued from tunnels underneath the town. Although the FBI are reluctant to release details, it has become apparent that investigating Agent Hito Yoshiro is to be suspended from active duty pending an inquiry.

Massacre in Colombia

There was international outcry last night as government troops in Colombia opened fire on a large protest organised by Amnesty International activists in memory of deceased civil rights campaigner Guillermo Cevallos. Apparently provoked by shots fired at the back of the crowd, government militia opened fire, killing twenty-one people and wounding a further thirty-three.