23rd August 2009

Eric and Aggro arrive in San Francisco in the late hours of the evening after catching a red eye flight from New York. In the airport in San Francisco they see warning about rabies infecting the local animal population. Aggro and Eric went out for a few drinks once they had checked into a hotel and talked about Corvin before Aggro went off to HR’s bar to try and find some information about HR’s disappearance.

At the bar Aggro found that the entire bar had changed. The name had been changed as well as the entire staff had been replaced. Some of the original customers were still there but the majority of them were different. Aggro decided that there wasn’t much to go on apart from that the original customer didn’t believe the charges being brought against HR. Aggro then decided to go for some sleep and was woken up by a set of identical twins, which were girls that were holding hands. They let out a feral howl and Aggro woke up again to find no one in his room so he decided to check the internet for information on ghostly twins as well as sightings of them. He searched turned up that the girls were called Marassa but couldn’t find any accurate reports of sightings. He then phoned Eric to ask for help.

Eric decided to spend the time chilling out with his men and had a long talk with Haskuldr and a talk with Angela as well and both were enlightening. Eric then got the phone call from Aggro and went to help him investigate sightings of Marassa style twins but was unable to turn up anything. The Scions then decided to go to sleep and they have breakfast.

At breakfast the Scions paid attention to the news and saw that in India there was a severe drought affecting all areas and that they were having to ship in all their food. There was also a report that in Greece there was massive forest fires and that the emergency services would be unable to deal with the situation. In the news it also mentioned that in Zimbabwe the army had been forced to pull out of the diamond mines as they were being investigated internationally. A Nigerian warlord had handed over his arms to the Government. The most noticeable piece of news was that HR was being transported and had escaped and 2 counts of second degree murder were being brought against him. Aggro and Eric decided that they should find HR quickly to get his side of the story.

Eric followed the scent trail to motel room in downtown San Francisco and the scent lead into the room and into the bathroom. The Scions entered the bathroom to find that the scent led to the bath and that there was a man made of sticks which had HR’s scent all over it.

Outside the motel a Chinese man, Chen, that Aggro and Eric had seen on their way in and he had watched them enter the motel. He watched as a van pulled up outside that he recognised from the previous night and two men got out and he recognised one of the men. One of them strapped on a bandolier of grenades while the other started to set up a heavy machine gun, the one with the grenades started up the stairs and threw a grenade into the motel room.

The grenade was the start of a fight. The grenade blew up showering fragments everywhere but only did superficial damage to Eric and Aggro, but blew the windows out. The heavy machine gun fire then started up and the bullets started to chew through the wall peppering the two Scions but causing no damage. Aggro then took one of his newly made thunderstones and flicked it out at the man on the machine gun which went straight through his shoulder and embedded itself in the tarmac of the road. Eric then decided to take the fight to the enemy and went through the wall cracking the grenade throwing enemy with his baton knocking him over the edge of the balcony. Chen then joined the fray by pinning the injured man to the ground but could see the wound in his shoulder slowly starting to knit itself together.

Eric and Aggro went round to the back of the van and say Chen pinning the man to the floor as the other one was dead on impact with the ground. They saw that as they closed in that the man was starting to shift form and was becoming wolf like in appearance. The man broke from Chen grip and Eric tried to restrain him but failed to keep a grip. Aggro then gave chase and managed to wind grapple the creature and tried to knock it out but only managed to knocked it to Eric and Chen. Eric tried to restrain the creature but failed while Chen managed to grab it securely. Aggro rejoined them but the creature twisted its neck and clamped its jaw down. Eric and Aggro were affected by flies flying into their eyes causing them to be completely inactive. Chen kept the creature pinned and with the help of Asbo managed to knock the creature out.

Chen had overheard the man early radioing for back up as they were fighting God Children. He managed to get the creature into the back of the van and Eric in the front with Chen. Asbo kicked Aggro on to his back and followed Chen as he drove through San Francisco to his storage warehouse. The police followed him there but he managed to convince the police to leave them to it. They had to wait 4 hours before Eric and Aggro finally came round to their senses.

Aggro and Eric talked to Chen about what they were doing in their war against the Titans and told him about the Archons of BASS, until the creature woke up which now looked like a man again. When the man was lucid he started to vomit and this included some teeth that looked like canines but were not wolf ones.

Aggro and Eric talked to Chen about what he had seen and heard the previous night and he said that he overheard the men talking about next stop being Muir Forest. They decided to drive out to the forest after Chen had cleaned out his newly acquired van which took them 30 minutes to cover. When they arrived they saw the scenic view of the forest and the ridges it flowed into. Eric found that the scent went down into the first ridge.

The Scions followed the scent with Chen keeping pace with Eric and Aggro hopping along with them. They got to a point when the trail split off into two directions. The Scions decided to follow the left hand trail which led to a Ranger’s observation post. As they started walking to the post Chen was shot by a rifle but the bullet passed right through him spraying blood over the area. The group then charged towards the tower with Aggro throwing stones to distract the shooter while Eric drew fire towards him, and Chen made himself harder to be seen therefore hit. Eric managed to get to the tower and was shot at and saw where the shot came from, he then leapt up and pulled the shooter out and then Aggro restrained him by encasing the sniper’s hands and feet in rock. They saw that the man was trying to shift shape but was unable to. They asked the man questions about where HR was being held and he said that he was being held somewhere deeper in the woods. The man twisted his head and clamped down his mouth and tried to incapacitate Aggro and Eric but failed.

As the group got deeper into the forest the man started to convulse and then eventually vomited and then Aggro launched the man as far as he could. They came across a ritual site which had the bones of a cow like creature inside a circle. The circle was traced in blood and was a ritual for empowerment through sacrifice. Chen saw that inside the circle was a set of Marassa that talked to Chen who relayed the information to Aggro. Eric could see that there was 2 Runes of Doom inside the circle. Chen relayed the information that Aggro was broken and couldn’t see the Marassa and that they had been led into a trap yet again as HR was being sacrificed on the ivory tower in the middle of a godless city which Eric and Chen realised was in the middle of San Francisco. They all got on Asbo and quickly set off towards the city again and could her the baying and howling of wolves as they set off.