22nd November 2009

Brunet ran around New Orleans investigating houses. He got to the second one to find it was cordoned off by police and found a message written on his hand as a strange force had taken over him and there was a phone number. He had a small fight with a creature and then phoned the number and headed off to Namibia. He arrived in Namibia and saw a dragon in the pool of the hotel.

Aggro, Eric, Chen, Layla, Sante and Enitan were talking about what to do about the situation at the mines and came up with a plan to go into the mines and investigate, taking everyone with them. Brunet was taken along as well.

In the entrance of the mine Aggro talked his way round the foreman saying he was from the Namibian mining board and led the rest into the mines. When they first set foot on the ground each of them experienced an electric shock. Aggro felt as if he had been hit by a lightning bolt and could hear a drum beat against the background noise of the mine. He then decided to hover so he was off the ground and could no longer hear the discordant noise and then lead the group further into the mine.

After a few minutes they could hear the sound of miners arguing and came across two groups of five miners arguing about whose shift it was to dig in the area, one of them was rubbing a swollen jaw. Aggro calmed the situation down and sent one of the groups to check with the foreman and when they didn’t return after 15 minutes he let the other group continue with their work and the group ventured further into the mine.

As they continued going deeper, several of the Scions could hear that the background noise was actually forming a rhythm that grated on the nerves. They eventually reached a dead end which had a group of miners working in it placing explosives on the 600 yard expanse of wall that lay before them. Chen and Brunet saw that the explosives were being placed on different looking rock to the rest of the wall and pointed it out to the other Scions. They could hear the miners chanting “from the depth it rises.” Aggro touched the wall and got a brief shock before pulling his hand away and noticed that the rock was sweating he also sensed that it had dimensions and that there was more of the things arranged in one direction. Aggro noticed that the condensation of the wall was slowly eating away at the rock and the Scions removed the explosives.

Then suddenly there was a terrible noise and a thunderous crash and everyone but Eric was afflicted with strange visions. Chen saw the gorilla he had seen in the pool being attacked by hyenas and being dragged down by them and killed. Brunet saw the dragon he had seen being ripped apart by hyenas. Aggro saw the man in his vision being dragged down by the hyena chewing on his wrist and then others appeared from the shadows to devour him.

Eric, Chen and Brunet saw behind the 4 Loa Scions, small rifts starting to open up. Eric sprang into action first getting between the rift and Enitan and struck out with his hand and his axe appeared into his hand cutting through the riff. They hyenas then pulled themselves through the rift, one behind Aggro, Layla and Sante and Aggro was grabbed and hauled to the ground. Chen leapt over Sante and grabbed the one that was trying to attack her pinning it to the floor. Brunet stepped through a shadow and appeared behind the one going for Layla and punched it which impacted but left no sign of injury.

Eric having killed the hyena before it appeared moved onto help Layla decapitating the hyena in one swift clean strike. Chen got a better hold on the one he was pinning and wrenched its neck so hard it snapped cleanly. Aggro tired to break free of the hyena but it was able to counter whatever he was trying to do. Brunet then attacked the one on Aggro making it lose its grip on him. Eric then jumped on it and wrestled it to the ground holding it up to Aggro.

The hyena changed back into a man and before it was able to bite down its jaw was grabbed and forced to spit out whatever it was. Aggro then interrogated it finding out that they had been planning something for a long time and that Segun was a sacrifice in their plan. Then the ground started to tremble and shake. Chen and Brunet saw Segun appear briefly out of a shadow before he disappeared back into it. They pointed out that they had seen him and Aggro and Eric looked around and could see nothing until he appeared behind Eric and made him run away in fear.

The others then fought Segun with Brunet first disappearing into the shadows and dropping on Segun head but missed grabbing him. Chen then made an attempt to grab Segun and was able to pin him to the ground and began to contort his arm into an unpleasant position. Layla began to meditate, Sante disappeared into the shadows and Enitan took a sweep at Segun with her machete slicing off a sliver of skin. Layla remained meditating. Brunet punched Segun in the chest and only heard the crack of ribs. Layla then came out of her trance and with a fanged hand punched Segun in the stomach. Segun then tried to escape Chen’s grip but was only rewarded with his arm being twisted round further.

Aggro then moved round to the side to get a clear angle on Segun’s head and with all his strength launched the golf club at it dealing the death blow as the side of Segun’s head was impacted and a large chuck was ripped off. Aggro took the head while Enitan started to chop up the body.

Meanwhile outside Eric had run to the surface to escape Segun and could hear the noise of destruction. He saw that a giant worm like creature had risen from the ground and was destroying the area round it and had killed all the miners. Eric decided to charge the beast twisting the hyena’s neck as he ran towards the beast. Eric was able to bring the creature down by himself and stopped it in its rampage. He then went about removing its largest teeth as a trophy from it.

The rest of the Scions returned to the surface and Aggro took Segun’s head and decided to play golf with it. He brought his club down hard vaporising the head but a small stone went flying into the distance which Aggro chased down and brought back to the site with him. He couldn’t recognise the writing on it only knowing that it was dagger letters which was a cursed language. Sante was able to read it for him and said it read the sacrifice of the first born. Enitan came back to the surface covered in gore and talked to Aggro about when HR was coming back and Aggro comforted her. Layla suggested that she be left out of any more adventures as she had suffered enough and Aggro agreed. Sante wanted to go with the rest of the Scions as they had saved her life and they planned to find out if anymore of these worm creatures had risen from the depths.